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Alliance Animal Health Center and AnimalHospital of Park Glen in north Fort Worth, Texas are full servicecompanion animal hospitals.

Our veterinarians have been helping pets and their families inthe Fort Worth, Keller, Haltom City,
Watauga, Saginaw and North Richland Hills areas for over 25 years.It is our mission to provide high quality veterinary care anddedicated service to our clients and patients.

Whether it be for wellness care, preventive medicine, emergencycare, dentistry, surgery, diagnostics, radiology, boarding orgrooming, our veterinary hospitals are here for you and the pet youlove. When you need care for your pet, let Alliance Animal HealthCenter and Animal Hospital of Park Glen be the places you turnto.

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  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    July 22, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    App Publishing
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    10 - 50
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BF Vet 7.0 APK
App Publishing
Best Friend's Veterinary Center is dedicatedto providing warm, loving, and knowledgeable care for companionpets. Dr. Eric Anderson, Director, invites you to tour ouraward-winning facility. We think you will be delighted to see thelevel of care an American Animal Hospital Association facility canprovide.Meet Doctors Eric Anderson, Erica Syring, and CrystalBrazle.
App Publishing
Mounds View Animal Hospital is a full servicefacility that offers preventive, advanced medical, surgical anddental care. Your pet is a part of the family, and when your petneeds care you want the same quality and personalized care youwould get from your family physician.At Mounds View Animal Hospitalwe believe in "Animal Care From the Heart"---an approach that meanswe really do care about your pet. When your pets are in our care,you can rest assured that we will treat them as if they were ourown.MVAH was founded in 1988 by Dr. Kevin Barcus and Dr. BruceSchnabel. Their staff of experienced and well trained veterinaryprofessionals also includes Dr. Tanya Femrite and Dr. KarenBorgert.MVAH offers a complete array of state of the art servicesincluding wellness care, medical, surgical, dental, radiology,ultrasound, in house laboratory, cold therapy laser, endoscopy, andpharmacy. We also have full grooming and boarding facilities.MVAH serves the Northern suburban areas of Minneapolis and St.Paul including the area of Mounds View and the surroundingcommunities of New Brighton, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Fridley,Shoreview, Arden Hills, Lino Lakes, North Oaks, Circle Pines,Lexington, Coon Rapids, Columbia Heights, Vadnais Heights, andRoseville.
App Publishing
As an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital, weare committed to providing superior medical care in astate-of-the-art facility. Services include wellness and preventivehealthcare plans for dogs and cats,care of pocket pets, surgical procedures, dentistry, digitalradiology, laser surgery and k-laser therapy.Come join our family, “Where Pets are Family, Too”!Since 1974, we have been compassionately caring for pets in theIredell-Statesville and Troutmanareas, as well as surrounding counties in the North CarolinaPiedmont area including Alexander,Rowan, Catawba, Davie, Yadkin and the Charlotte-Mecklenburgarea.
ABC Vet 10.0 APK
App Publishing
The goal of the veterinarians and staff at ABCVeterinary Hospital has been to assemble and maintain a veterinaryhealth care team committed to providing exceptional client serviceand veterinary health care. ABC Veterinary Hospital displays anunrivaled commitment to our clients through continuing education,technological advances in veterinary medicine and service, and mostimportantly, providing compassionate care to all pets entrusted tous. It is our pleasure to celebrate and cultivate theFamily-Pet-Veterinary Bond. “Come Join Our Family-A LifetimeRelationship”
Aledo Vet 11.0 APK
App Publishing
Aledo Veterinary Clinic is a full-serviceveterinary medical facility, located in Aledo, IL. The professionaland courteous staff at Aledo Veterinary Clinic seeks to provide thebest possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for theirhighly-valued patients.
Dominion Vet 6.0 APK
App Publishing
Dr. Dana Kent and Dr. Scott Sears graduated from the MississippiState University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, and thenmarried in December 1992. After working in different practices for9 years, Dominion Veterinary Hospital was born and opened it'sdoors in June 2000. We are a small animal practice located in theGrassfield/Deep Creek Section of Chesapeake, VA. Along with ourdedicated staff, we thank you for allowing us the privilege to carefor you and your pets. Services include: Wellness exams,vaccinations, Sick exams and treatment, Dentistry, Surgery,Hospitalization, Digital Radiography, Cold Laser Therapy, MicrochipPlacement, Pain Management, Pharmacy, In-House Lab-Bloodwork,Boarding (separate dog/cat), and Full- Service Grooming.
App Publishing
The Vet App | A Customized App forVeterinariansFun and functional. Clients will love the pet postcards but theywill appreciate functionality like Tap to Call and Tap forDirections, hours, latest coupons, Facebook wall and more includingBook an Appointment and Order Meds from your phone. The In-TouchVet App is what your clinic needs to reach your customers wherethey live. Cutting edge, practical and fun.BRANDED WITH YOUR NAME & LOGOYour clinic's app is just that, your app. You know that it’s anIn-Touch Mobile product but your clients will only see your nameand your brand.With every postcard sent, your clinics name, a link to your websiteand links to download your app is sent from person to person. Greatword of mouth advertising… in a digital sense. That’s the key. Thisapp reaches your clients where they live.NEW EXPOSURE IN iTUNES & GOOGLE PLAYReach educated, affluent and motivated people in the app stores.Billions of apps have been downloaded this year because people arenow looking to apps for education and entertainment. When theysearch for pets or Veterinarians in your area, you’ll be there withan app they’ll appreciate.CUSTOMER GENERATED CONTENTCustomers will create and distribute their own content based upontheir imaginative postcards. Just by asking, you can get them tosend their creations to you for your clinic’s blog, website andnewsletter. Customer generated content can make your own contentmore fun and intriguing.Call us at: 1-877-282-4840Visit our site at: www.PetVetApp.com
NRAH Vets 6.0 APK
App Publishing
North Royalton Animal Hospital has been namedthe 2015 AAHA - Accredited Practice of The Year by the AmericanAnimal Hospital Association (AAHA).North Royalton Animal Hospital and Paws at Play Resort offersthe highest quality of veterinary medicine, a luxurious pet resortand doggie daycare located in North Royalton, Ohio. Ourprofessional and courteous staff at North Royalton Animal Hospitaland Paws at Play Resort & Daycare seek to provide the bestpossible medical care, surgical care and dental care for ourhighly-valued patients and their families.Founded in 1957 by John P. Bryk, D.V.M., M.D., it is with greatpride that Drs. Adam Hechko and his associates continue to providesuperior veterinary care.Our commitment to community service is found in the free eventsthat we host throughout the year. We host the annual Pet Carnival,a Christmas Party with Santa Claus and an Easter "Bone" Hunt withthe Easter Bunny! All of our events raise money for charity.Download our app and stay up to date on all our services andevents.