1.0 / January 6, 2017
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Welcome to the counter battle strike of nerves. Swirl into the epicbattle counter war in a way to help release your king from theterrorist mafia gods criminals. Sneak into the walls of the castle,target the terrorist and attack the enemy army camps. Counter waryour rivals to escape mission the fury castle with your kingsurvival wars who has been tortured for bringing the anti-terroristgods mafia master. You are the one army sniper shooter who has beentrained as stealth agent to save the assets from the mafiacriminals, as your king is one the most precious assets that youhave to save in this gangster mafia encounter war. Enter thecastle, dodge the sniper shooter squad, defeat the god's mafiagangsters and criminal mafia, open the gates to the biggestAnti-mafia survival mission and reveal you're the true power againthe terrorism. Plan Escape mission the tricky sniper shooter, blowtheir minds with your fastest escape from their sights. A countersquad strike of terrorist is here who has made your king a Modernassassin Action, stole the wealthy riches of your nation and havekept the king’s crown hiding in the combat premises. Theseunderworld gangsters mafia is in a fury to get their hold back onthe country and are here counter the best-known commando agent spywho will swoop the castle without any army in no time. Flash theminds of the terrorist with your trickiness. Show them your realanti-terrorist spirit. Let the mafia have a taste of their ownmedicine in gangsters town. Jump into the mafia gang war and driveinto the castle and escape like a hero. No longer the soldier wholed from the front line battle, you still relive the glory days inthe army; awaiting an adventure that will fulfill the destiny ofbeing the best shooter Commando Assassin. So, let’s bring the knifeto a gun fight in this Anti-Mafia gangster mission and let's fightthis battle fire with fire.KeyFeatures of Anti-mafiaCounter-Terrorist FPS 2017:- New models of latest sniper and otherguns- Spectacular Graphics- Real Time challenges- Spontaneous 3DEnvironment- Engaging gameplay

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Anti-mafia Counter-Terrorist

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    Anti-mafia Counter-Terrorist
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  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    January 6, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Tribune Games Mobile Studios
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Bank Robbery City Mafia 3D 1.0.1 APK
The master plan of bank robbery is soon to be executed by as thegrand robbery mission by the mafia and criminals. This is going tobe the grand crime by gangsters ever done. The mission of mafia isto fight for their rules, they want to own the city but there isvery less chance of doing so with this master robbery plan. Thereis not just robbery, there is fight, shooting and killingsimulation. You need to have perfect shooting and crime fightingskills for this robbery mission. This assault mission will testyour mafia and fighting skills. Your mission is to stop this bankrobbery. This type of fight is one in a lifetime chance to show thecriminals that there is someone brave to stop this grand robberymission at any cost. Just get yourself ready and get on mark andshow the criminals what you have got. Whets happening in this grandcity robbery are that, criminals have made a master robbery planand they have no one to stop. The whole city is in their fear andthey are so bold that they are executing a robbery without any fearof Police. But now you are here a bravo commando and police officerwho are going to save the money of citizen and bring peace back tothe grand city. You have a mission in front of you, Stop the grandrobbery or go home. Doesn’t act like a street goon; instead is abravo professional anti criminal power with super strange skills.Show your decent hold on snipers and guns, leave them stunt withyour pro skills using weapons against the criminals in the cityrobbery. Gangsters are no ordinary powers, they are the best atshooting, killing and making strategies. Defeat them in their cityrobbery mission; crush them before they carry out bank robberymission in the city. This robbery mission planned by robbery masterof the city otherwise no such player has power to make such a grandbank robbery plan. Attack their powers, attack their skills and usesnipers and sniper skills to defeat the mafia in street bankrobbery mission. With your incredible sniper skills, aim the mafiarobbers who want to rob the street bank. Be brave and shoot all thegangster criminals before they run away, kill them on spot, anddon’t have mercy. Bank Robbery city Mafia 3D simulator has smoothcontrols that will help you to criminal target accurately in thecity street. Don’t be panic but be a bravo police officer and shootall the criminals cleverly. To stop this grand robbery mission youwill play the ultimate angry cop vs. mafia fight and shooting gameagainst chasing for planned crimes majorly robbery and shooting.Get alert by the signs you get against the mafia gangsters. Enterthe battlefield of City Street against the robbery mission and killevery enemy who is in the way of peace of citizens. Join bravo copsfor this grand killing robbery mission against hostile mafia andgangsters who are in the form of robbers and rescue hostages. Shootand kill the robbers in this first person shooting chilling game.Soget set and aim the robbers! AttackKey Features 1. 3D Graphics andAmazing Sounds2. Clever Enemies to Target3. Different ThrillingShooting missions4. Easy to understand challenging to play5. FreeFPS grand robbery game6. Mind-blowing missions
Devil Adventure Crime City 1.0.2 APK
Angel or devil, who cares unless there is real adventure? Fight andgangster fun. We bring the real and strange madness filled withthrill, crime and devil moves. Once you were the politest personwith charming skills and strange attraction towards everybody. Theless you spoke the more you get admired by real people around you.You were like the real superhero for the folks. You had very lessrudeness and people captured you as the real inspiring superheroand they had a strange respect for you. You never were a part ofany crime and you were involved very less in every negativity inthe city. Known as the real superhero of the city people withstrange positive aura around him, it was impossible for anyone toeven assume you as a devil and a negative action figure. Fight,guns, devil thoughts, crime activities were never a part of yourreal angel personality. You always thought of spreading love notcrime, you were a part of volunteering not fighting, you had lessinterest in being the rude one, you played around happiness notwith guns and you always focus on positive side of every person inthe city. A devil comes to you and you look to find the angel thatlives inside the gangster.One day on your way outside the city, youwere driving your car and were just about to leave the city thatthe police came to check out the car and investigate. Assuming thatthey won’t do this unless there is some issue you let them search.Unknowing some cruel devil hearted gangster had set you up in acrime and you have been accused of keeping an illegal gun in yourcar. Being accused of carrying a gun was less for them so theyblamed you for getting into a fight with police of the city like agangster and committing crime. There was a wait for that you gotnotorious for being the frightening action figure and a criminalwho is a part of a gangster mafia. Not even struggling to know thetruth and the whole city forgot how much angel hearted were and youand they started looking at you as a devil who is responsible forall the crimes and fights going in the city. You were no longer thesuperhero for the city people. Their real trust got shattered andthe city was against you. Those who thought you were theirsuperhero and carry a golden angelic heart accused you of havinggangster actions and not but more even more devil crime activitiesgoing on in the city were blamed towards you. What now? Whatevercrimes happens you can’t leave the city or stop being a real personyou can’t hide you gotta live unless you die. So why not be theperson who the whole city blames you of being. To hell with havingan angel heart, doing real good activities lets live like a realgangster. Let’s not fight the crime, let’s be the crime. Let’s notshow your actions to save the strange people who didn’t even fightfor you, let’s fight against them. Kill them like a devil. Use realguns with the help of what you were accused for being thedevil.Kill you inner angel and then fly off to killing everyone inthe city. Why not kill the bad guys as well, but who stops kill andfight whoever that comes your way unless there is someone who hasreal courage and skills to stop you, is there anyone? NoSo let’sstart the action, fly, use your guns, experience the realadventure, be the part of the crime, be the gangster in yourselfand don’t let anyone live with peace in the city unless they fightand beg for it. Key Features : 1- Amazing sounds and real 3Dgraphics2- Angel and devil actives3- Action, crimes, guns and fightall in one package4- Smooth running and flying controls
Army Transport Truck Simulator 1.0 APK
The Sky-high land was on the bet; both the armies were killing andgetting killed after the priceless land famous for its hiddentreasures. There was a war going on between your valor and yourenemy’s boldness. The death was one step ahead and so was theachievement of the land. There was the smoke of rage in the air,beads of anger on grounds and nerve wrecking war on minds ofsoldiers. Eventually, we won the tussle and named the land to us.After the invasion of foreign lands that we won using your viciousbravo potential and army truck driving simulator skills. You nowhave the task to own the land. Army transport truck simulator 2017is an offroad truck driving game that lets you possess the Sky-Highland and its all treasures like a pro. Recall your army transporttruck simulator training and get in action. Drive your armytransport truck and carry the army weapons to the land latestinvaded. You are the most skillful oil tanker hill and armytransporter cargo driver in the US army camps. So make your skillscount for your country.Go to your superb selection of vehicles,select one that charms you and goes crazy with its driving whilefulfilling your duty. Load the weapons on the vehicle, get set todrive it through the ups and downs of the Sky-high land, Bumps ofthe off road tracks and strikes with road hurdles. Go through thehighs and lows of off-road simulation thrill. Figure out thecorrect way to drive on narrow passages, bridges, and steep paths.Get to the destination and unload the material like an expert. Getready for the next thrill drive cuz that’s not all we got. There ismore… explore the environment, experience the bumpy hurdles and getcharmed with different car selection. Key features : - Army TruckSimulation- Thrilling Gameplay Missions- Explore the Hill Side offroad Environment- Perform your Duty as Army truck Driver- Realisticenvironment with 3D Graphics to show the real life simulation
Airplane Moto Bike Transporter 010217 APK
Blow the coop with irrational moto bike transporter skills. Enjoy asmooth realistic flight of fantasy to your airplane flying dreams.Ready to become a real business tycoon in the the transportationindustry? Airplane Moto Bike Transporter simulator USA 2017 is anew thrill where you can cargo your favorite motorbikes on grandtrucks, big roads and in Airplane You could be very much familiarwith transportation of different things via grand trucks and etc.But, to cargo moto vehicles in an airplane is really something newto cherish about. In this 3D simulation game, you will find achance to drive and park many sports Quad bike in a big container.After this, you have to take this Amercian truck simulator towardsthe airport. Driving a big truck like this is itself a challengingtask. After loading modern sports bikes into the plane, you have tofly in the air. In this way, you can imagine and enjoy flying carsconcept. Flying the plane like a pilot will give you anunforgettable experience. This will not be an easy task to do. Yourdriving skills on grand roads in a city environment will really betested there when you have to land this airplane on an island. Thiscargo plane flight will fly in your memories for long times. Owningan airport being a pilot and Flying in the air has always been afascinating thing for everyone. Our transporter airplane willfulfill your this dream in a real 3D airport environment. Landingon an island will also be a worthy thing to recall. This enjoymentwill be manifold when you will enjoy a ride of a sports vehicle aswell. Like Cargo Plane Car Transporter you will be given with somewonderful bikes to load and park in the cargo compartment of cargofreight plane. Take off the city airport flight carrying cars inyour big airplane and navigate the landings properly.This is notonly a delivery but a safe delivery of expensive sports cars, motovehicles, and big Amercian trucks are mandatory. The safety andsecurity of the motorbikes are on you now. Fly over the blue waterand travel to different countries to transport cargo through yourairplane. Cargo transportation is for relief or some other causeyou have taken up the duty of international cargo transport. Flyhigh and reach destinations safely. Ensure the safety of yourcargo. It requires perfect flight pilot skills to take off and alot of precision for an accurate landing. Time to finish the motoairplane bike transport simulator 2017 with some flyingcolorsFeatures of Airplane Polit Moto Bike Transporter: - TheRealistic 3D cargo airplane flight simulator.- Real-time PlaneControls and Handling- Transport sports bikes on your cargo plane-Real experience of driving heavy bikes- Real-time Physics Controlsof Driving Heavy Vehicles- Different camera angles that give youmore control- A Complete Transportation Game to play- Thrill ofFlying Plane
Gun Shoot Hunter : Fury Killer 1.0.3 APK
Commando alpha has been a well performing undercover secret agentwho is a superhero to all the military commando agent men in USarmy training camp. He was known to be the best secret agent inmilitary and army in survival mission camps, sniper shootingtargets being the best US military commando. Alpha has made amistake and blew his US military camp cover so he has been chargedby the US Military as one the under performed secret agents.Alphais now in a rage to prove himself as the best commando agent; he isoutside the secret world and is now in the open fields to show hishero skills, He is on his way to being the best commando agent spyof US military. On his path, he needs to survive through somestrict survival training, elite difficulties and US army shootingtraining.With his secret commando and tricky skills, he is there toface all the survival challenges and conquer the military trainingareas. After this, he can show his opponents that even after heblew his cover as a secret agent he is still living as a hero ofall the US Army and military commandos. Sweat through the hurdlesof survival training camps, run through the electrical fences, ownthe US military outdoor hurdles that have been placed to defeat thecommando who is here for training. You are welcome to the heroicarmy survival training and elite shooting game where cadets aretransferred into US Army war commandos. Practice obeying the ordersfrom the commando leader. Increase your shooting and timemanagement skills. Win among the rough training squad. On thissecret stealth spy & survival military training, an armycommando services are required. Key Features of Gun Shoot Hunter :Fury Killer 2017 3D : - Play as US Army War Training Commando-Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay- Real school obstaclecourse simulation missions.- Amazing Academy Environment with HDGraphics- Nice 3D sound effects.- Act like a fearless commando withhigh-quality visuals and dazzling console
New Euro Super Train 2017 1.0.3 APK
After the basic, advance and bullet fast professional training ofultimate train driving skills, you are now all ready to take careof some proficient tasks in the train driving challenges from therailway station to subway and towards the diverse rail tracks of2017. You have been a perfect racing driver and have shown realextreme bullet speed stunts through some easy places and now youare the one known to take everything that is easy. Being notoriousas a simple driver and a train station mechanic is not acceptableto you at any cost. You have to prove some skills by showing themoff you r bullet train extreme driving in different places withdifferent people. Your goal is to perform the best drivingexecutions and perfect simulation actions in front of people fromdifferent areas. So go ahead with full zeal and potential, traveland work enough to buy different trains with epic specialties andhigh end advancements. Explore all the trains; starting from simplerailway. Drive them with super rushy driving skills like a pro.Make everyone stunt and see the vicious priceless expressions ontheir faces. Drive in an extreme inhumane manner to show that youare an exceptional driver. The other task that you have is to geton the tracks visit and see the new Euro environments that you canvisit. Go outside the world; drive the bullet train so fast like noone has ever done before. Stay careful of the twists and turns, theunpredictable signals of on the adventurous paths. See through theroads, there are next trains coming, right on time and so are you,respect the railway signals and stop when you are supposed to. Andstart again to be on perfect time. Don’t make it get delayed bymaking wrong turns. If you cross the signal you have to pay for itand it will cause some loss. So step up from regular and ordinarydriver you are a pro train driver for crying out loud and an expertat driving in all sorts of places, desserts, bridges or ground. KeyFeatures : - Challenging time restricted missions - Amazing trainselection - Adventurous environments - Stunning 3D graphics andinteresting locations - Amazing eye catching game play
Limousine Mechanic Garage 2017 1.0.1 APK
The ultimate car repairing game is here to make you utilize yourinterest and car mechanic and car repairing skills. The optimumplatform for those who love engineering and working on cars cansharpen their tools and get their workshops ready to explore thetechnical world of auto repairing game. Get it all done here, fixthe tires, buy spare parts, smooth down the machinery, equip yourworkshop, diagnose the problems. You are the perfect car mechanicand you have the best car garage and service station in the town.Repair the luxury car and sports cars in your garage just liketruck mechanic and bike mechanic workshop garage You are in areal-time competition of getting orders and what else !! earnmoney. Expand your expertise and buy new inventory. Get andinspiring automobiles, handle limousines all by yourself. show yourfascination toward the mechanical and auto repairing games world,live a life of a lifesaver, bring back customer’s cars to life.Here the tools the advance, the machinery is smooth, the processesare competitive and orders are rough. You are blessed with a widerange of customers with progressive objectives for that makes itstand out among all other car repairing platforms. This is not justa repairing game, it's a life of a mechanic. You gain full commandof luxury mobiles with smooth controls. Get ready to enter themajor breakthrough in car games with the finest quality, eyecatching details.Fold up your sleeves, grab the tools and get itDone. Diagnose it, repair and let’s steer !!Key Features ofLimousine Mechanic Garage 2017:- Easy and accurate controls- Choosethe most suitable tasks out of many available- Highly equippedworkshop and Car mechanic Garage.- Exciting car models- Stunninggraphics- Featured cars, various parts- Real-time activities-Flawless sounds
Stay quiet, Keep it down and get the work done. It’s a secretmission handed over to you by the government to secure the mostvaluable information that got leaked by an Imposter agent. Theinformation is now in hands of gangsters and is split up to keep itaway from governments spy. Now you are an undercover secret agentwho has a training of military and fighting crimes as a stealthsoldier.Your mission is to rescue the information. The informationis in the form of a major key, split into 7 pieces and kept in thehands of mafia, soon they are going to escape the national bordersand get all the keys together with a chief criminal plan in mind todestroy the government stability. You have to aim and reach all thegang players that are helping the mafia in this mission. Use yourtraining potential to spy on their secret mission, get the keys andescape the platform in a clever. Take quick glance over yourraining school sessions, sharp up your soldier abilities, take thesecret hints, hunt for the Mafia agents, fight them like a stealthsoldier be the agent who saves the basics of the country and rescueits security. Different challenging missions are given to thissquad and your duty is to rescue your nation safely. Feel thethrill of patriotic blood. Enter the red zones and Smack down themafia agents, Kill the terrorist splinter groups from stealinginformation and selling to crime syndicate. Feel the drama andintense game play.  It is time to load out your firearms andrescue as a stealth spy. Once you enter the mission zone there isno turning back, be sharp, be sneaky, you will face many agentsbefore you know it. Think of tricky spy training escapes that youwised in training school. Let the killing begin.Key Features:-Blazing sounds- Breathtaking graphics- Interesting gameplay- Rigidspy skills- Advance Weapons