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Music Maker JAM - Beat & Loop Mixer
JAM Just Add Music GmbH
We make music creation easy! Pick from thousands of studio-qualityaudio loops, beats and samples - to remix your own music track.Once your sound is complete, share it instantly with a worldwideaudience. Voted as one of the best music making apps for a reason:► FEATURES • Remix FREE / premium audio loops from our store. • Addvocals to your track on top of studio-quality beats. • Acquire FREEvirtual currency to buy even more loops. • Apply FREE / pro FX& harmony features to your beats. • Record your own track andinstantly share it with fans. ► UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES • Choosefrom 300+ Mix Packs with a 100k+ loops library. • Become a producerwho records live with a perfect mixdown on the 8-channel mixer. •Access thousands of studio-quality loops; from beats and vocals tosynth leads and bass lines. • Compose your own unique sound bycombining samples from different music genres. • Take musicproduction to the next level by adjusting harmonies, editing songparts and adding real-time FX. ► AND MORE... • Download samplesfrom several genres like: trap, hip hop, RnB, house, EDM, technoand more! • Produce your own random remix by only shaking yourdevice. • Record your own vocals or acoustic instrument (guitar,cello, trumpet, etc). • Share your jamming tracks directly toSoundCloud, Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. • Join our musiccommunity and connect with friends, artists, influencers andproducers. ► FURTHER DETAILS • Website:https://www.justaddmusic.net • Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/c/musicmakerjam • Twitter:https://twitter.com/musicmakerjam • Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/MusicMakerJam • Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/musicmakerjam The Music Maker JAMcommunity has created and published more than 4 million musictracks to date. Drop a track. Become part of the music producerrevolution! The JAM Team
LiveXLive - Streaming Music and Live Events
Slacker Inc.
LiveXLive Powered by Slacker, formerly Slacker Radio, is a totallyreimagined music streaming app that lets you listen to yourfavorite music and watch live streaming performances for free, allin one place. With our global coverage and massive collection ofmusic, you’ll get: • Free access to the music and events you love •Hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations • Musicrecommendations personalized just for you, so you can discover newfavorites • Live video streams of festivals and concerts fromaround the world • Exclusive hosted audio and video shows everyweek • The ability to easily collect and share your favorite songs• The power to create your own stations and playlists • Uniqueinteractive news and sports programming • On-demand access tomillions of songs and albums with subscription • Offline data-freelistening on mobile with subscription Check out LiveXLive.com andfollow @livexlive on social media for announcements about upcomingevents and exciting new features. Want to get the most out ofLiveXLive Powered by Slacker? Subscribe to LiveXLive Plus: •Ad-free listening • Maximum audio quality • Unlimited skips • Autorenews monthly at $3.99 USD Subscribe to LiveXLive Premium: • Allthe benefits of LiveXLive Plus • Listen offline • Play millions ofsongs and albums on demand • Create your own playlists and stations• Auto renews monthly at $9.99 USD Privacy policy:https://www.livexlive.com/privacy Terms of use:https://www.livexlive.com/terms
SDR Touch - Live radio via USB
Martin Marinov
SDR Touch allows connecting hardware SDR receivers to Android via aUSB cable. Turn any mobile phone or tablet with USB host/OTGsupport into a portable software defined radio scanner and aspectrum analyser. Driver support exist for RTL-SDR, NeSDR, SDRplayand HackRF. Listen and record live over-the-air FM stereo radiostations with RDS, weather reports, emergency stations, taxitraffic, airplane communications, audio of analogue TV broadcasts,HAM radio amateurs, digital broadcasts and many more! Depending onhardware used, radio frequency coverage can span from 20 MHz to 2.2GHz. SDR Touch demodulates broadcast FM, AM, narrowband FM, uppersideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) signals. The built-in RDSmonitor will allow exploring the hidden digital data feed that mostcommercial FM radio stations broadcast. This includes the station'sprogram type (PTY), country of broadcast (ECC), date and time (CT),unique program identifier (PI), list of alternative frequencies(AF) and advanced statistics about the digital RDS carrier signal.SDR Touch receives live radio via external USB hardware. The appruns offline and does not require a data plan or an internetconnection! Take SDR Touch anywhere and find out what hides in theradio spectrum! In order to run SDR Touch, you will need to plugyour SDR receiver into the Android device using an USB OTG cable.This application is currently experimental and may crash. Please,report any bugs to the email provided in the Help. Using the opensource SDR Driver, you can use one of the following compatible USBradio tuners: - Generic RTL2832U RTL-SDR (e.g. hama nano) -DigitalNow Quad DVB-T PCI-E card - Leadtek WinFast DTV Dongle miniD - Genius TVGo DVB-T03 USB dongle (Ver. B) - Terratec Cinergy TStick Black (rev 1) - Terratec NOXON DAB/DAB+ USB dongle (rev 1) -Terratec Deutschlandradio DAB Stick - Terratec NOXON DAB Stick -Radio Energy - Terratec Media Broadcast DAB Stick - Terratec BR DABStick - Terratec WDR DAB Stick - Terratec MuellerVerlag DAB Stick -Terratec Fraunhofer DAB Stick - Terratec Cinergy T Stick RC (Rev.3)- Terratec T Stick PLUS - Terratec NOXON DAB/DAB+ USB dongle (rev2) - PixelView PV-DT235U(RN) - Astrometa DVB-T/DVB-T2 - ComproVideomate U620F - Compro Videomate U650F - Compro Videomate U680F -GIGABYTE GT-U7300 - DIKOM USB-DVBT HD - Peak 102569AGPK - KWorldKW-UB450-T USB DVB-T Pico TV - Zaapa ZT-MINDVBZP - SVEON STV20DVB-T USB & FM - Twintech UT-40 - ASUS U3100MINI_PLUS_V2 -SVEON STV27 DVB-T USB & FM - SVEON STV21 DVB-T USB & FM -Dexatek DK DVB-T Dongle (Logilink VG0002A) - Dexatek DK DVB-TDongle (MSI DigiVox mini II V3.0) - Dexatek Technology Ltd. DK 5217DVB-T Dongle - MSI DigiVox Micro HD - Sweex DVB-T USB - GTek T803 -Lifeview LV5TDeluxe - MyGica TD312 - PROlectrix DV107669 - SDRplayRSP - HackRF One - Rad1o - HackRF Jawbreaker It is yourresponsibility to comply with your local law before downloading orusing SDR Touch. The SDR Touch team cannot be held responsible forany liabilities due to inappropriate usage of the app.
Radio USA: Free FM Radio App, Music & News
Radioworld FM
🇺🇸 Radio USA 🇺🇸 Listen to the best free American FM radio stationslive with our radio app Radio USA for free! 🎵 Our free radio appallows you to listen live to all online FM radio stations andinternet radios in the USA. Choose what you want to hear: news,sports, music and more! With an easy to use, fast and moderninterface, treat yourself to the best listening experience! ⭐Features: √ Android Auto and Chromecast compatibility √ Alarmfunction to wake you up with your favorite FM radio or internetradio √ Share a live radio with your friends via social networks,emails or sms √ Listen to the radio while using other applicationsor in standby mode of your smartphone √ Program the automaticshutdown of the application with the Timer function √ Save yourfavorite radios √ Use the magnifying glass to search for a radio √Receive a call while using the application With the radio app RadioUSA app now listen for free to all free American FM radio stationsand online radio! Listen to over 1000 free American radios withRadio USA, here are a few: Jazz24 Chicago Public Radio K/LOVE RadioCat Country 98.7 Mix 103.1 Rock 92 MyTalk 107.1 Classic Hits 93.1BBC World Service Powerhitz / Hitz & Hip Hop Channel CNN RadioFOX News Radio American Top 40 / AT40 Free Talk Live VOA NEWS ABCNews Radio USA Dance Radio Love Radio USA American Road RadioToday's Texas Country Easy Hits Florida Voice of America / VOAEnglish to Africa 80’s 90’s Music Fm 100hitz / Top 40 Hitz TheEagle The Beat NewsTalk 99.1 Classical Public Radio Classic Hits107.9 WNCT ESPN New York 97.3 WMEE Hot 107.1 Now 97.9 Hot CountryB104.7 NPR / National Public Radio 181.FM / The Beat /HipHop/R&B Beatles Radio Comedy 104 Solo Piano Radio PartyRadio USA and many other radios to discover! Send us an email toradioslight@yahoo.fr to suggest that we add a radio that you can'tfind! Radio The Radio USA application needs a 3G, 4G or WiFiInternet connection
Stingray Music - Curated Radio & Playlists
Stingray Group
We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to. Listen to musicchannels lovingly curated for all the moments that matter. Perfectfor when you just want to sit back and enjoy great tunes!Absolutely FREE. Upgrade to the premium version for an ad-freeexperience. FREE access to the premium version with your StingrayMusic TV provider. Authenticate instantly with audio signalrecognition or use your TV provider’s single login. Features:⭐️1000s of expertly curated music channels in over hundreds ofgenres*. ⭐️Unlimited skips. ⭐️ A customized listening experience:like your favorite songs to increase their rotation and block songsand artists to exclude them. ⭐️ Filters to find channels accordingto activity, mood, theme, occasions, and local trends.*⭐️Compatibility with the Sonos wireless hifi system, airplay, andChromecast. ⭐️The possibility of taking your favorite music for aride with Apple Carplay and android auto. ⭐️High quality audio. ⭐️The option of sharing channels on your social networks. ⭐️ A timerto fall asleep to your favorite music channel. ⭐️Channeldescriptions and information about the expert curators. 📱 Stayconnected! Stingray Music blog: https://blog.stingray.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stingray.music/ Twitter:@stingraymusic Instagram: stingray_music Life’s on you. Music’s onus. *Only available in certain countries. Visithttp://music.stingray.com for more information. Privacy Policy:http://www.stingray.com/en/privacy-policy Terms of use:http://www.stingray.com/en/terms-and-conditions Never run out ofmusic! The Stingray music app brings you unlimited music streamingeverywhere life takes you.
4shared Music
New IT Solutions
4shared Music was created for those, who can’tlive without music and don’t want their attention to be attractedwith anything else, but music while listening to it. When youinstall this app on your Android device, you may easily access yourfavorite tracks from 4shared.Using your ‘Search’ menu item you can look for music files youlike and add them to your playlist at 4shared Music. You don’t haveto look for them each time you use the app, just create a playlist,add your favorite tracks and listen to them exactly from your4shared Music anytime you want. Moreover, you can upload tracksfrom your Android device to your 4shared Music.With 4shared Music you can enjoy 15GB of space for your musicand nothing out of place. Upload and add all music files you likeand make your life even more enjoyable with 4shared!
Volume Control
Volume Control is an amazing app that lets you take control of yourdevice’s volume – instead of being controlled by it! HOW IT WORKSVolume Control is extremely easy to use. Simply tweak existing orcreate new pre-defined volume profiles, and toggle between themwith just a single touch. Individual profiles are comprised of:Alarm, Media, Ringer, Notification, Voice (in-call), Bluetooth andoverall system volume. AUTOMATED CONVENIENCE Volume Control alsodetects when you insert headphones or activate Bluetooth, andautomatically toggles to your preferred volume profile. You caneven create automatic scheduled presets based on time of day,physical location, or a calendar event. For example, if you plan tohead into a business meeting, simply tell the app to turn off yourringer at precisely that time. Of if you're heading for a workout,tell the app to pump up the volume when you arrive at the fitnessclub. The list of possibilities is virtually limitless! ADDITIONALSPECIAL FEATURES Here are some of the other special features youcan look forward to: - Custom volume settings and ringtones for VIPcontacts - The option of separating or linking ringer volume andnotification volume - The ability to change ringtones for alarm,ringer and notifications - Notification shortcuts for quick andeasy access to controls and presets - Integration with Tasker andLocale via the built-in preset plugin INTERACTIVE WIDGETS You canalso access a fantastic suite of fully interactive Home Screenwidgets, including: - Preset (apply a set of audio settings); -Preset List (apply any preset) - Volume Locker (change/lock volumelevels) - Vibrate (toggle vibrate settings for ringer andnotification) - Ringer (toggle the ringer mode between silent,vibrate, and normal) - Dashboard (various interactive volumecontrols) Please note: to access the widgets, the app should not beinstalled to your SD card. Some Android versions may require areboot for widgets to appear on your widget drawer. AVOIDACCIDENTAL CHANGES You’ll also love the cool “Pocket Locker”feature, which automatically prevents accidental volume changes bylocking volume settings when your device screen turns off. MULTIPLELANGUAGE SUPPORT Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish,French, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean,Malaysian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak,Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese,and Traditional Chinese. PERMISSIONS Please note that the followingpermissions are required to use the app (the function/reasons areprovided in brackets): - Full network access/view networkconnections (bug reporting, Google maps, usage). - Read calendar(schedule presets based on calendar events) - Modify systemsettings (change advanced volume settings) - Coarse and finelocation (detect location changes for scheduled presets - Controlvibration (notifications) - Read/Write external storage (accesscustom icons and ringtones) - Run at startup (restore settingsafter startup) - Read phone state (required to separate the ringerand notification volume on all Android versions)
Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhaj Man
Zenia Technologies
Aarti text moves in Auto Scroll mode with the audio,Play/Pause/Continue/Stop options available for audio. Lord RamaAarti: Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhaj Man Haran Bhavbhay Darunam NavKanj Lochan Kanj Mukh Kar Kanj Pad Kanjarunam. Kandarp Agnit AmitChhavi Navneel Neeraj Sundaram Patpeet Manhutdit Ruchisuchi NomiJanak Sutavaram. Bhaju Deenbandhu Dinesh Danav Datiya VanshNikandnam, Raghunand Anand Kand Koshal Chand Dashrath Nandnam. SirMukut Kundal Tilak Charu Udar Angvi Bhushanam, Aajanubhuj Sir ChapDhar Sangram Jit Khar Dushanam Iti Vadate Tulsi Das Shankar SheshMuniman Ranjnam, Mam Hriday Kanjnivas Kuru kamadi Khaldal Ganjnam.Man Jahi Ranchayo Milihi So Var Sahaj Sundar Sanvaro Karuna NidhanSujan Sheel Sneh Janat Ravro Ehibhanti Gauri Ashish Sunsiy SahitHiya Aarshit Ali, Tulsi Bhavani Pooji Puni Puni Mudit ManmandirChali
nada sms lucu
Blacx Knights
pilihan efek nada sms unik, keren, dengansuara yang bagus,membuat perangkat Anda berbeda dari yang lain. Mengejutkan danmenghibur teman-teman dan keluarga Anda dengan nada deringefektivitas. yang memberikan nuansa baru dari musik yang tidakmenarik. Program ini datang dirancam memanjakan Anda dengan nadadering cepat langsung pengaturan, nada SMS, nada alarm maupunpribadi. mudah hanya dengan memilih tap dan kliksms tone effect optionsunique, cool, with a good voice,make your device is different from the others. Shocking andentertaining friends and family with ringtones effectiveness. whichgives a new nuance of the music that is not attractive. Thisprogram comes dirancam spoil you with a ringing tone, quicklysetting, SMS tones, alarm tones and personally. easily just byselecting taps and clicks
Spinnr Music
SPINNR IS CHANGING THE WAY YOU EXPERIENCEMUSIC!Get the ultimate music experience only on Spinnr—listen to thelatest releases/top charts/curated playlists, create your ownplaylists, listen offline, join raffles to the biggest concerts inthe country, and even download your favorite songs directly to yourdevice!To start enjoying Spinnr, log-in using your mobile phone or yourFB account!Enjoy music anytime, anywhere on SPINNR: (FREE)- Listen to FREE music on Spinnr Radio- SKIP ALL YOU WANT on Spinnr Radio- NO DATA CHARGES on Spinnr Radio [for Smart/Sun/TNT users]- DOWNLOAD free music directly to your Android deviceExperience more with SPINNR ALL-ACCESS Subscriptions!All-Access gives you:- Access MILLIONS of SONGS and albums from the hottest artists likeTaylor Swift, One Direction, and many more!- CREATE your personal PLAYLISTS and listen to curated playlists bymusic experts- LISTEN OFFLINE – sync your music and listen even without internetconnection!- NO ADS- NO DATA CHARGES for Spinnr!- Only P2.50/day or P49/month charged to your prepaid load orpostpaid bill- Join promos to WIN CONCERT TICKETS, exclusive meet ‘n greets,giveaways with the #SpinnrExperienceGet FREE All-Access TRIAL for Smart, Talk N’ Text, and Sunmobile!Register in-app or text TRIAL to 4067 (FREE!)Get into the #SpinnrExperience now!Follow us at:Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpinnrPhilippinesTwitter: @spinnrphInstagram: @spinnrphWebsite: www.spinnr.ph
Real Metronome for Guitar, Drums & Piano for Free
Meet Real Metronome - a quartz-accurate digital mobile metronomeapp precisely crafted by professional musicians that lets youexperience a real metronome as close as it gets! Keep tempo withthe help of metronome beats! A word from developers: “We createdMetronome to give musicians all over the world the possibility touse a real metronome on their mobile device for free!” Guys, shouldyou enjoy Real Metronome app - please leave your rating or review -this really helps a lot in further development! The features toenjoy: ✔ Maximum precision ✔ Intuitive easy to use interface ✔Universal app for phone and tablet Visual metronome arrangement: ✔Digital metronome click tracker ✔ Classic analog metronome clicktracker Tempo Animations: ✔ Moving pendulum animation ✔ Visualflash - see the beats! ✔ Vibration - feel the beats! Tempo rates: ✔All popular tempos included ✔ Manually adjust to any desired tempo✔ Tempo ranges from 10 to 250 bpm (beats per minute) Timesignatures: ✔ All popular time signature presets ✔ Manually set anytime signature Sound Sets: ✔ Over 10 handpicked sounds for everyband and style ✔ Digital ✔ Analog ✔ Drum metronome ✔ Pianometronome ✔ Cymbals ✔ and many more Our Real Metronome is used bymusic schools' students and teachers all over the world. If you aneducational organization that are using or willing to use our apps,drop us a line at info@gismart.com === About Gismart === Gismart isa team of devoted musicians and developers with real passion formusic and everything about it! Find out more about us: Gismart.comFollow us on Twitter/Facebook: @Gismartmusic
Onkyo Remote for Android 2.3
Onkyo Corporation
Onkyo’s Remote App supports wireless audio and remote controlfunctionality.Onkyo’s Remote App allows owners to integratewireless audio stored on an Android device into their Onkyo homenetwork system. The app operates over a wireless LAN and enables arange of remote control functions, such as volume and tone controland input selection.Functions: • Wirelessly streams musicstored on an Android device• Operates general remote-controlfunctions (e.g. play, stop, power on/off) • Controlsmulti-zone audio• Selects input source, network source, and radiostation • Adjusts tone control, listening modes, and speakervolume• Displays content information • Compatible with SpotifyConnect• Compatible with Onkyo’s existing RI (Remote Interactive)system *For details on RI-compatible systems, please refer to theOnkyo website. *This application program does not support tabletdevices. *This application program does not support smartphones inQVGA or HVGA resolution.Compatible Onkyo Models:• All network A/Vreceivers released in 2010/11/12/13, TX-8050 Network StereoReceiver, T-4070 Network Stereo Tuner, and CR-N755* *Allmodels may require a firmware update available for download at theOnkyo website.
Podcast & Radio iVoox - Listen and free downloads
iVoox Podcast y Radio
With Podcast & Radio iVoox you can listen, share and downloadpodcasts, radio shows and much more for free, when you want, whereyou want. Courses, conferences, classes, lectures, audio books,children’s stories, audio guides, stand up comedy, stories, musicand concerts, poems, biographies and even meditation sessions. MAINFEATURES - Access a wide selection of podcasts, radio shows andtracks, all carefully categorised and ordered. - The only podcastapp which allows you to listen to them without subscribing. -Follow your favourite podcasts: Choose whether to subscribe, getnotifications or download them automatically. - The app learns yourtastes and recommends new tracks according to your interests. -Listen to live radio, find new stations by genre and save yourfavourite stations to go back to them easily. - Full control of theaudio: change playback speed, skip or rewind, turn on the sleeptimer or car mode... - Playback controls right on the lock screen.- Listen without gaps using the playback queue. - Download tracksand listen where you like, even when offline. - Jump back intounfinished tracks, right where you left off. - Playlists: Find thetracks you added to Listen Later, to your Favourites or createprivate, hidden or collaborative lists to listen to when you wantor share with your friends. - Multi select: choose more than oneaudio track by pressing on the artwork. You can add them to a list,to the playback queue, or play, download or delete them. - Surpriseme: suggest tracks according to how long you’ve got and the genre.- Use filters to find tracks according to length, genre, or orderthem. - Compatible with Chromecast. - And much, much more! LISTENTO THE BEST ENGLISH PODCASTS AND RADIO SHOWS Find popular podcastslike Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs,Stuff You Should Know, Revisionist History, TEDTalks, The InfiniteMonkey Cage, Comedy of the Week, Sincerely X, Serial, BLACK HANDS -A family mass murder, No Such Thing As A Fish, Kermode and Mayo'sFilm Review, STAGES, Happiness Podcast, Woman's Hour, MotivateYourself, NHS Couch to 5K, Dan Snow's HISTORY HIT, The Tim FerrissShow, Oddity. You can also listen live to thousands of stationslike: BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 1, Heart 106.2, 95.8Capital FM, BBC Radio 5 live, Smooth FM, Classic FM, KISS, Magic105.4, BBC London, BBC Asian Network, Choice FM, LBC, XFM, THE ONLYAPP THAT LETS YOU SEARCH TRACKS BY CATEGORY AND SUBCATEGORY Choosea category and we’ll show you the best tracks from differentpodcasts. - Business and technology: marketing and strategy,corporate sectors, personal development, internet and technology. -Science and culture: travel and places, art and literature,languages, science and nature. - Leisure: humour and entertainment,video games, roleplay and anime, food and treats, magazine andvariety, cinema, TV and shows. - Music: alternative and indie,blues and jazz, electronic, pop/pop-rock, rock, metal, soundtracksand classical, hip hop and rap, soul, funk and R&B, worldmusic, experimental, new age and others. - History and beliefs:history, humanities, philosophy and spirituality and other factualthemes. - News and society: politics, economics, opinion, news,reporting, world and society. - Sport: football and others - Familyand wellbeing: relationships, children, education, mental healthand psychology, health, home and day-to-day life. ** If you haveany problems with the app, please send a message to us atandroid@ivoox.com or through the “Report an error” link in theSettings section of the app. **
Listen Audiobook Player
7 Day Refund Policy Google offers an automatic 2 hour refundwindow. But if you would like more time you can try it risk freefor a week. If you would like to request a refund, send me theorder number found in the receipt Google emails you at the time ofpurchase. Please email me if you have any questions or experienceany trouble. For fast and friendly support:support@acme-android.com This player is designed to play contentprovided by the user. You can get DRM free books from sites such ashttps://librivox.org/, Overdrive (through your library),http://www.downpour.com/, http://www.loyalbooks.com/, or any placethat provides DRM free audio. Additionally, you may also download anumber of curated books from Librivox from within the apps such as:• The Count of Monte Cristo • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes •Around the World in Eighty Days • The Invisible Man • The TimeMachine • The Call of the Wild • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland •Anne of Green Gables • Sense and Sensibility • Pride and Prejudice• A Little Princess • Frankenstein • Bhagavad Gita • Old Testament• New Testament • The Koran • Tao Teh King etc • No advertisements.No in-app purchases to unlock features. • Folder based libraryautomatically stays in sync with your audiobook folder. Each bookshould be placed in its own folder. Allows books to be organizedwithin subfolders. Library will allow you to browse folders, orlist all books at once. Search button allows you to quickly findany book in your library. • Supports mp3, m4b, m4a, opus, ogg, aac,flac, and more. (must be DRM free) - Embedded chapters aresupported as well. • Variable playback speed (0.5 to 4x), trimsilence, pitch control, and volume boost, equalizer and balance.Can set global defaults and per book override. • Cover art is addedfrom embedded art, images in the book folder, or can be downloadedeasily from within the app. • Android Auto • Built in sync support.You can synchronize current position and bookmarks to multipledevices. • Bookmarks. Including ability to view and searchbookmarks for all books in a single view. Create an audio clip ofyour bookmark that can be saved or shared with others. • PositionHistory. • Bluetooth play/pause/skip support. • Can remember lastplayed volume. • Widgets. • Lock-screen control. • Control withTasker, Llama, etc. See: http://goo.gl/GPz8SA for availableactions. • Book Play queue. • Sleep timer with shake to reset, setcustom notification sounds, and a few unique options. • Auto rewinddepending on paused time, customize rewind times to your liking. •Set custom short and long skip times. • Set custom colors forprogress bars, action bar, and text. • Headset button user definedactions (1x to 6x clicks). Languages: English, Deutsch (German),Pусский (Russian), Polski (Polish), Svenska (Swedish), Українська(Ukrainian), French (Français), Spanish (Español), Italian(Italiano)
FlipBeats - Best Music Player
Get on board with the Multiple Award Winning Revolutionary MusicApp - FlipBeats ◆ WINNER - United Nations World Summit Awards 2016◆ WINNER - mBillionth Awards 2015 ◆ WINNER - eSwabhimani 2014 ◆BRONZE - BCS NBQSA Awards 2014 ◆ FINALIST - APICTA Awards 2014FlipBeats brings the Best of Material Design as a Stylish Music Appfor your Android Phones & Tablets ◆ What critics say aboutFlipBeats? ★★★★★ www.TheGuardian.com - “Listed in the Top 20 BestApps and Games” ★★★★★ www.LifeHacker.com - “FlipBeats Is a GoodLooking, Gesture Powered Music Player for Android” ★★★★★www.AndroidGuys.com - “FlipBeats, getting the most out of yourmusic” ★★★★★ www.Engadget.com - “FlipBeats: Slick music player appfor Android” Key Features of FlipBeats ► Search & Listen toMusic FREE online via Cloud based Streaming Music Services ►Powerful Social Media integration to share your music experienceonline (Share Music on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest andFacebook...) ► Unique, Intuitive & Flip-gesture enabled UI ►Multi-band Graphic Equalizer with 14 Equalizer presets & Custompresets ► Bass Boost, Surround Sound & Room Size Configurations► PRO EQ Engine for you to come up with your own Advanced EQpatterns ► PRO Reverbs Engine for you to fine-tune sound to yourexact needs ► Audio Visualizer (VFX) and Colour Themes to customizethe visual impact of your music ► Download Lyrics on-the-go forFREE ► Smart Energy Saving Mode “Black Edition” ► ID3 Tag Editor toedit the metadata of songs ► Create Custom Playlists ► Easy Sortfeature to let you quickly find the songs you want ► Sleep Timer ►Sound Health Profile to protect your ears from harmful volumelevels ► FlipBeats comes in English, Spanish, French, German,Portuguese and Russian FlipBeats is a music player which lets youto listen to your favourite music collection & Cloud basedStreaming Music Services in a very intuitive way. It takes themusic listening to a whole new level by employing a “StudioListening Experience” through a variety of PRO Equalizers, PROReverbs and Advanced Audio Configurations. You can usepredetermined Equalizer Presets based on what you are listening to,or fine-tune your sound stage by using the PRO EQ and PRO Reverbsengine to maximize the listening experience. For latest updates onour Apps, visit us on: http://www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.comFlipBeats Website:http://www.AppSpace.hSenidOutsourcing.com/FlipBeats FlipBeatsFacebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/FlipBeats.hSenid Have anyquestions? Just email Android-Feedback@hSenidOutsourcing.com forhelp
Piano For You
Pavel Alexeev
If you have problems with sound, try switching to MIDIinstruments!---I tried to make a best piano app on Google Play, soany feedback is welcome!- Good sounding (sampled instruments)- Goodlooking- Option for two stacked rows- Low latency (compared to therest piano apps)- Custom instruments (record your own sample usingmicrophone or open existent file)- 128 MIDI instruments (really!)-Recording- MIDI over WiFi- Full piano keyboard (88 keys)- Nice keylabels- Fast loading (less than 0.3 second)- Multitouch support-Sustain pedal- No ads!Piano For You is suitable for professionalmusicians as well as for learning piano. Many vocalists use it totrack pitch. Composers use Piano For You to record their musicalideas on the go. You should try it too :)Latency is a real pain onAndroid devices, but I've done all I can. If you find a piano appwith lower latency, I'll give you the full version for free, withyour name in the credits :)Note: latency is much better on recentdevices.Additional HQ instruments (Rhodes Piano, Accordion andChurch Pipe Organ) are paid, but hey, there are no ads!You can alsosupport me buying a full version - it includes all the instrumentsand missed features.Permissions:- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is forexporting your piano recording in .wav format and instrumentsdownload- WRITE_SETTINGS is for setting recording as a ringtone-INTERNET is for instruments download (rhodes piano, accordion andorgan)- BILLING is for in-app purchases- CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE isfor MIDI over WiFi- CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE is for MIDI overWiFi- ACCESS_WIFI_STATE is for MIDI over WiFi- RECORD_AUDIO is forrecording samples
Песни под гитару Rus
Suslov Alexander
Часто бывают ситуации, когда в компании друзей дело доходит догитары. И тогда начинаются долгие попытки вспомнить подходящуюпесню - чтобы и гитарист мог сыграть, и все, желающие подпевать,текст помнили. Спасти ситуацию поможет данная программа - удобныйпесенник с аккордами для гитары. Преимущества: - Возможность сменытональности (транспонирование аккордов) - Автопрокрутка текстапесни - Возможность импорта собственных песен - Не требуетсяподключение к интернету (интернет нужен только для загрузки новыхпесен) Используемые разрешения: - Доступ к внешнему накопителю -нужен для функции импорта/экспорта песен на SD-карту - Доступ кместоположению - используется рекламным модулем для показа спец.предложений и персональных скидок на какой-нибудь товар измагазина, находящегося в радиусе 500 метров от вас. Данный способотображения рекламы был введен в качестве эксперимента какальтернатива обычным рекламным баннерам. Often there are situationswhen a group of friends it comes to guitars. And then begins thelong attempts to remember the right song - and that could playguitar, and all who desire to sing, remember the text. Save thesituation will help the program - handy Songbook with the chordsfor the guitar. Advantages: - Ability to change the pitch(Transpose Chords) - Auto Scroll Lyrics - Ability to import yourown songs - You do not need an internet connection (internet onlyto download new songs) used resolution: - Access to an externaldrive - need to import / export songs to SD-card - Access to thelocation - advertising module used to display special. suggestionsand personal discounts on some goods from the store located within500 meters from you. This method of display advertising has beenintroduced on an experimental basis as an alternative totraditional banner ads.
Siren Sounds
BlueJay Sounds
Siren sounds is great soundboard with most popular siren ringtonesand sounds for Android™ devices. Siren sounds and ringtones bringsomething new and different for smartphones and tablets. Downloadfree app and get some high quality siren sounds and tunes. Sirensand Horns app offers you the biggest collection of most populartones, loud alarm sounds and the best ringtones for smartphones.Sirens can be interesting for children. They can play plenty ofpolice tones, car sirens, train siren or ship sounds and make a funand pranks all day. Perfect funny app for everybody. If you arebored with your usual ringtones and sms sounds, try new sirensounds. This popular siren sounds app is an entertainment andjoyful for everyone. You can prank everybody with devil siren. Itcan sound like scary sound.You can have best siren sms tone; youcan set your favourite siren melody as incredible general contactringtone. But also you have option to set a specific ringtones forevery person from your contact list. As you wish. Siren alarmsounds can be really interesting, too. You may love fire trucksound or maybe devil siren. Get latest siren effects sounds on yourkeyboard. Turn your phone into a ambulance siren or fire truck run.Have fun and scare your neighbors with police car siren if they arelisten to loud annoying music. Prank everybody you want. Become themain star with the best siren sounds. This top siren musicapplication features best siren sounds and some of the loudesthorns. There are incredible car siren or alarm, happy siren, chaseor boat siren... Have fun and enjoy this cool ringtones. Playawesome sirens!The application features:- set as ringtone orcontact ringtone- set as sms, notification- set as alarm- set asfavoriteDownload free ringtones app and enjoy cool ringtones, topsounds and latest melodies. This is best soundboard with the mostpopular ringtones. Latest melodies, great tunes and lot of fun, allof these in this amazing app for free.Everyone likes to listenmusic, and everyone has favorite songs. We are completely sure youwill absolutely love this new app.These popular ringtones are foreverybody. Pick your favorite free ringtones and enjoy.Theapplication is designed for android phones and android tablets, andit is tested on many android devices to ensure the best userexperience. All ringtones in this app are under public domain orcreative commons license. If you have a question or suggestion,just email us.
Bass Booster & Music Player EQ
Ten Band Music Equalizer and Bass Booster. Enhance your phone ortablet's sound quality with the universal music Equalizer and BassBooster. Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that youget the best out of your Music or Audio coming out of your phone.Use with headphones for best results. Features:- * Inbuilt MusicPlayer with background playing enable * Ten band Equalizer * BassBooster effect * Treble Booster effect * 10 Equalizer Presets *Play, Pause, Next, Previous and Song List button available. You cancustomize following:- * Volume Booster * Bass Booster * TrebleBooster * Mono Balance Left/Right Presets Details:- * Normal *Classic * Dance * Flat * Folk * Heavy Metal * Hip Hop * Jazz * Pop* Party * Rock * Custom Presets
Function Generator
Dual channel function / waveform / signal generator for the speaker/ headphone audio output.No Ads, No Permissions, No In AppPurchasing, No Limited Features. Full Version.Output is 16 bit foreach left and right channels and at 44.1kHz. Output will depend onyour device hardware. Some device hardware may may filter out theDC bias and low frequency signals. At high frequencies, thewaveforms will be distorted due to limited number of samples foreach waveform (for example at 4.41kHz, a sine waveform will beapproximated by only 10 points). Therefore this is forfun/educational use, for critical applications use a realcalibrated function generator.Left and Right audio channels can beassigned to either channel 1 or channel 2.Sine, Square &Triangular waveforms.Frequency range from 1 mHz up to 22kHz.Amplitude as percentage 0-100%.Set duty for square waveforms orskew triangular waveforms to get saw waveforms.Offset the phase ofwaveforms.Sweep frequency or amplitude (Single, Repeat & Bouncemodes).Amplitude Modulation (AM).Frequency Modulation (FM).Burstmode for a specific number of waveforms (1-10000).White noise &pink noise Generator. Pink (1/f) noise falls of at ~3dB per octavebetween 43 Hz and 44 kHz. Memory slots to save & recall channelconfiguration.Select values with spring slider or number pad.Moredetailed explanation available on website
Music Folder Player Free
Music Folder Player was made for people who don't like to see musicdisplayed based on artist, album, track or playlists. If you preferorganizing your audio tracks in folder this may be the right playerfor you. Besides that it comes with a lot of unique features. •Material Design • Resume where you left. Stores for each folderwhere you left • Show folders as a 'flat' list if you have a smallcollection • Show folder hierarchy like in a file manager forlarger collections • Virtual folder with your favorite songs •Playlists • Four configurable seek buttons. Very useful for seekingin podcasts or audio books • Equalizer: - 4 customizable settings -8 predefined settings like Bass Booster, Vocal Booster and Partysetting • Virtual room and reverb effect • Speed control with pitchcorrection (OS 4.2+) Increase or decrease the playback speed ofyour podcasts or audio books. Speed control is not suitable formusic. Please watch the video: http://youtu.be/d_0eWUXs6Yo •Pre-amplifyer: Increase the volume of audio which was recorded witha low level. (OS 4.2+) • 432 Hz playback mode. Please read thisarticle for details: http://goo.gl/Oeg5hh (OS 4.2+) • Car/Sportsmode with big buttons • Change volume and balance with two fingergesture. Video: http://goo.gl/9LXsIE • Undo function: Undo actionsif you accidentally touch a button or select another track •Shuffle and repeat options (long tap on play/pause button) • Deleteand rename files (long tap on file) • Sleep timer • Headset buttoncontrol (double and triple clicks) • Search for files and folder •Share files Note: Since there are recently some complaints in thereview section: This app is an audio PLAYER, not a DOWNLOADER. Ifyou search for an app to download new music, this app is NOTsuitable for you. This player just handles audio files which arealready on your device. Don't worry about 'adware' warnings of someantivirus scanners. Of course the player is not a virus. This isjust because the player shows advertisements. The full version isnot affected by that. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ZorillasoftPermissions: Please take a look at the F.A.Q section on myhomepage: http://www.zorillasoft.de/MusicFolderPlayer-jp.html#faq
Myanmar eRadio
Vithyu Media Co., Ltd
Myanmar eRadio is a free application that lets you listen to onlineradios in Myanmar. The app provides many radio stations both liveand podcast. It is easy to use, and there is no annoyedfullscreen-advertisement. Features: - Online player: listen to livestreaming while you are online - Downloads: download podcast tolisten offline - Older podcast: listen to older podcast from manypre-record radios - Sleep timer: using timer to schedule pausingyour listening - Filter: filter radios via type of broadcast,region, and favorite - Search: search radios by name and frequency- Record: record your favorite radio while you are listening - DarkMode: use light or dark mode design as your preference.
Free Mp3 Downloads
Programitas, MB
Free Mp3 Downloads allows you to search, download and listen songsthat are licenced as "free to use". Usage is simple - in "Download"tab enter your search query, hit "search" button, wait for resultsto load and then click on the song that you want to download. In"Listen" tab you can listen to the songs downloaded through the appand all other mp3 records that you have on your device, thereforethis app can be used as a music player. Songs are downloaded toyour devices SD cards folder "music-freeMp3Downloads" and can bereached directly from there, from application's embedded musicplayer or from your phone music players library. Application isavailable in English, German, Russian, Indonesian, Brazilianportuguese and Lithuanian languages. In order to change applicationlanguage - change the standart language of your device. Note: musicis provided by "www.ccmixter.org". All songs, available throughthis application, are intended only for your personalnon-commercial use. Since the music is from authors who give theirmusic for free, you won't find any commercial music here. Pleasedon't give negative ratings just because you don't find what youwant.
Arabic Nasheed Collection
Haroon Ali
This app allows users to listen to arabic nasheeds without the needof accessing the net. It includes a collection of 11 Nasheeds sangby different artists.If you run into a bug please have some patience and understandthat I'm just one individual with very limited resources; I can'texperiment the application on every possible hardware. Instead ofjust leaving a bad review, please contact me and I'll try to fixit.Please Visit Us @ www.haroon-ali.comE-mail: shamail.tirmidhi@gmail.com
XenoAmp Music Player
Why try another music player when you've seen them all, and you usea better one anyway? Well - you haven't seen a music player likethis. And believe this one can do much more than others! - Streamdirectly from SMB (windows shares), UPnP (DNLA), SoundCloud,Spotify, Subsonic, FanBurst, 8Tracks, DropBox and Internet radio -Viper Audio equalizer supported (where available) - Unlimitednumber of equalizer presets, each preset can be calibrated viaautomatic room correction or audiogram-style calibration forheadphones - Different sound profiles for dock/car/headphones -Replaygain support - MP3, OGG, MPC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP4.x.,Vorbis, APE, Opus, ALAC and other codecs supported. - Full id3v2,VORBISCOMMENT, APETAG and other tahs supported - Were you missingAlbumArtist tag? Well - not anymore. Group your media by artist,album, album artist, year or genre. - Browse your collection fasterthan ever - see it on a 2D matrix with customizable axii - Searchfor tracks, artists and albums in all suported music services - Oldstyle, but advanced file browser for local and remote files(including music services) - Browse your tracks by rating, date oflistening, date of adding to library, or playcount - Synchronizeyour music tags to MusicBrainz either automatically or by scanningbarcode from your original CD (in your face, MediaMonkey) -Automatic album art downloading - Browse and create playlists fromfiles on your SMB, CIFS or UPnP nodes or supported music services -Click a file in ES Explorer, Total Commander, Solid Browser orWhatever File Browser and voila: you've created a playlist fromcurrent directory contents! - XenoAmp Playlists are kept in m3u8with absolute paths - manage .nomedia files inside xenoamp browser- Managing playlists is no more a pain, you can EASILY (and I meanin a snap) create, delete and rename playlists, switch betweenthem, append them with tracks based on any tag. - Browse, bookmarkand search tracks in each of supported services - Scrobble tolast.fm and libre.fm (scrobbling via wonderful "A simple last.fmscrobbler" - get it on the Market) - Browse into M3U, M3U8 and PLS,CUE - Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Androidaudio focus and media button interfaces. - Displays lyric viaLyrics Wiki. - Minimalistic home screen widgets, currently 1x1, 4x1and 4x2 - Respects .nomedia - Sleep timer - Voice commands - Remotecontrol via web interface - Probably a lot more bits and pieces Iforgot - all this in one bundle! Jelly Bean is a trademark ofGoogle Inc. Gingerbread is a trademark of Google Inc., althouh yourlocal pastry might have a different opinion. DLNA is a trademark ofthe Digital Living Network Alliance. 8Tracks is a trademark of8tracks. HTC Tocuh Pro2 is a trademark of HTC Corporation.
Guitar Songs
Suslov Alexander
Are you an amateur guitarist and you want to play your favoritesong? Are you a professional who wants to keep all your chords andlyrics always in your pocket? How often do you have a situationwhen you are at a party and you want to play the guitar for yourfriends? And at this moment, we always forget how to play ourfavorite songs. If you want to have a perfect concert, it is veryimportant for the guitarist to be able to play and sing a song atthe same time. Furthermore, it would be awesome if everyone aroundyou could sing together! Especially for you we developed an uniqueapplication - handy songbook with chords for guitar. In ourapplication, you will find everything you need for a musician, aparty or a friendly company! We made a research and found out thatfor the real musician it is not enough just to have a list ofchords and lyrics - a true musician should also not be distractedfrom the music if he wants to create a real masterpiece. And thatis why we made our application convenient and maximum helpful! Keyfeatures of our application: * Large database of songs, lyrics andchords * Opportunity to rate your favorite songs * Ability to addsongs to favorites * Ability to change themes * Ability totranspose chords (change the key of songs) * Lyrics auto scrolling* Ability to import your own songs * No Internet connectionrequired (you need Internet connection to download new songs only)And hundreds of little things that make you concentrate not on yourphone but on playing the music!
Mp3 Music Downloader
Download mp3 Song in easy step.Mp3 Music Downloader is a useful musical application,its also canplay Music File and save into your android devices.Download millions of music and creative commons copyleft free mp3files legally.Download Mp3 Music Downloader can download all mp3 music frominternet search engines.Features of the App :* Latest Songs provides latest Bollywood songs list.* A to Z provides all the Bollywood Movies songs in theiralphabetical order.* Download mp3 music to your sdcard with folder Name MusicDownload.* Listen to MP3 music.* Download copyleft music and song.
DatPiff - Mixtapes & Music
Idle Media Inc
DatPiff, The largest greatest mixtape library on Android! Streamand Download all the hottest Hip-Hop and R&B from our hugecollection of mixtapes. New music updated daily and exclusives fromall your favorite artists. We help you stay on top of what's 🔥🔥🔥 inMUSIC! Enjoy unlimited music downloads on our free platform anddiscover new artists. Listen and download the hottest music andmixtapes! Features: • Daily EXCLUSIVES from TOP artists • Mixtapesat your fingertips • Completely free platform • Underground Hip Hopand R&B Galore • Browse the top mixtapes of all time • Listento independent artists, free • Discover new artists daily DOWNLOADTHE APP NOW!!! ABOUT: DatPiff was created in 2005 and continues todominate as the largest repository of mixtapes on the internet. Forover a decade DatPiff has been involved in the promotion andrelease of thousands of successful mixtape releases. Artistsincluding Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, Chance The Rapper, Young Jeezy,The Weeknd, Puff Daddy, Mac Miller, Logic, Lil Uzi Vert & manymore. These artists have used DatPiff as a launchpad for success.FOLLOW: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DatPiff Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/DatPiff Instagram:http://www.instagram.com/DatPiff Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/DatPiff • All music provided in this appcomes from the website DatPiff.com. For any questions regarding thecontents, please visit the following URL:http://www.datpiff.com/terms#dmca • When you access DatPiff througha mobile device, we will automatically collect information aboutyour geo-location, including your geo-location relative to andwithin third party merchant locations. We may use this informationto provide you with information we deem relevant when you visitthird party merchant locations.