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Die BVG Quiz App ist eine Lern-App der Berliner Verkehrs BetriebeAöR. The BVG Quiz app is a learning app of the Berlin traffic AöR.

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    BVG Quiz App
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  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    October 16, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Know How! AG
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Quiz Champ 4.0.4 APK
Know How! AG
SPACED LEARNINGCognitive learning research shows that people forgeta large part of what they have learned in a seminar or WBT after ashort period of time. One way to counteract this forgetfulness isSpaced Learning. Instead of teaching content in one go, learning issplit up across multiple time-delayed moments. Spaced Learning doesincrease the amount of time needed to acquire the knowledge, butafterwards the forgetting curve is noticeably flatter. And ifSpaced Learning is offered after the learning phase, the ability toremember is improved even further.Quiz Champ was developed tosupport Spaced Learning in the learning phase as well as in theapplication phase.TRAIN, DUEL, TESTPeople always have theirsmartphones to hand, especially when travelling or during quietperiods. In just a few minutes, your employees can complete arandom quiz with Quiz Champ and then return to their work. And theyare free to choose the categories from which the test questions areselected.In order to motivate the learners to take part in quizzesregularly, Quiz Champ also provides a Duel function. Learners cancompete against each other in short duels and collect points withtheir knowledge. The best duelists are listed in the High Scorelist. Those that want to see their names here will therefore needto know their stuff.The available question types include:- SingleChoice- Multiple Choice- True / False- Allocation- OrderEmployeescan check at any time how they are doing in their personalDashboard. Here they will see a precise list containing theirsuccesses, and they will also see which subjects they are doingwell in and where they need to catch up.ENTERPRISE VERSIONForbusiness clients we offer an enterprise version of Quiz Champ,which also includes a question editor. For more information pleaseuse the contact form on our website.LOGIN DATAYou can receive yourlogin data via the contact form on our website.DATA PRIVACY ANDDATA SECURITY- The Quiz Champ server is in Germany.- The server isclient-capable, i.e. individual customer data is clearly separatedfrom the data of other customers. We comply with the separationrule pursuant to §9 BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act).- Users canadjust the names, pictures and short descriptions of their profilesin order to make their data anonymous.- When the app is opened forthe first time, the user must accept the data privacy provisions inorder to use the app. These provisions can be adjusted in line withyour requirements and specifications.
T-Quiz App 3.8.0 APK
Know How! AG
Die T-Quiz App ist eine innerbetriebliche Weiterbildungsmaßnahmeder Deutschen Telekom AG. The T-Quiz App is an in-house continuingtraining of Deutsche Telekom AG.
QuizCampus 4.0.1 APK
Know How! AG
QuizCampus ist eine Corporate Learning App für Smartphones.Quizcampus is a corporate learning app for smartphones.
Quizzo 4.0.4 APK
Know How! AG
Quizzo ist eine Lern-App für Mitarbeiter und Freunde der NettoMarken-Discount AG & Co. KG. Quizzo is a learning app foremployees and friends of Netto Marken-Discount AG & Co. KG.
Grips&Co 4.0.2 APK
Know How! AG
Melde Dich jetzt kostenlos an und lege sofort los! Die Grips&CoQUIZ-App bereitet Dich gezielt mit spannenden Fragen in vielenKategorien auf die Waren- und Verkaufskunde vor. Wähle einfachDeine Wunschkategorie wie zum Beispiel Obst & Gemüse, Süßwaren,Alkoholfreie Getränke, etc. aus und trainiere für Dich oderduelliere Dich mit Kollegen, Freunden oder anderenMarktteilnehmern. So kannst Du spielerisch Dein Wissen erweiternund Dich gezielt auf den nächsten Grips&Co-Wettbewerbvorbereiten.You can sign up for free and start right awayimmediately! The Grips & Co QUIZ app prepares you specificallywith exciting questions in many categories on the sale of goods andcustomer ago. Just choose your desired category such as fruits& vegetables, confectionery, alcoholic beverages, etc., andtraining for you or during duels with colleagues, friends or othermarket participants. So you can playfully expand your knowledge andyou specifically prepare for the next & Grips co-competition.
Know Now Quiz 1.0.1 APK
Know How! AG
In der kostenlosen Know Now Quiz App beschäftigst Du dichaufspielerische Art und Weise mit aktuellen Themen,Produkten,Dienstleistungen und Lösungen rund um dieDigitalisierung. Inspannenden Duellen mit Gegnern aus selbstauszuwählendenCommunities kannst Du hier dein Wissen sowohl testen,als aucherweitern. Ob Du zunächst im Trainings-Center für dichtrainierenmöchtest oder direkt im Duell gegen andere Spielerantrittst – Duhast die Wahl! Zum Semesterstart werden regelmäßig(halbjährlich)alle Spielstände auf 0 gestellt – getreu dem Motto:Neues Semester,neues Glück! Somit erhaltet Ihr immer wieder dieChance, Euch imRanking auf die Top-Positionen zu quizzen. Werde zumSemester Champund sahne coole Preise ab! WIE GEHT’S? Melde dichdazu einfach miteiner gültigen E-Mail Adresse an. Darüber hinaushast Du auch dieMöglichkeit dich über deinen Facebook-, Google+,oderLinkedIn-Account zu registrieren. DEIN FEEDBACK Wir freuen unsüberBewertungen und Kommentare im App Store. Dein Feedback hilftunsdabei, die App zu verbessern. Viel Spaß & viel Erfolg mitKnownow Quiz! Deine Telekom In the free Know Now Quiz App,you'llplayfully engage with current topics, products, servicesandsolutions related to digitization. In exciting duels withopponentsfrom self-select communities, you can both test and expandyourknowledge here. Whether you want to train for yourself inthetraining center or compete against other players in a duel -thechoice is yours! At the start of the semester, all scores aresetto 0 (half-yearly) - true to the motto: new semester, newluck!Thus, you will always get the chance to quiz you in theranking onthe top positions. Become Champ for the semester and cooloff withcool prizes! HOW ARE YOU? Just log in with a valid emailaddress.In addition, you also have the opportunity to register viayourFacebook, Google+, or LinkedIn account.   YOUR FEEDBACKWewelcome reviews and comments in the App Store. Your feedbackhelpsus to improve the app.   Have fun & good luck withKnowNow Quiz! Your telecom
BVG Quiz App 1.0.1 APK
Know How! AG
Die BVG Quiz App ist eine Lern-App der Berliner Verkehrs BetriebeAöR. The BVG Quiz app is a learning app of the Berlin traffic AöR.