1.0 / June 19, 2017
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All kinds of spinners have already flooded the entire planet andbreak the fate of mankind.Protect the earth from the threat ofcapturing spinners.Control the spacecraft fighter and shoot at thespinners appearing on the enemy planet.Spinners are threatening theplanet, destroy them on approach to Earth as much as possible, killbosses, collect bonuses, develop a reaction by controlling thejoystick.Enemies will try to destroy your ship to get to ourplanet.Do not let them do it! *Management (multitouch): -Whentouching the left side of the screen joystick control. -At thetouch of the right side of the screen is firing from a spacefighter.

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Destroy spinner: SPACE DEFENCE

  • نام برنامه
    Destroy spinner: SPACE DEFENCE
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    June 19, 2017
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 4.0 and up
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contepede.kills.nataly 1.14 APK
Touch 👆 and drag to control the millipede , but be careful, youmust have a great timing! ⚔️ You can feel trouble game when enemyinsect going to eat on the table 🥪 ⚔️ After each battle you getcoins that can be spent in the skin editor. In the window of theskin edtior you can open rare skins with the support of powerfulsnakey snake weapons , as well as bonus enemies of beetles forwhich you get more extra coins. ⚔️ Skin editor work like cases inCS roulette. Try your luck in opening cases! This game is for youbecause: 🔷You like games like centipede classic arcade game 🔶Movinga centipede is the same as in insect io 🔷You like angry snakes, itssnake games for free 🔶These crazzy games like you, if you are notafraid of pokes and other scary and nasty insects
Anime Wallpaper HD Gallery 1.2 APK
In this app are collected images of japananimeand manga from various films and times. Image galleryincludes morethan 500 pictures.All images are stored on the server, so for optimal application,youneed a constant Internet connection.To set the image to the background of your device, click"SetWallpaper" in fullscreen viewing mode.New images are added regularly. Keep for updates.*If you are the copyright of a material present on the app anddonot want him to continue to be freely available, weready to assist in the removal of this material anddiscussconditions provision of content to users. To do this, youneed tosend an e-mail:daiwandr@gmail.com
Шурыгина: игра на донышке 1.3 APK
После всех передач и программ Диана Шурыгинарешила стать видеоблоггером. Помоги ей выбрать верный путь безалкоголя и приключений. Зеленые герои помогут тебе в наборе очков,красные с прикольными звуками будут мешать. Пробуй ставить рекорды,рассказывай друзьям, пусть тоже помогут Диане! Удачи!*Если вы являетесь правообладателем того или иного материала,находящегося в этом приложениии не желаете, чтобы он и далее находился в свободном доступе, томыготовы оказать содействие по удалению данного материала, а такжеобсудить условияпредоставления данного контента пользователям.Для этого вамнеобходимо отправить письмо на e-mail: daiwandr@gmail.comAfter all broadcasts andprograms Shurygina Diana decided to become videobloggerom. Help herchoose the right path without alcohol and adventure. Greencharacters will help you in a set of points, red with cool soundswill interfere. Try to set records, tell your friends, let themalso help Diana! Good luck!* If you are the copyright of a particular material in thisapp and do not want him to continue to be freely available,weready to assist in the removal of this material and to discussconditionsof this content polzovatelyam.Dlya this you need to send an e-mail:daiwandr@gmail.com
Puzzle: foot feet 1.4 APK
Puzzle game include images of perfect womensfoot. You must collect fetish pictures of blocks for the leastnumber of moves. Click Menu (tgree dots around "home" button) forchange image and switch complexity.
Game: Puzzle tatoo girls 1.1 APK
Collect a puzzle from photos of beautifulsexygirls. In the app, more than 30 high-quality photographsdepictgirls with tattoos, Arab girls, European women.You can choose3types of difficulty: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5. In the beginning you areshownthe original photo that you should remember, and then itdevelopsinto parts that are collected in the original photo byshifting onepiece at a time.*If you are the copyright of a material present on the app anddonot want him to continue to be freely available, weready to assist in the removal of this material anddiscussconditions provision of content to users. To do this, youneed tosend an e-mail:daiwandr@gmail.com
Guess the Сut Сelebrity 3.3.6z APK
Guess the celebrity cut off! Draw a puzzle from the parts of theperson's face in the mind and guess the celebrity! In thisfascinating game portraits of stars and famous people are depicted,which are cut to pieces. Guess by the eyes, emotions, hair andother parts Who is pictured in the photo. This free puzzle game issuitable for entertaining pastime.This fun logical word game isbuilt on the principle of the classic quiz game "Guessed - the nextlevel." If you get confused with guessing problems, then hints areavailable: ★ Remove unnecessary letters★ Open the letter★ Completelevel★ Ask friends through social networksIf you can not guess thecharacter from the first try, try to look at the photo fromdifferent angles or close your face with a finger. For moreconvenient game functions were added: ☆ Increased cost of rightanswer☆ Reduced cost of cards☆ Adapted for all sizes of displays ofAndroid phones and tablets☆ Word game is completely free☆ Pleasantdesign☆ Offline game☆ For earning game coins, use the sharing insocial networks
Air Hockey: Block bounce 1.3 APK
The classic version of the popular game of breaking bricks is onlyin a juicy color with unusual blocks and sounds.Try your reactionin this game! Invite a friend to fight 1 on 1! Install atournament!The enemy put colored pieces on the protection of spaceand the universe. Touch the puck to the air hockey to breakbarrier. ★The puck bounces off the walls and shapes, use iteffectively.★ Cut the blocks as possible to open up new fields ofspace hockey battle.★You have 3 lives and must not lose thepuck.★Avaliable 1vs1 mode.Write down their suggestions for thegame, and we will take them into account and make the newversions.Nice day!
Shift Color of the balls 1.2 APK
Shift color of the bubbles is a runner,whereyou have to hold out as long as possible against the ballsofdifferent colors and patterns, moving you to a meeting on thesameline.On the way it will appear as a bonus in the form of balls ofcolorshift and increase the speed and negative beads in the formofbombs. Your task is to collect ballsthe same color as you jump and different color balls. If you'rered,you have to collect the red balls, if you blue you get pointsforcollecting blue balls.In a collision with a ball of a different color, you lose onelife.When collecting five balls of the same color in a row, you getonelife. The more points you have thewith greater speed and balls moving platform to meet you. Inorderthat the ball bounced - click on the screen when you touch theballagain drops sharply to the platform.This control gives you deftly maneuver between obstaclesandbonuses.Good luck!Wishes, suggestions and error information send this e-mailaddress:simnatalia91@gmail.com