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4Shoppers Mystery Shopper 5.7.5
4Service company offers to try yourself in the role ofMysteryShopper and install the free 4Shoppers mobile application.We haveover 100,000 daily updated assignments in 52 countries.Thanks toour application, you can earn money while traveling,playingsports, visiting restaurants and shops, and even combiningit withyour regular job! We have been working since 2001 - we arethecompany you can trust! This works simply: - choose a task thatisconvenient to complete along the way, - receive confirmation froma4Service employee, - study the instruction and prepare forthevisit, - get to the place of inspection, - make a check, - filloutthe questionnaire in the 4Shoppers application and send it tous(the application has an offline mode, the questionnaire canbefilled out without the Internet), - get a reward for thevisitafter checking the questionnaire by a 4Service employee andtheclient. And what's the main - improve the service in your citywith4Service. Start with yourself right now! Join 4Service todayandbecome part of a large team of Mystery Shoppers. Let's maketheservice the best in the world in general and in your cityinparticular! BE IN TOUCH If you have questions orsuggestions,please write to us at4shoppers_support@4service-group.com