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Word Search 4.0.1
99 Studio
Word Search puzzle game by BrilliantInnovators is perfect forentertainment and train your mind with logical thinking. The gameis appropriate for all age groups like adults and children witheasy medium and high difficulty levels. Do you like logical games?then this game is specially for you.★★★Word search has three levelsof difficulty★★★ - Easy Level - Medium Level - Hard Level★★★Searchthe Words with Easy Level Features★★★In Easy Level you have tosearch and match three words in one minute. If you match the wordsright on the time you get one point on each puzzle solve. If youare unable to search word then the game ends and displays yourscore and best score on the board.★★★Find Words in Medium LevelFeatures★★★If you choose medium level then you have to search 4 orfive word puzzle. You got one minute of time to solve the wordpuzzle. Each word search match earns 1 point on your score board.If you are unable to solve the word search then it will displayyour current score and top score on the leader board.★★★Explorewords in Hard Level Features★★★Selecting hard level might challengeyour mind skills because it enables with some long word to search.You got a minute to find the word shown on the top. Match the wordpuzzle and earn 1 point on each correct word match. Aftercompleting find your high score and top leader board score.★★★Howto Play Word Search Game?★★★Ultimate word search game play is verysimple and user friendly, the word which you have to search isdisplayed on top and you have to slide the words puzzle invertical,horizontal and cross position to match correct words.Slidethe puzzle with your finger in correct direction to find theaccurate words. If you slide the correct word it will be markedwith a new color and you'll see the next word to search. If you areunable to find the word you can skip the word by pressing red playbutton at the bottom of game, this will display new word tosearch.Words are generated at random frequency; you can expect anykind of word to search.\"free word search\"★Check Your SCORE onLeader BoardOne Minute Challenge GameThe game offers one minutechallenge to solve the words puzzle. Your time will start and youhave to get find and match the words in this time interval.★Earnscore with best of your skills and check your score on leaderboard. Word Search Slide Puzzle is completely free game that can bedownloaded and played without any restrictions. If you like ourgames give you positive feedback in the review section with fivestars★★★★★.Merry Christmas from the 99studio.
Orbit Jump - Switch up Circle 1.2
99 Studio
Happy Halloween 2016 to All the Member Aroud the World EnjoyHalloween 2016.Orbit jump is top addictive circle escape switchinggame for he brain teasers.Jump up with precise accuracy to makeimpossible bounce at right time.Switch to the next orbit whileremoving the obstacles on your way to the next orbit.The orbitspins with frequent speed to keep you challenged with itsdifficulty level.Orbit Jump tests your mind skills with accuracyand precision while moving up at the right time.You will find italmost impossible to jump to the next orbit as the game proceeds,sokeep ready to play the most challenging game.Move up and gainpoints to get top level on the leader-board with other topplayers.Orbit Jump Key Features*Leader-board to keep track yourranking with top level players.*Share Orbit Jump on social Medialike Facebook to keep interacted with your friends.*Adjust Soundsetting before playing orbit jump.*Get in-app features to removethe ads and play smoothly.How to Play Orbit Jump*After installingOrbit Jump start playing by pressing play button at the menuscreen.*Tap to jump when the circle opens. Wait until you find theright place to jump up to the orbit.*Tap fast to earn more pointsand get top position on leader board.*Switch sound of and onaccording to your choice.*Find Leader Board Position while tappingon Leader Board icon.*Share on Social Media by pressing sharebutton.Orbit Jump is the great addition by the makers ofbrilliantinnovators which keeps you entertained with their bestaddictive games. Your Feedback is valuable to us, review positivefeedback so we can make better games to keep you entertained.
Save The Birds - Bounce Balls 1.4
99 Studio
Happy Halloween 2016 to All the Member Aroud the World EnjoyHalloween 2016.Save The Birds - Bounce Balls is the most addictivearcade game you will love to play on smartphones. This is one ofthe best free games which are free and exciting to play.It is oneof the best physics based game with exciting themes andenvironment.The ball bounces and land on the tray and you have tosave the birds by placing the tray on the right direction.Withmultiple themes option to suite your mood and environment, you willlove saving the birds from the bouncing balls by swapping your trayaround the corners of the screen. Save the birds include beautifulanimations and bird’s graphics that not only you would love toplay, but also your kids and children will find it evenlyattractive. Randomly increasing number of bouncing balls will makeyour gameplay even more exciting and you will find yourselfspending the entire day trying to save those cute little birds ofthe bounces.How to Play Save The Birds - Bounce Balls *Tap on playbutton to start the game.*Tap left or right corner to move the trayaccording to the game scenario.*Don't let the ball pass thetray.*Bounce the ball on tray to save the birds.Save The Birds -Bounce Balls Top FeaturesSINGLE BIRD MODE:In single bird mode, youwill be challenged to ensure safety of each and every bird in yournest, which will make the game even more enjoyable andaddictive.ALL BIRD MODE:In the all birds mode, you will have tosave at least one bird from your nest in order to keep going up inthe game. This mode is comparatively easier and is recommended forchildren and kids. So there is nothing to wait for, simply downloadthis free arcade physics based game and make the most of yoursmartphone gaming experience.Please feel free to send us yourfeedback. Your feedback is important to us. Kindly rate us good.Your good rating keeps us going!
Drop Your Soldiers 1.4
99 Studio
Happy Halloween 2016 to All the Member Aroud the World EnjoyHalloween 2016.Drop Your Soldiers is top free android game of 2016which will give you an exciting environment to drop the soldierssafely from parachute.Tap the buttons to easily drop the soldier onthe truck from parachute to safely land on truck. While landing thesoldiers, you would also have to take care of saving the commando’slife coming down by the parachutes by not letting them touch theboundaries of the screen. On your voyage towards the earth, youalso have to collect grenades and other ammunition's approaching inyour way which will let you unlock special themes and improved gameplay.How to Play Drop Your Soldiers Game*Tap Play button to startthe Game*Tap on the soldier to move left or right for safelanding.*Drop the soldier on the truck safely to move to the nextlevel.The whole gameplay is very interesting and enjoyable so justdownload this top free android game 2016 and take theresponsibility of landing the commandos from parachute on thetrucks.Please feel free to send us your feedback. Your feedback isimportant to us. Kindly rate us good. Your good rating keeps usgoing!