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Control Ganadero 44.0.1
WHAT'S NEW New app version which is used by thousands ofpropertiesin order to optimize the integral management of cattlefarming.Control Ganadero presents a wide solution, which improvesthecontrol and report of your properties, from a smartphone.Afterfive years of experience, again an international groupofconsultants, vets, engineers and livestock producers have updatedatool that allows the user to store the resume of each animaltospeed up its administration, synchronizing web,cloudandsmartphone. Control Ganadero App allows you to take amoreprofessional approach on your farm or farms with thefollowingfeatures: - Centralize the information of every animal ona singleplatform - Meat or milk production and sales monitoring. -Reminderof purchases and tasks to be done through an alert system:weightrecords, disinfect stables, change bandages... - Distributerolesamong users: manager, employee and vet. - Integrates acalendar:visits, sales, fairs... - Generate reports and graphs.