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Jurassic Dinosaur: Wild Hunter 1.0.0
***Welcome to 3D Jurassic Adventure and WildHunting***Aim and Shoot for hunt or be hunted! wild dinosaur hunter uniquegame-play simulator. Lets hunt the biggest and most dangerous wildanimals in the world. Use powerful guns like long range sniperrifle with Powerful Zoom Scope. Ice Age 3D Jurassic wild world inrealistic first person shooter (fps) and perfect simulator inhigh-definition graphics quality. Hunt or be hunted! Challenge forsniper shooters and expert wild dinosaur hunters in Jurassicisland. Kill the most ferocious animals in history. EncounterJurassic beasts Simulator.Go go go! with powerful deadly weapons to save the worldJurassic dino park Island and dragon city, horrible adventure inmountain jungle island. 3D Ultimate Dino hunter killer shoot withlong range sniper in deep dense forest beside the mountains.Outstanding 3D shooting game is for teen girls and boys, youngadults and hunting adventure game lovers especially wildhunters.Dinosaurs were largest animal of the world, T-REX (TyrannosaurusRex), Rex Dinosaur was very hunger killer. Tyrannosaurus Rex withhunger attacking on hunter so it's not easy to walking withdinosaurs in wild world. Verity of unique dinosaurs! Monster Dino,Carnivores, Spinosaurus, Attacking Dino Dragon, Flying Dragon Sim,Saurischia, Brontosaurus, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus andAllosaurus.Race in ferocious jungle in search of preys! Show the wildernessand anger in the jungle! Rage off at the jungle and complete deadlyanimal killing quests! Hunt to be Legends around the world. Inorder to adventure discover amazing species and kill them to winbattle arena of dinosaurs.Deadly Weapons1- Multiple and real world weapons and upgrades with dozens ofbullets. Progress through varied shooter series to win rifles,shotguns and assault rifles. Make your kills and complete them allfor even greater rewards!GAME FEATURES:* Huge 3D world with real Jurassic safari park stunningenvironment* Console quality 3D HD graphics - AppSpy* 3D Dinosaur Simulator to jungle park adventure for experts withlong range sniper shooter sim* Choose among different weapon types with best sniper shootingexperience in Jurassic environment - Wildfires* Hunting accessories for smart hunting - 148APPS* Interactive Dinosaur War Adventure - Gamezebo* T-Rex Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator Super Features - uniquehunting accessories* Supported on devices with OS 2.3 and up - the hunger games* Ice Age real Jurassic game-play.* Realistic first person shooting game.* 3D game play and interactive sound effects.* With modern sniper shooting gun.* Unlimited bullet tracking action.DOWNLOAD NOW..!!Play Dino War Game; download now for free at Google Play Store. Getfree app become super adventure shooting hero and complete yourJurassic mission by eliminate deadly animals.
Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter 1.1.0
Most thrilling adventure in desert jungle andmountain with long range advanced weapons. Download now for freedeer hunting in jungle adventure for 2015 and 2016. Challengingsniper shooter for hunt at mountain forest. Addictive adventurewith aim to shoot for the hunt deer. Marvelous game-play animalshooting simulator.One of the best first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d adventuregames. 3D Ultimate deer hunter action getting killer shoot withlong range sniper in deep dense forest beside the mountains.Outstanding action shooting game is for teen girls and boys, youngadults and hunting adventure game lovers especially wild dear andstag hunters.Deer Hunter 2015 is a free to play FPS hunting simulator 3D Game.Deer Hunter 20142016 is coming near with Christmas & New Year that is mostexciting moments in New Year Night 2016.COLLECT REWARDCompare animals hunting with Google Play achievements andleaderboards!Now open season join the hunt today! for free year of 2015 and2016.Developed for FPS game fans, Challenge Hunting Simulators and theDeer Hunter 2015.Hunter has couple of dogs Rottweiler and German shepherd, dog isvery lovely and faithful animal. He got them form army puppies shopin early 2014, now both are adult trained dogs that help in findprey in jungle, desert and mountain effectively.Deer Hunter challenge Game Features:♦ Realistic 3D graphics and cool animations with multiple charminghunting ground environment.♦ Aim to soot for the kill wild deer and stag effective with sniperrifle - gun shop♦ Delightful sound effects and smooth game controls - guncontrol♦ Sharp shooting and challenging hunting levels according expertshooter - ultimate Sniper.♦ Intensive artificial intelligence AI. #BuyPens♦ Addictive game play with Powerful sniper shooting Weapon -GunShop♦ Perfect first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d adventuregames.♦ Wild world animal adventure - Reloaded - Bullet for Kill.♦ Auto reloaded weapon for next Shoot.How to hunt:♥ This is offline game not require internet connection you can playwhile internet access or not.♥ It is single player and first person shooter (FPS) 3D game.♥ Deer Hunting 3D Game 2015. Hunt prey in Desert and forest besidemountain view. Use Sniper 3D gun zoom to shoot to get minionpower.♥ Head Shoot to beast to get more points - GunControl♥ Zoom sniper gun to close view and easy to target running andwalking deer.♥ Complete number of target shoot including compulsory head shootwith in limited time.♥ Cool Desert View to Pass a day by Hunting Deer in natural day -9APPS♥ Aim to target killer head shots accurately to death quickly -Gamezebo♥ Tap fire button to get the foe down - Modojo♥ Use sniper zoom in/out button to get the hard target close -Kotaku♥ Shoot to target down very quickly to achieve successfulcompletion - Arcade Sushi♥ Keep eyes on radar to find real time animal positions -148appsDOWNLOAD NOWPlay right now download for free at Google Play Store, don’t forgetto rate and review us. Welcome for your suggestions and feedback toimprove the game.
Commando Mission Arms: WW2 1.2.0
***Complete Story Missions Jail Escape to ArmyBase******Story Based Missions of a Commando Soldier Captured in World WARII by Enemy Army and Prison in Jail***Fight as brave soldiers in battlegrounds of World War 2 experiencea dramatic and stunning battle, life-story single-player,death-dealing journey in the Day and Night.Commando had on duty as Frontline Commando at war time of WW2:D-Day. Naval warfare WARSHIP on special mission in the battlefield!Sudden attack by air fighter and submarine destroy warship mostcommando dead other were wounded and captured to prison.***COMPLETE DANGEROUS MISSIONS AGAINST DEATHMATCH ***> JAIL BRAKE, PRISON ESCAPE:Kill the Guard snatch his gun to shoot all enemy soldierbrutally.> Access the Underground Tunnel:Find the tunnel in surrounding for reach the sea shore. But becareful from enemy shooters and army dog attack.> Deathmatch Maze Fight:There is complex tunnel system exist from World War 2, one openingend at sea shore go quickly and kill the killer on your way.> Gunship Helicopter Ambush.Army Choppers are loaded heavy ammunition and gunner fighters, Getthem down by light weapons using hundred bullets.> Reach to Ship: GoGoGo for ship> Island Battlefield:Heavy Military reach against you by helicopters and battleship,Shoot all and get battleship to complete escape.> Shipyard war zone:Surprise battle at ship yard:Game feature:√ 3D Realistic and Impactful Environment - WWII√ Unique and Addictive GamePlay with Modern Battle A.I.√ Thrilling surprise attacking Combat. World War Z√ Action Full Game with FPS (First Person Shooting) Game.√ Missions based on real WWII naval commando battles."Commando Mission Arms -WW2" is suitable for fans of strategygames, action games, adventure games, modern warfare games, gunshipgames, submarine games and First Person Shooter games.DOWNLOAD NOWPlay right now download for free at Google Play Store, don’t forgetto rate and review us. Welcome for your suggestions and feedback toimprove the game.
Navy Gunship Air Combat - Sea 1.0.0
Navy Gunship Air Combat isrevolutionary defense & attack plan of ship in deep see. Theworld's most powerful combat helicopter with efficient weapons isat your fingertips. You are not contract killer and this is notmonster strike. It's a real gunship battle, aircombat to eliminate enemy soldiers on ships in the oceanfrom your Heli. Fighter enemy soldiers have navy carrierillegal in our sea boundary. Maritime boundary is important,it's our glory. Terrorist squad attacks on Battleship andusing against our army.Missions inspired by the real-life conflicts, modern wars andclashes. Take the battle on dangerous sea waves and become the bestSea Battle player. Realistic enemy forces attacks withNavy Carrier, Vessels, Gunship and enemyarmed ships and boats. Terrorist gunners equipped with weaponsand armory. They carried heavy automatic guns, AK 47, mp 5 gun, smg(Submachine gun). Foe attacks and challenge our Navy Seals.Our commando seals are ready for every commando war, seabattle, ultimate air combat and a gunship battle.Your sole duty is destroy your enemy's forces. You have a widearsenal. Navy Gunship Air Combat is not board game thateverybody loves since childhood. Choose the weapon and try to beatfoe force. It’s exacting to find out, who is the threatening at SeaBattle.YOUR MISSIONGo check the ship existence near island.Eliminate all the resistance by enemies.Time is short, low fuel and gunner at high hit risk, Go make astrategy and eliminate the resistance.Your mission code is Blue Sea.Good Luck NAVY SEALS!!POINTS FOR VICTORIES:You have limited fuel tank in weapon equipped helicopterEarn coins or heli oil when kill an enemyFire on coin or fuel tank to get awardedReward coins or heli oil will show for limited timeGame features:War StrategyUnbelievably real ambush sceneEfficient weapon controls & movementShooting gameAir battleNaval warshipsAction playersExcellent real look 3D environmentFabulous sound effectsTop Action Games 2016Smooth flying and best FPS game playOptimized for tablet and latest android devicesHow to Play:Drag the screen anywhere to rotate your gun left, right, up ordownTab Fire button to fire, press and hold fire button to continuallyfireUse zoom button for telescope and more clear view to ambushterroristModern weapon will automatically reloadYou have challenging limited number of gun bulletsNavy Gunship Air Combat is helicopter adventure mission againstBattleship of terrorist. Engage enemy in combat mission with heavyfiring by your heavy automatic weapons. Blow up their battleshipnavy carrier. Fighter and army helicopter war adventure is not filmepisode, engage continuous enemy strikes.Enjoy this amazing 3D navy war simulation game "Navy Gunship AirCombat" and please don't forget to leave comments about this freewar game! Your comments are so valuable for us!For any questions and issues please contact us via e-mail.Greatest Regards!"ActionGmaesStudio 3D Android"
Up Hill Climb: Hill Racing 1.0.5
The best Hill Climbing and Car Racingadventure simulation choice for you. Hill Climb 3D has justredefined racing and hill climbing games. All you have to do is toclimb uphill at the peak of mountain and complete yourchallenges.Mountain climbing adventure race level is waiting for you.Challenging hill land and race in the 4x4 turbo diesel engine. Becareful while climbing up not to fall down at the cliff. Greatmountain climbing experience at high above hill and difficultmountains.GoGoGo hurry up hill climb 3D racing under your fingertips that'swaiting for you to climb the mountain. HD Land and land 4x4 drivingpleasure with real physics!The most addictive physics based car racing game is here! Controlyour car to climb mountain hills with most challenging realisticcontrol to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhillenvironments. Auto unlock lots of different cars by complete levelswith unique upgrades like engine acceleration, tire break, andspeed etc, numerous scenes with levels to reach in each.Let us join this mad uphill racing hill climb game now forfree!How to Play? Game Play- Tilt to steer, Just use accelerometer to turn control.- Touch pedal buttons to accelerate right of the screen, desialengine can be activate to shout.- Touch left side of the screen to brake or reverse to the hillclimbing vehicle.- Auto shift back and forth by left pedal while race.Features:- Endless mountain road with death traffic racing carssimulator;- Realistic auto car physics;- Beautiful & great 3D graphics and smooth physicssimulation- Smooth game play & easy controller- Realistic hill climb driving experience- Different realistic environment Levels- Realistic car truck physics- Tablet support and FULL HD support- FULL HD graphics with high quality- Awesome music sound effects- Different level scenarios.- Excellent lots of cars.- Great 3d physics.- Lots of hill climbing fun!- Amazing 3D graphics- Physics-based racing game- Both technical and very fast stages- Intuitive steering (with accelerometer)-Realistic car handling-Real turbo sound of engines.
Helicopter Gunner Strike WAR 2 1.0
You are the best warrior of army; it isgivenmission to destroy enemy's forces in using gunship helicopterwithgreat full automatic guns. You have control of guns to strikefromair. Enemy is really equipped with deadly weapons. There isafierce fight waiting for you. You will be awarded for yoursuccessin the Gunner's Battlefield if you destroy enemy forcesandrecovers islands. With awards you may buy guns more effectiveinair strike. So you can defend yourself and your country asgunner.The set of multiple intense combating action levels willtakeplayers through the iconic deserts of island battlefields, withanimmersive and high octane air to land shooting exchange, astheelite gunner force attempts to track and destroy you.Are you ready for the dangerous Aerial Warfare? A deadlyairattack is approaching you and the Enemy has launched akillerattack on the front line military chopper. It’s time to braceyouand get ready for most brutal air fight with ferociousopponentgunships. Dangerous air attack is approaching you.The super military commandos are airborne in a gunshipmilitaryaircraft; it is your mission to defend the Land on battlefield. Inthis action packed battle you will have to shoot down allthe wartargets.Your advantage is that enemy commando fleet doesn't knowquitewell, which would delay their ambush tactics, so you would getachance to respond to their onslaught blitz. So get hold ofyourammo and destroy their assigned ambush, and bring glory toyourstate. Don't let any of the enemy’s soldier in your islandbase, totake the remnant of the war as they are trying to come toyour basethrough parachutes, to get hold of any of the importantmaterial.You know that the enemy is expert in guerrilla war andthey ambushplaces in no time in their mission. You have the choiceof usingmodern aircraft gun or G3 or even Uzi, but use them wiselywithlimited.How to Play:- Touch and drag the screen to move/rotate gun left, right, upordown- Tab Fire button to shoot, press hold button to burst fire.- Head shoot will kill enemy soldiers on first spot.- The weapons will reload it and you have limited number ofbulletsso use your ammo carefully.- Don’t need to control the helicopter its auto pilot controlaroundstrike field.Features:- FPS (First Person Shooter) Game- AK - 47 with telescope long rang gun shoot- Multi Barrel Machine M - 134- Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)- Excellent real look 3D environment- Rocket Launcher RPG Rocket- Efficient weapon game plays control- See fleet top view from helicopter- Easy GUI and controls
Sniper Traffic Hunter :Shooter 1.0.0
Sniper Traffic Hunter requiresthesniper who have sniper shooting skills in mountain area.Weneed sniper shooter to destroy cars that aretransferringexplosive material. Mission destiny is off roaddesolate mountains.We choose desolate hills for this commandoadventure shootingmission because it will easy to safe civiliansfrom explosive careffects. In highway traffic shooting there arechances of bigtraffic accident and civilians life wastage. Ambushfor enemy carson off road mountain road.A man with good sniper shooting skills couldhuntexplosive cars, there is no rush of traffic like a highwayroad.It's desolate road on mountain areas. You are not roadtraffichunter, you are shooter of terrorist cars and saver ofcivilians.We are not testing your sniper shooting skills it's areal"Mountain Sniper Shooting Mission" to save civilians from aimofterrorist plain.Features:• Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) game• Aim to shoot enemy cars• Modern sniper rifle• Challenging multiple missions• Zoom sniper shoot accurately• Variety of enemy cars to destroy• Mountain commando adventure shooting• Amazing sound effectsHow to play:Aim your sniper gun by touch & drag the screen to takedowntarget cars on mountain road. You have limited time to shootandbring them down.Sniper Traffic Hunter is free 3d game availableforandroid mobiles. Please! download free game and enjoy yourtime.Please! comment what you need in this action game.
Duty to Stop Terrorist Attack 1.0.0
Duty to Stop Terrorist Attack isfrontline one man army game against most wantedterrorist.Terrorist strike on civilians, as a frontlinecommando your duty isto rescue all the hostages. You must becareful and shoot out allterrorists before they kill you. Play asbrave shooter againstTerrorist Attack. you are going to swatand kill.You have choice of ammunition to use in battlefield. Useadvancedweapons to destroy terrorists. It was sudden attack andour backuptroops with heavy weapons and gunship are in the way.Hold and killthe enemy untill backup army reached at warground.Features:Semi automatic weapons (M4 gun, G3 rifle, Ak-47).Challenging missions.Shoot all enemy to lead next mission.Hide during cross fire.Real fight against enemy army.Realistic terrorist shooting FPS game.How to fight:Drag screen to rotate gun.Aim and shoot by fire button.Eliminate Terror Strike Forces.Be careful terrorists are transferring there troopsbyhelicopter. We trust you should hold and kill terroristasfrontline commando, untill our backup army reached toeliminateterror strike force.Enjoy Duty to Stop Terrorist AttackDownload and enjoy more free frontline commandogames: Free from Google Playstore:
Army Sniper Shooting Games :AS 1.0.0
Army Sniper Shooting Game is not justaregular sniper shooting game, you will learn how to usedifferentadvanced weapons. This is a first person shooting (FPS)game forentertainment as well as simulate real war againstterrorists. Youare unsung army sniper shooter in battelfield.Game have realistic view of enemy cantt. It is secret missiontodemolish enemy cantt area. Use M4 shotgun, G3 rifle andAK-47Shotguns. You will assign different task during game.How to play:Drag screen to rotate gunUse fire button to shootout enemyGame Features:Long and short range guns.Real simulateion of oneman army missions.Differen missions in army cant.Download and play more army sniper shooting gamesforfree: ArmyGames:
Death Clash War Zone Mission 1.0.0
It's a time of death clash at war zonemission,pilot...! Are you ready for drop commandos in brutal enemyterritoryfor surprise attacks to destroy the army units in citycounter war?Real war adventure mission ready so get ready fordeadly action,what you are looking for....!Complete missions with climate of thrill and passion todefeatthe terrorist, pick your gun to ambush enemies, kill themtosurvive and make powerful your country and nation. It is timeofChristmas and New Year night 2016 celebration so ISIS hasoccupiedcity and military compounds and has the mission to occupyondifferent cities of your country. Enemies are highly trainedandfully equipped. You are universal commando soldier to dealwithbloody war so show your special seal commando action skills tosavethe country. You are part of elite team so just do or die.Beingthe part of front line commando force you have to play a greatroleto survive your country so defeat them with yourcommandoskills.Download now for free at Android Google Play Store and enjoyrealwar action adventure, free android game.Equip yourself with most modern 3D latest sniper, AK-47, G-3andMP5 weapons and Stinger anti helicopter. Sniper 3D is the bestgunfor shooting of 2016 where New Year night and Christmas hasunderattack threats. Play in three different battle 3d region and32most addictive battlefield 3d levels. You have to dead shottheassassin army war soldiers. Death clash mission containsrealistic3D graphics and real battlefield sound effects. We workedhard tomake real 3d environment and controls to give you real warmissionexperience.This could be your lucky day to make the battle results changeindeath clash zone, so keep gun shooting to destroy all enemyunitsfor war mission. Let’s go, helicopter is ready to drop youoverterrorist units. So be ready for deadly battlefield action tosavecivilian in NYC and all around the world. It needs passionateandcrazy attacks to get success over the bloodiest terrorist.Becareful ISIS has bio chemical weapons too they can use to attackinthis Christmas and New Year night of 2016.City SWAT Team is failed to stop the terrorist militarywarriors,enemy killing of civilians advancing to attack in centerof the citystreets. They alliance with underworld criminals too.It is topemergency curfew declared in five mile radius of thecity. Thereneed US Rangers and special seals team with heavyammunition andlong rang transmutes for battle communication. Ifyou need moreweapons you can go at gun shop. Gun shoot should bemost efficientfor success of the war exercise for betterexperience. The only wayto blow them out use best guns forfighting while backup on theirway.Gun Shop to access modern weapon and war technicals:You are expected to succeed at all costs. Wish you good luckandstay safe.How to Play:1- Touch the screen for look anywhere left, right, up ordown.2- Tap Fire button to fire bullets.4- For enemies at far distance, use the telescope forsnipershoot.5- Find enemies quickly to kill before they kill you.6- Care about your health by change your position quickly bychangelocation button.Features:1- Excellent fort city 3D environment2- Fabulous sound effects3- Easy GUI and controls4- First person shooting
Drag Car 4X4 Race 3D 2016 1.0.0
Drag Car 4X4 Race 3D 2016 is a veryexcitingracing simulator for teen girls and boys, young adults andrideaction game lovers. Challenging time to complete a track, run acarwith your best driving skill. Go Go Go climb up with more speedandto win.The road track has excellent look beside the beach and sandydeserthills covered with palms. Track ups and downs give moreexcitementwhile driving 4X4 car on challenging race. Time is tooshort butyou have default turbo engines for compete the previousrecords.The roar of the car engines and gleam of the wheels, thethrill of3D race are really great...!Desert highway track has very dangerous turns so keep yourspeedless fast while dragging circle by torque force. Facethechallenges and complete race with your rough road driving skill.Dothe crazy drive on circuitous tracks roads with superbstunningcar! Enjoy for free. Best of luckREAL CARS SEMULATORGame Features:• Realistic 3D Graphics and sound effects• Breathtaking visuals and amazing track for carracechallenge• The more you drive at high speed the more chance to win.• Do not forget to use brake to avoid accidents.• Real desert adventure racing and challenging.How to Play:Tilt to control steerTouch right button to runTouch left button to reverse backDOWNLOAD NOWDownload free game from Google Play! This game is free to play.
City SWAT Commando Strike 1.0.0
Anti Terrorist Counter Strike shooting warwithdestructive exhilarating weapons.You are part of SWAT TEAM Commando Unit Counter terrorist isyourduty. Anti terrorist SWAT Police have intelligence reportaboutunderworld criminals violate in the city? There aremultipleterrorist forces doing work like Mafia X, Under World 2 andTargetKillers has netted the whole city. They spread anarchy bydrugs,violence, serial killing, target killing and drugs. So it's aquickmission to recover the city area, rescue innocent people.World has been under ISIS terrorists attack. Call ofcountrywhere you are a SWAT Commando & city sniper army.Dangerousassault mission assigned to blast away the ISIS gangterroristsusing anti-terrorist bloody war guns, explosives,undercoveragents, sharp shooters, marines and specialized militarysnipergunners at the enemy’s frontier. In every mission you stepforhomeland, kill all enemy soldiers; destroy their infrastructureandclear militants. The mission assigned to assassin allcommandos.The target is about to impossible mission but not foraprofessional SWAT City Commando. Keep out world at war armsasWorld War II.It's ending the ending the year 2015 time of Christmas andcomingnew year night 2016, ISIS enemy can attack like Parisattacks,eliminate Abdelhamid Abaaoud dead, do the safe celebrationofChristmas and new year night to get start 2016 with joy.ISISgunners occupy all around weaponry, heavy war tacticsandbattlefield equipment they using modern combat tactical in cityandmake the people hostages in hotels. Being brave SWATsoldiersdestroy all enemy tanks, gunship heli, killing gunners andsnipersat top of buildings.Terminate high value targets first like as counter terroristforcelaw enforcement agency.Helicopter also hijacked by terrorists they are doinggunshipstrike, killing our troops in deadly airstrike on city so dotheaircraft down with RPG quickly.Military unit on their way for backup so keep the enemyengagemeanwhile they reach there. Lead the different missions as aneliteswat team member.Critical Missions: SWAT Strike is fast paced FPSgamingexperience on your Android devices. Enjoy the smoothandcustomization controls and play first-person shooter againstcityarea.HIGH POWER WEAPONS:SPECIAL WEAPONS AND TACTICSPowerful gun pull the trigger to shoot down thedeadlykillers.AK-47 with multi mags and ammo.Heli Gun M134 caliber six barrel most powerful combat weapon.Anti Tank RPG Rocket-propelled grenade3D COMBAT FEATURE:Realistic S.W.A.T. battle simulator - WW2Modern weapons like assault rifles and sniper guns.Deadly bullets effects with head-shot to kill fast.High Definition 3D graphics - World War 2FPS (First Person Shooter) 3D Game - IGI 2Cool and Excellent real look 3D environmentSmooth game control and sound effectsHigh powerful weaponsExciting game sound effectImpressive graphics and Multiple MissionsThanksgiving Gingerbread support.Download City SWAT Commando Strike simulator game for freeatGoogle Play Store to combat action.
First Line Commando Adventure 1.0
FirstLine Commando Adventureisadventure game. It's call of city regain duty. Cityiscaptured by mercenary soldiers. Southern border is of countryismostly used for smegling. Enemy have a well stabled army withheavyweapons and helicopters. Due to large border area it'sdifficultfor Police or Army to handle smegling. Enemy soldiers aretrying toenter in village to kidnap childrens. After kidnap theytrained thechildren and use them for crimes and smegling purposes.Our forces are fighting in border to push back terrorist.Afterthis mission Government should plan to completely destroyenemyresidency and sources of income.Your soul duty is to resist and kill enemy soldiers to enterincity. Due to large area of war you should alone to protectcity.Fight in front line to save citizens. You have semiautomaticlatest weapons to fight.Your success is victory of innocent citizens and children.Don'tunder estimate your opponent. Be Careful and fight asrealfrontline commando.Complete missions and earn points to purpose more stableanddangerous guns. Head shots will give you highest points.Available Guns or sources of War Adventure:-G3, MP5, Ak-47 and your expertises of battlefield.Download and install FirstLine Commando AdventureformGoogle Play Store for Free in category of"commandogames".Download and enjoy more commando adventure games :-