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Car game for toddlers: kids cars racing games 2.6.0
Which kid doesn’t love cool cars? Especially, when he can createunique cars for the race, drive faster than lightning, and crossobstacles on the road! With this exciting app children can enjoybeeping, accelerating and jumping on trampolines as they ride ondifferent vehicles. For some added fun, the game also includesinteractive objects on the way for kids to click. Set off on anexciting journey with a new friend - racer Raccoon! Features of theapp: ★ Choose from different high-speed cars ★ Paint or improveyour cars in a garage ★ Paste bright and funny car stickers ★Travel to different locations ★ Enjoy this easy and fun-to-playgame ★ Delight yourself with the funny cartoon graphics ★ Listen tothe stunning sound effects and music ★ Play without internet Thisentertaining game is suitable for kids aged 1 year and above. Letyour children learn to be creative, attentive and determined, asthey play this game! There are many different activities designedto capture toddlers’ attention as they travel around in fancy cars:- Add improvements like turbo boosters, flashers, sirens, balloonsand other accessories - Paint the car in different attractivecolors - Draw with brushes or use paint cans - it’s our choice! -Wash your car with a sponge in a garage - Choose wheels for yourvehicle - small, large, or unusual ones - Decorate the car withstickers and superhero badges Have loads of fun with amazingvehicles! CLASSIC - Retro car, Pickup, Ice cream truck and othersMODERN - Police car, Jeep, Ambulance and more FUTURISTIC - Lunarrover, Flying saucer, Concept car and others FANTASY - Monstertruck, Superhero machines, Dinosaur and more CONSTRUCTION -Excavator, Tractor, Concrete mixer truck and others Thisadventurous car game is simple, exciting, and educative! That’sexactly what kids need! We value your feedback. Did you enjoy thisgame? Write to us about your experience. If you have any questionsor suggestions, please contact us at 2.1.0
New cars, stickers, wheels and other improvements! Now it is muchfunnier to create unique cars for the race, drive faster thanlightning, and cross obstacles on the road! With this exciting appchildren can enjoy beeping, accelerating and jumping on trampolinesas they ride on different vehicles. For some added fun, the gamealso includes interactive objects on the way for kids to click. Setoff on an exciting journey with your friend - racer Raccoon!Features of the app: ★ Travel to 6 new different locations ★ Choosefrom different high-speed cars ★ Paint or improve your cars in agarage ★ Paste bright and funny car stickers ★ Enjoy this easy andfun-to-play game ★ Listen to the stunning sound effects and music ★Delight yourself with the funny cartoon graphics ★ Play withoutinternet This entertaining game is suitable for kids aged 1 yearand above. Let your children learn to be creative, attentive anddetermined, as they play this game! There are many differentactivities designed to capture toddlers’ attention as they travelaround in fancy cars: ✓Add improvements like turbo boosters,flashers, sirens, balloons and other accessories ✓Paint the car indifferent attractive colors ✓Draw with brushes or use paint cans -it’s your choice! ✓Choose wheels for your vehicle - small, large orunusual ones ✓Decorate the car with stickers and superhero badgesHave loads of fun with such superb vehicles: · Ambulance · Policecar · Superhero machine · Fire engine · Dump truck · Mini van ·Racing car · Yellow duck car · Retro car · Locomotive · Hot dog car· Monster truck · Sports car and many more! This adventurous cargame is simple, exciting, and educative! That’s exactly what kidsneed! We value your feedback. Did you enjoy this game? Write to usabout your experience. If you have any questions or suggestions,please contact us at
Dinosaurs 2 ~ Fun educational games for kids age 5 1.0.5
Set off on a new exciting journey with your friend - Raccoon!Explore Dinosaur World, play educational games, make friends witheach of the dinosaurs and learn interesting things about them. Theyall want to be a part of your unique Dinosaur Park! Applicationfeatures: ✓ Play with 8 amazing dinosaurs (2 dinosaurs free) ✓Learn interesting facts about these amazing creatures ✓ Delight thedinosaurs with surprise gifts ✓ Feed the dinosaurs their favoritetreats ✓ Engage in fun educational games ✓ Enjoy the colorfulgraphics and animations ✓ Use easy and kid-friendly controls ✓ Playoffline Dinosaurs came in a variety of sizes and shapes – some nobigger than a chicken, others taller than skyscrapers. We havechosen the most astonishing dinosaurs to introduce children to theprehistoric world! This app is just perfect for preschool kids wholove playing games and also like to know more about their favoritecreatures – dinosaurs! Learning and remembering facts becomes funwhen it is coupled with fascinating games that toddlers can playhere. Friendly dinosaurs are waiting for kids to play with them: -Get prepared for a camping trip with Brachiosaurus - Take care oflittle dinosaurs with Oviraptor - Build funny sand castles withIguanodon - Help freezing Stegosaurus to warm up - Find hiddenthings with Compsognathus - Gather Velociraptor’s friends for hisbirthday party - Find a pearl in the deep sea with Plesiosaurus -Make tasty cocktails with Pachycephalosaurus Enjoy the fungraphics, cool music and sounds and learn a lot as well! The gamesare designed for improving memory, attention and hand mobility oftoddlers. The app also provides tips during gameplay that helpschildren learn about dinosaurs all by themselves! We appreciateyour feedback. Please take a few minutes to review it! If you haveany questions or suggestions, drop us a mail at 1.1.0
What will your child learn today? In the app there are 6 differentcategories: more than 90 kinds of animals, insects, fruits andvegetables. Kids will encounter the world of nature and learn manynew words! 🐓 FARM 🐑 Meet the lovable residents of the farm ⧿ a pinkpig, a cuddly goat and a friendly puppy! 🐒 SAVANNAH 🐘 Go on ajourney into the endless savannah. The kingly lion, spotty giraffe,stripy zebra and other animals want to meet you! 🐺 FOREST 🐻 A brownbear, a gray bunny and a fluffy squirrel are living in the foresttogether and waiting for you! 🐞 GARDEN 🦋 Be sure to look around thegarden, because creatures are hiding there: a green caterpillar, agorgeous butterfly, a little ant and many other insects! 🍓 FRIDGE 🍅Fruits and vegetables are concealed in the kingdom of ice and cold!Juicy tomato, crispy carrot and sweet apple - find them all! 🎁BONUS GAME ⧿ "SHOW WHERE?" 🎁 Choose between the images that thespeaker says and watch the fun animations! Did your child learn allthe words? Now learn them in a foreign language! Press the Languagebutton on the Options screen to try them out: - English - Spanish -German - Russian - Italian Key features: 🎶 More than 90 sounds andanimations. Due to the quality speaker’s voice the child willremember every words. Colorful animation and funny sounds amuseyour little one! 👶 Learning in a game form. Bright illustrationsand interesting missions will attract the child's attention,helping to develop fine motor skills, memory, attention andperseverance 🕹 Easy to control. A user-friendly interface willallow your baby to use the application without help. Purchases andsettings are reliably protected from accidental clicks of a curioustoddler! 🚗 We play offline and with no ads! The game works finewithout the Internet! Play at any time and anywhere - on a longjourney or in a long queue. And no intrusive advertising! A fewwords about us: 😃 Our friendly team AmayaKids has been creatingapplications for kids for more than 10 years! We consult the bestchildren's educators, create bright, user-friendly interfaces anddevelop the best applications for your children! ❤️️ We love tomake kids happy with entertaining games, and also like to read yourletters! Send your suggestions to: Don’t forgetto rate our app and leave feedback :) 1.0.0
Enjoy a unique app which includes educational mini games, thatleadsto smarter, happier playtime of your child. WHO LIVESWHERE?Classify animals by their habitat! Mountains, forest, desert- meeta lot of cute animals living there! SORTING Learn to sortandclassify items by categories! Move toys, instruments, clothes,andother objects to their correct places. PUZZLES Assemble avarietyof pictures and objects by combining shapes - then watchamazinganimations as the pictures come alive! SIZES Develop logicandunderstanding of size differences by choosing between big,medium,and small items! LULLABIES Listen to soothing melodies andbedtimelullabies that will help to fall asleep at the end ofamazing day!These colorful and animated games will help your childdevelop thefollowing essential basic skills: fine motor skills,hand-eyecoordination, logical thinking, and visual perception.Enjoy thefun and engaging graphics, cool music, and sounds whilealsolearning the essentials. Play offline and have hours of fun! Afewwords about us: Our friendly team AmayaKids has beencreatingapplications for kids for more than 10 years! We consultthe bestchildren's educators, create bright, user-friendlyinterfaces anddevelop the best applications for your children! Welove to makekids happy with entertaining games, and also like toread yourletters! Send your suggestions at 1.0.0
All games are designed to help develop kids’ memory,developattention span, logic, and fine motor skills as they playwithfunny fruits and vegetables! SHAPES - Sort objects by theirshapeto develop visual perception and eye-hand coordination. COLORS-Classify fruits and vegetables by color and put them on thecorrectplate. PAIRS - Find the matching pairs of fruits andvegetables inthe fridge to develop logic and memory skills. SIZES -Sort food bysize and load them onto the boat. PUZZLES - Completethe picturewith the correct items to assemble fun graphicanimations. PARTS -Choose the correct parts for each fruit andvegetable. Enjoy thefun and engaging graphics, cool music, andsounds while alsolearning essential skills! This app is justperfect for curiouskindergarten kids who love playing games andlike to learn newthings about the world around them! KEY FEATURES:• Learning in agame form. Bright illustrations and interestingmissions willattract the child's attention, helping to develop finemotorskills, memory, attention and perseverance. • Easy to control.Auser-friendly interface will allow your baby to use theapplicationwithout help. Purchases and settings are reliablyprotected fromaccidental clicks of a curious toddler! • Playoffline and with noads! The game works fine without the Internet!Play at any time andanywhere - on a long journey or in a longqueue. And no intrusiveadvertising! A few words about us: Ourfriendly team AmayaKids hasbeen creating applications for kids formore than 10 years! We areconsulted by the best children'seducators, create bright,user-friendly interfaces and develop thebest applications for yourchildren! We love to make kids happy withentertaining games, andalso like to read your letters! Send yoursuggestions
Shapes and Colors games for kids and toddlers 2-4 1.0.0
Enjoy a unique learning app for kids. Small children andtoddlerswill love these games, with colorful geometric shapes andmultiplelevels. Smarter, happier playtime for your child! KEY APPFEATURES:• Sort by SHAPE – Circle, square, triangle, rectangle andoval •Match by SIZE – Kids pick the biggest or smallest shape •LearnCOLORS and their names – Red, green, blue, yellow, etc. •Developconcentration and fine motor skills • Simple and intuitivecontrol• Play offline with no ads! Each lively educational gamewill keepyour toddler busy from the start. The names of the shapesare allspoken out loud, so learning them is easy! FROM SIMPLETOCHALLENGING: Kids of any age can play – from preschooltokindergarten. Children aged 2–5 years old will soon befamiliarwith different shapes and key colors, and begin to tellthem apart.The bright, colorful interface is simple enough for eventheyoungest players! A few words about us: At AmayaKids, ourfriendlyteam has been creating apps for kids for over 10 years! Todevelopapps with the best kids learning games, we consult thetopchildren’s educators and design vibrant, user-friendlyinterfacesthat kids love to use. We love making kids happy withentertaininggames, and we also like reading your letters! Send yoursuggestionsto
Coloring games for kids and toddlers 2-5 years old 1.1.0
Kids from 2 to 5 years old will love using their art skills inthisgame. Your child can color all kinds of wonderful animals–including a dolphin, a bat and a lion! Discover newtalents,develop imagination and have lots of fun! The app boasts abright,intuitive interface, awesome animation and funny soundseffects –appealing to both boys and girls! Kids Coloring gives youcutepictures, an array of vivid colors and many different toolsforcoloring. Immerse children in a world of color, magicandcreativity. Simply color the picture, save it to the galleryandshow off to all your friends! Some of our app’s amazingfeatures: ·Choose from different themes and cute pictures · Brightcolorpalette · Drawing and painting tools · Pretty patterns ·Funnystickers · Gallery for saving pictures The benefits ofdrawing?Develop creative thinking, build a sense of style andimproveconcentration. With Kids Coloring, small children andtoddlers canlearn the different colors, enjoy the amusing pictures,and findout more about the world around them. Get ready to have funandpaint! We value your feedback. Did you enjoy this game? Write tousabout your experience. If you have any questions orsuggestions,please contact us at