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i-LIVED 1.0
Bleiberg Ent
i-LIVED is a whole new way to watchmovies.This app is specifically designed to sync up to the filmi-LIVED, awild new thrill-ride from the director of “Maniac” andthe upcomingfilm in the “Amityville” series. Just play the movie onany deviceand this app will “listen” to the sound track and sendyou timedmessages, videos and clues throughout the runtime. Thei-LIVED apptakes advantage of all of your phone’s capabilities(speakers,flashlight, vibrations, etc.) to create an immersiveexperienceunlike any other!- Bonus scares (and jokes) throughout the film.- Timed flashes and noises at juuuust the right moment.- Receive texts as if you are the main character. (Don’t worryaboutextra charges, it’s all free and based within the app;)- Video and picture clues that draw you deeper into the worldofi-LIVED.Download the film i-LIVED at iTunes or buy the DVD fromanyconvenient retailer.