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PicWords™ 2.14.1
BlueRiver Interactive
If you like brain games, you will love PicWords™ - it's a fun wordgame in which your goal is to find words that fit to the shownpicture. Every picture has three words associated to it. You getall letters of a word in random order and have to rearrange them tothe correct solution.

 700+ levels and more are coming! Can yousolve them all? Translated in 22 languages: English, Bulgarian,Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Indonesian, Finnish, French,Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Netherlands, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish andTurkish! PicWords™ is a very addictive brain game that will catchyou for hours!
 Try it out, you will love it!
Mega Fun Casino 3.0
BlueRiver Interactive
Do you like Casino games? Then you will lovethe #1 FREE Casino app!Mega Fun Casino gives you the best real Las Vegas casino experiencein the world!Play Slots, Black Jack, Video Poker and Roulette, build up yourexperience and beat the house!Start out with 1,000+ chips and play your way up to becoming amillionaire with Mega Fun Casino!Mega Fun Casino is the easiest and most user-friendly casino appon the market. No internet is required! Connect with Facebook toplay with your friends, send gifts to receive large rewards, andfind out who has the most skill (or luck!) to win BIG!Key Features:* New games and features added all the time!* Free to download and play!* No sign up required!* Authentic Casino gameplay with the most popular games: Slots,Black Jack, Video Poker and Roulette!* Tons of slot themes to choose from! New themes added all thetime!* No internet required! Play anywhere, anytime!* Login with Facebook or enter as a guest player,* FREE chips! Invite Facebook friends or send and receive Gifts toget your free chips!* Bonus chips! Collect bonus chips every 30 minutes!Have fun with Mega Fun Casino. You will love it!This app is intended for amusement purposes only.
WordsUp™ 1.6.9
BlueRiver Interactive
Are you a fan of puzzle games? Then you willlove WordsUp™!Look for the hidden words, slide your finger over them and makethe puzzle collapse one after another. When you solve all words inthe correct order you can complete the puzzle. At first it’s easybut it gets difficult very quickly.The game has over 500+ levels and has been translated in manylanguages! It is a tough challenge to solve all levels, only veryfew players did yet!Are you ready for the challenge?Try it out! This game will entertain you for a long time!------------------------------------Pro Tip:ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE! Sometimes you may get stuck and it seemsimpossible to solve a level. THIS IS NOT A BUG but part of thechallenge of WordsUp! You need to carefully solve the puzzle in thecorrect order, by using the right letters for each word. You mayhave chosen the wrong letter for a word and end up not being ableto solve the remaining words. Just RESTART the level and try adifferent order to solve the puzzle! You will see that there is asolution to every level!------------------------------------This is a game for true puzzle lovers!Get smarter while having fun!
PicWords 2 1.3.1
BlueRiver Interactive
If you like brain and puzzle games, you will love PicWords 2! Jointhe millions of people worldwide that already play PicWords! Inthis relaxing and fun word game your goal is to find three wordsthat fit to the shown picture. You get all letters of a word inrandom order and have to rearrange them to the correct solution.

+ 800 levels and more are coming! Can you solve them all? +Translated in 15 different languages! + PicWords 2 is a veryaddictive brain game that will catch you for a long time!
 This isa game for true puzzle lovers! Try it out, you will love it! — Getsmarter while having fun!