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Focus Test 5
Bwainy Kidz
How focused are you? Take this simple test and find out!Can youconcentrate and score very high? Or will you be distracted by catsand cheeseburgers?Are you parents? Your kids might solve eachpuzzle faster than you do!Or maybe you are single.Why don't youimpress your friends with your lightning speed moves!Someone mightjust be interested......with the cheeseburgers...Or are you anexecutive interviewing potential candidates?Give them this app andsee if they can figure it out!HOW TO PLAY:- There are 3 groups ofitems: Animals, Fruits, and Processed Foods.- Simply find 1 itemthat doesn't have a group buddy.
Live Wall: ROOM 3.0
Bwainy Kidz
Simple live wallpaper for your phones, tablets, and phablets with avariety of themes!Ever wanted to "interior-design" your phone withcolorful and cartoony styles?If so, then this is the right livewallpaper for you and your kids!Decorate Background with themesranging from Cakes and Candy to Halloween.Choose from fivedifferent colors for the Couch.Eight color themes for the Stairs,ranging from Orange and Yellow Banana, to Frozen Blue.Put photos ofyour favorite animals on the wall!From Panda and Corgi Puppy to anadorably cute fat, er... fluffy Kitty!Remember also to pick thetable ornaments.Are you feeling hungry?A Giant Cupcake might suityour need.Plus Christmas Tree, Snowman (on the table?! YES!!), andmore!!!Visit our site if you have any favorite tosuggest!
Lemonade Defense 6.0
Bwainy Kidz
Defend and save the universe in this action-packed adventure ofepic proportions.Save the cows, save the sheep, save rocks...that fell from thesky...Use at your disposal a wide range of hilarious projectiles toward off we mention rocks?These rocks have allkinds of varieties that drop power-ups to help you on yourjourney.Use them wisely, and you might just save theUniverse!ProTip: If you only have 1 medal, activate the +5 DMGupgrade.