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Super Smash Castle World 1.0.0
Classic Donkey Smash
Super Smash Castle WorldIn Super Smash Castle World, you may fancy adventuresmega-packedgame of jungle world. The game is a awesome platformgame designedin retro style but modern gameplay.This is a fun game for everyone. In this story, you play as aMrMustache to rescue the princess in castle dungeon is guardedbydark keeper. Through each different region, you will enjoythedifferent road.You are the lonely forest boy on this adventure island, you havetofight and crush the monster, overcome obstacles and hazardthattries to get in your way. Some obstacle will are easy togetaround, while others will be constant pain.The brave mustache boy have to overcome the difficulties,handlevarious monsters ( troll, mushroom, beetle) , hack throughvarietytypes of traps ( falling spike, piranha pipe). He will gothroughvarious world like frozen city, wonderland, mysteriousjungles anddark caves.Use the virtual controller on screen to run, jump and fighttheenemies. This game is so addictive, exciting will hook you upforhours of gameplay!Game Features:+ High quality and colorful graphics+ Smooth control user interface+ Great music and sound effects+ Play for all ages+ Game is FREE, no purchase required+ Suitable for kids and children+ Optimize phone and tablet supportedHow to play:+ Use button to move, jump and fire+ Find weapon in flowersSuper Smash Castle World is the greatest platform adventureforyour android devices!Everything are is carefully designed for you to have lots offun!We warn you, it ́s not an easy game so good luck!It is completely FREE, so you should at least TRY it!!We hope players who love jungle run or super platform game willhavea great time playing it, please rate and thanks a lotforplaying.
Cube Monster Go 1.0
Classic Donkey Smash
Cube Monster Go is a best real-timemonstercatching game for kids, adults, boys and girls.Use the ball to catch all monster that appear in your screen.You can play it while waiting for subway, toilet time, or evenonthe road!!!Trace and capture all the wild monsters with your familyandfriends. But beware some rare monsters are very powerful, youneedmore pocket ball to capture it. Use the shop to upgrade theamountof ball you can hold and also unlock more powerful pocketball!!Download and try it now!Features:-### Real-time background### Epic game-play### Easy to play### Free for all### No internet requireAll your friends are playing it!Can you capture all the monster and beat their high score?Download now and be the best monster trainer!
Jungle Smash Adventures World 1.0.0
Classic Donkey Smash
Jungle Smash Adventures World, free andnewadventures platform game where you test your skills and try tohelpDario to the castle and find all hidden treasure.In this super amazing game you can take your platforming gamestothe next level of challenge by collecting gold coins,gems,treasure which can be traded for power-ups, and gothroughwonderland of jungle adventures.You have to avoid wild monsters and angry enemies that can befoundin the jungle.Able to switch world location and unlock multiple levels, whichgiveyou demanding gameplay challenges that you want toavoid.You will find many types of power-ups, these includesstars,weapons, bullets,which will add a lot of fun and addictivewithhours of gameplay all times. There are multiple animal inthisentire adventure world.If you looking for new adventure, new style of game play,well this game offers relaxing and awesome lookingplatformgame.Jungle Smash Adventures World offers you all of that freeworldsjungle adventures and it also brings in front a stellargameplaythat is cool, exciting and fun to play.Recovering Dario’s friends can be a difficult mission, and thisiswhy you will need make use all your powers carefully to getthebest outcome.Try out and begin the journey with Dario right now, you willbeamazed with the gameplay and how fun the experiencereallyis!