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Unit Converter 5.1.1
Dominik Roček
Easy application for conversion of well known and even less knownunits that is recommended for use for students of primary andsecondary schools. FREE EDITION: This version of the application isfree and does not offer all features as it's paid counterpart whichyou can find in the store with a name "Unit Converter CE". Withbuying the application you support next developement of it oralternatively other projects. CATEGORIES: length, weight, volume,temperature, area, time, information, speed, energy, angle,pressure, luminous intensity, force, power, torque, prefixesLANGUAGES: English, Czech, Slovak MAIN FUNCTIONS: - unit conversion:) - own keyboard - manual / automatic sorting of all categoriesand units - more styles of main menu - setting of precision ofrounding results NEXT FEATURES IN CE VERSION: - view ofconversional equations TEMPORAL NEGATIVES: - the application is notoptimalized for tablets - missing search of units - some importantcategories, i.e. conversion of currencies
Tap to Jump 1.1.0
Dominik Roček
Reflex focused jumping game. How far canyouget? With each click you make your score better. But takecarebecause the game board raises it's speed and with it themovingtiles aswell, that get smaller and smaller! The onlyrelaxingpoints are safepoint circular platforms which you get formakingthe jump to the CheckPoint... The app is not recommended forpeoplewith weak nerves!Future development:- reducement of lags occuring on devices with lessperformance- online score ladder (Google Play)- tutorial for beginners- modes (with difficulty settings)- skins- sounds