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Dribly 1.4.3
Dribly Labs, Inc
It is very annoying when you wanna playsoccer, but your friends do not confirm, and you still have to beorganizing everything by yourself. And in the end, you probably donot know if the game has enough players. Dribly came to help you inthis organization and to never let your game fail . Spend your timeplaying and dribbling!FeaturesCreate a CrewCreate your crew , select the key information of your game , invitefriends and start playing .Find GamesEasy to find a game: just search for it , click on the selectedgame you want to participate and start playing with yourfriendsChatYou can chat with your crew right on your game. No more thatannoying situation: countless groups in other applications .Players ConfirmedKeep track the progress of confirmations, to know when you have toinvite more friends.Invite your friendsin friendly soccer games , it is normal that slacker player whodoes not confirm his participation. In Dribly you easily invite newplayers, looking for them right from the app.NotificationsTo help you organize everything that is happening in the game, wehave an area with the related actions of the players.How to use◉ Create or join any existing crew .◉ Place the basic information of your game.◉ Invite your friends.◉ Confirm your presence.And have fun!!