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Syobon Action 1.7
Gorka Ramirez Olabarrieta
This new Halloween version includes: +New Terrific Graphics,soundsand effects +New Levels +New Achievements +Improved Gamepad,iCade,PS3 and other joysticks support +Save Games +Portrait orLandscape,play as you want +Many other nice details +Improved UIEnjoy thespecial and terrific Halloween edition, with new graphicsandeffects. Rob in tombs, run away from the ghosts. Find thehiddenmagical artichoke in the castle. The world of 2ch is indanger! TheMuscular Evil Chicken has stolen the sacred artichokefrom thegreat forum administrator. (`O '*) With the power ofsacredartichoke, he tries to manipulate the peacefulemoticonsinhabitants of 2ch for his evil purposes. "O (¯ - ¯ *) Theonlyhope of salvation of the 2ch world lies in Syobon (`· ω · '),ayoung cat-emoticon. Syobon, with its multiple lives, is theonlyone who can challenge the power of the sacred artichoke andbeatthe muscular chicken. (〃 ^ ∇ ^) o You'll need to be carefulandmemorize a thousand traps that you face in your way. Only youandSyobon with his infinite lives can save the 2ch world.SyobonAction is a jump and run Game/Platforms parody of Super *****Bros.But there are traps and nasty peculiarities which make thegamemore hard. A simple run and jump is not possible. Skill and abitof imagination is needed here. The game requires the playertothink logically through trial-and-error in order to completethegame.