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Sleep Deeply 2.2
**Winner of BEST MEDICAL APP - BEST APP EVER AWARDS** Are youfinding it hard to sleep easily? Then download the Sleep Deeply App- one of the most effective ways to relax quickly and promotesleep! This app will help prevent anxiety, relax your mind and helpyou achieve a good night's sleep! This app has been created by anaward-winning UK hypnotherapist Darren Marks and has helped tens ofthousands of people worldwide - using the latest techniques inhypnotherapy - to beat insomnia and achieve a deep restful sleep!If you would either like to experience a deeper sleep, relievestress, relax and meditate quickly and effectively, aid your sleepcycle and enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature as background music,then this is the best hypnosis app to help you achieve the ultimatepeace of mind! Don't worry if you are new to hypnotherapy, withthis app you'll get lots of great tips that effortlessly guide youtowards a state of relaxation and easy sleep routine!________________________________ APP FEATURES: - Sleep Deeplystate-of-the-art hypnosis and relaxation sessions - Lifetimesupport that will help manage your experience with the app - Audioexplanations to help you prepare for a good night's sleep andachieve your goals - Video FAQs to help you understand and feelcomfortable with the process. - Supporting material to help yousleep faster We have also included 2 ADDITIONAL FREE BONUS hypnosissessions by Darren Marks to help you along the way: 1.) RelaxCompletely 2.) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions DownloadSleep Deeply now - let go of negative thoughts, achieve your goalsa relaxed state of mind and sleep well.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We’re passionate about helping people use self hypnosis to sleepdeeply and your feedback is important to us. So please email us atinfo@hypnosisappstore.com with any questions or feedback. DownloadSleep Deeply now and sleep well tonight!
Easy Stop Smoking: Quit Today 2.2
# No 1 Non Smoking paid app on Google Play app store! Tried to quitsmoking before and failed? Then this app is for you! Easy StopSmoking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to quitsmoking. And you can download the app for less than the price of apacket of cigarettes! Within 30 minutes you can become a nonsmoker. The app has been created by award winning UK hypnotherapistDarren Marks and has already helped tens of thousands of peoplesuccessfully quit smoking and received rave reviews worldwide.Don’t worry if you’re new to hypnotherapy, we provide lots of tipsand guide you along the way to a successful hypnosis experience.APP FEATURES: ---------------------------- - Easy Stop Smokingstate of the art hypnosis sessions - Support on how to use the app- Lots of new tips to help you quit smoking We have also included 3other powerful hypnosis session by Darren Marks to help you 1)Relax Completely 2) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions 4) BeSuccessful & Achieve Your Goals--------------------------------------------------------- Sodownload our pro Easy Stop Smoking app now and start enjoying lifeas a non smoker! "I came out of hypnosis feeling only the mostdistant desire to have a cigarette. And the feeling continuedthrough working days, visits to pubs and restaurants. I wasn'tsmoking and I didn't mind a bit.” Jane Feinmann, Award Winning ProMedical Journalist. - Medicine Today Hypnosis can't make you stopor quit smoking against your will but if you're determined to stopthis pro App will make it much easier and even a relaxing,empowering and enjoyable process. Find out more information onDarren Marks and his award winning apps at hypnosisappstore.comWe’re passionate about helping people use self hypnosis to quitsmoking and your feedback is important to us. So please email us atinfo@hypnosisappstore.com with any questions of feedback. DownloadEasy Stop Smoking now and enjoy life as a non smoker!
Harmony - Hypnosis Meditation 3.3
Harmony Hypnosis Ltd
*Enhance your ability to relax, sleep well and focus. *Reduceanxiety, tension and stress. *Build on your core sense of innerstrength and power. *Gain more confidence and inner control. *Savetime and achieve your goals more quickly and easily. Harmonycontains three free hypnosis meditations. Listen to one of thesessions every day for the next five days and notice the differencein how good you feel. You can also access 40+ sessions on multiplesubjects, the equivalent of 40+ CDs, through our subscriptionservice, with new topics being added regularly. Downloaded morethan two million times our apps have won at The Best App EverAwards & Best Mobile App Awards & have been recommended bymany US doctors via Healthtap. The recordings utilise unique andspecial effects including: Dual Vocal Delivery, where differentsuggestions or metaphors are delivered separately yetsimultaneously through the right and left headphones. The effect isdeeply hypnotic and has the benefit of helping the unconscious mindto accept beneficial suggestions with less conscious interference.Brainwave Entrainment, when the brain is exposed to rhythm, therhythm is recreated in the brain in the form of electricalimpulses. On most of the hypnotherapy recordings within Harmony,you will hear alongside the vocals, music & other soundeffects, small, pulses of sound, designed to help you quicklyaccess a deeply relaxed hypnotic state. "The Ultimate In SelfHelp...The high quality recordings relax, entrance and help getresults rapidly." Yoga Magazine The BEST. This is the REAL DEAL.***** WOW, what an app! I cannot recommend this strongly enough. Iowe Darren Marks a great debt of gratitude for his deeplyintelligent approach to helping people with pragmatic, on-the-marktherapy… You deserve the life you want, and Darren's approach cantruly help you build it. - by Stuart Gardner Very soothing *****Great app! Not just sleep-inducing but also helps you visualizesomething, such as the most relaxing place you can imagine, andthen immerses you in it. Lovely! Great voice too! - byButterbean1313 Absolutely amazing! ***** I didn't expect this wouldhave an effect on me, but wow this is amazing. I have only listeneda few times but already I am feeling super confident. I'mdisappointed when it finishes as I just feel so marvellouslyrelaxed, like I'm on cloud nine! - by Jean McCarthy You can makemassive improvements to your life with self-hypnosis and meditationin terms of personal and professional calm and confidence and thesimple feelings of health and well-being. Our mission is to bringdaily experiences of calm and focus to as many people as possible.So just relax, try out your free sessions today and enjoy yourjourney to inner harmony, peace and success.
Healing Hypnosis Meditation 2.2
The science of psychoneuroimmunology has demonstrated that how wethink and how we feel can have a big influence on how well we copeand recover from illness and injuries. This app features a powerfulhypnosis session designed to help you relax and accelerate thebody’s natural healing processes. Created by Darren Marks one ofthe UKs leading hypnotherapists and trainers. Darren spent manyyears working for the South East Cancer Help Centre where hedemonstrated hypnotherapy for HRH the Prince of Wales during avisit to the centre. Over the years his work has featured in boththe specialist and popular media. "He has this incredibly soothingvoice and was wonderfully reassuring. Afterwards I felt completelyrelaxed and calm, and had a wonderful sense of well-being" GoodHealth Magazine “I was often in such a state of deep relaxationwhilst waiting for my chemotherapy that I was almost unaware of itbeing administered.” You Magazine, The Mail on Sunday “The Ultimatein Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax,entrance and help get results rapidly” Yoga Magazine Features: *Thepowerful hypnosis audio session Heal Your Body. *A choice ofversions with and without wake up. * A choice of beautiful,relaxing video animations to run with the audio program * Videointerviews to help you understand and feel comfortable with theprocess and to simulate as closely as possible what it’s like tosee Darren in person. Download now, tap into the power of yourmind, recharge and accelerate the healing process.
Easy Weight Loss 2.2
*** Winner of Best Fitness App at The Best Mobile App Awards! *****AWARD-WINNING UK HYPNOTHERAPIST** **Best Paid Weight Loss App onthe Google Play Store** Tired of trying to lose weight and failing?Then try the Easy Weight Loss App to achieve your weight loss goalsfast and with ease and confidence! The app has been created byaward winning UK hypnotherapist Darren Marks and has already helpedtens of thousands of people successfully lose weight and receivedrave reviews worldwide. Don’t worry if you’re new to hypnosis andhypnotherapy, with this app you’ll get lots of great tips thateffortlessly guides you towards a successfully losing weight!____________ APP FEATURES: - Easy Weight Loss state-of-the-arthypnosis sessions - Lifetime support that will help manage yourexperience with the app - Supporting material to help you loseweight fast! We have also included 3 FREE BONUS hypnosis sessionsby Darren Marks to help you along the way: 1) Relax Completely 2)Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions 4) Sporting MotivationDownload Easy Weight Loss now, be motivated, begin to lose weightand feel back in control today! ************** “The Ultimate inSelf Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax, entranceand help get results rapidly today!” Yoga Magazine.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We’re passionate about helping people use hypnosis to lose weightand maintaining a sensible diet. So your feedback is important tous. So please email us at info@hypnosisappstore.com with anyquestions, feedback or weight loss tips. Download Easy Weight Lossand start losing weight today! Important Note: This app iscurrently being successfully used by tens of thousands of peoplearound the world. However a few people have posted technicalproblems as reviews rather than contacting support. We would liketo assure you the app is working without issues, but if you doexperience a problem just look at the support page first andcontact us if you need to. Problems are usually very quick andsimple to resolve (like rebooting your device or reinstalling theapp) and our support team are here to be of service to you and makesure you get the most out of the programme.
Total Confidence & Success 2.2
Realize your full potential and be the best that you can be. RunnerUp At The Best App Ever Awards! “The Ultimate in Self Help… Thehigh quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help getresults rapidly” Yoga Magazine "I was aware of more clarity, bettermental organization and breaking with past thought processes in avery easy and effortless way. I'm amazed that remote hypnotherapycan be so successful.” --J. Feinmann, Award Winning MedicalJournalist Total Confidence & Success is the brainchild of oneof the UK’s leading hypnotherapists, Darren Marks. His experienceand background combine to offer you the help you need in a way thatworks best and most effectively right from your phone or tablet.It’s the most efficient, closest thing to attending sessions inperson as you can get and at a fraction of the cost. Features: *Includes 4 powerful hypnosis sessions: a) Relax Completely b) BeSuccessful & Achieve Your Goals c) Supercharge Your Self Esteem& Self Confidence d) Total Focus & Concentration * Aselection of background video animations * Confidence building tips* Lots of audios to help you shed fear, anxiety and low self-esteem* Advice to help you build confidence and fulfill your potential *Relaxation techniques * Help for improving focus and concentration* Video interviews * This App has received rave reviews on theApple platform; it works! Get ready for your own metamorphosis anddownload Total Confidence & Success now. Your amazing futureawaits you!
Love Harmony 2.3
Harmony Hypnosis Ltd
This app is designed for both men and women who wish to enhance andimprove their love lives. In every area of life, no matter how goodthings may already be, it’s always possible to enhance and improve.Based on the Law of Attraction this powerful app has been createdby Darren Marks one of the UKs leading hypnotherapists andtrainers. It combines practical advice, nlp association techniquesand hypnotic relaxation and visualization. This enables you to setup in your own mind and body, the perfect intimate, lovingexperiences and if necessary let go of any potential worries orconcerns. Over the years Darrens work has featured in both thespecialist and popular media: "He has this incredibly soothingvoice and was wonderfully reassuring. Afterwards I felt completelyrelaxed and calm, and had a wonderful sense of well-being" GoodHealth Magazine “The Ultimate in Self Help… The high qualityrecordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly”Yoga Magazine Features: *The powerful hypnosis audio session “EnjoyGreat Sex” *A choice of versions with and without wake up. * Achoice of beautiful, relaxing video animations to run with theaudio program * Practical tips to help improve your love life *Video interviews to help you understand and feel comfortable withthe process. * Additional sessions available via inapp purchase forthose experiencing specific sexual difficulties. Currentlyavailable: “Overcome Impotence” and “Control Premature Ejaculation”Download now, tap into the power of your mind, and become the bestlover you can be today!
Access Inner Power 2.2
Fulfil your potential and access the best of yourself now. “TheUltimate in Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain,relax, entrance and help get results rapidly” Yoga Magazine “I wasaware of more clarity, better mental organization and breaking withpast thought processes in a very easy and effortless way. I'mamazed that remote hypnotherapy can be so successful.” J. Feinmann,Award Winning Medical Journalist This app created by Darren Marks,one of the UKs leading and most effective hypnotherapists, uses aprocess called the power animal journey. This is an ancient methodof connecting with inner strength and power used by shamans andhealers for thousands of years. A power animal, depending on yourpersonal belief system, is either an imaginary animal or an energypattern in the form of an animal that represents the type of energyand power that is most useful for you to connect with at any giventime. This is not a specific animal like a pet you may have ownedbut the essence of a particular species and the qualities of thatspecies translated across into human terms. Once you have made theconnection you can tap into these qualities simply by imagining theanimal within you or by you. Features: * A powerful guided hypnosissession for connecting with your power animal. * A traditional nonverbal drum version of the journey * A non verbal white noiseversion of the journey * Relax Completely Hypnosis Meditation * Achoice of beautiful, relaxing video animations to run with theaudio programs * Video interviews to help you understand and feelcomfortable with the process and to simulate as closely as possiblewhat it’s like to see Darren in person. * Additional tips forunderstanding and connecting with your power animal. DownloadAccess Inner Power now, and connect with your inner strength andwisdom today!
Birth Made Easy Hypnobirthing 2.2
Harmony Hypnosis Ltd
A powerful and comprehensive app for childbirth which covers alleventualities from natural birth to c-section and how to help yourbaby arrive if overdue. You can try our introductory RelaxationVisualisation for free right now and if you enjoy this you canaccess all the other recordings via inapp purchase. 1. Enjoy yourpregnancy, having all the energy you need to do all that you haveto do 2. Have a wonderful birth experience, being relaxed and incontrol, working with your body and allowing your muscles and skinto stretch easily and naturally in a pain-free way 3. Promote yourown rapid healing and recovery with minimal blood loss 4. Bondeasily with your baby, enjoy breastfeeding (if you choose to dothis) and be confident in your abilities as a mother 5. Get back topre-pregnancy weight, shape and dimensions very soon after thebirth. Created by renowned hypnotherapist and author Paola Bagnall:Paola is an experienced hypnotherapist. She has a degree in biologyand is a qualified teacher with over thirty-five years’ experience,giving her an excellent understanding of the beautifully designedfemale body. She retired from teaching in July 2004 to take uphypnotherapy full-time. Paola first learned self-hypnosis and foundthat she was able to tap into the Inner Power of the unconsciousmind to heal a shoulder injury she had had for several years. Themedical profession had been unable to help her. Having discoveredthe innate ability we all have to heal ourselves, if we desire to,by harnessing these inner resources, Paola went on to become afully qualified hypnotherapist, helping people to control pain andto heal themselves. With her knowledge of biology and hypnotherapy,Inner Power Hypnobirthing was born and Paola has now trained manyhypnotherapists in these techniques. Hypnobirthing helps mothers toenjoy a wonderfully natural pregnancy and childbirth where the mumis in control. With so many hypnobirthing success stories, Paolawas persuaded to publish a book, ‘Birth Made Easy’, a comprehensivemanual on her unique method and the perfect accompaniment to thisapp.