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Survival MoneyBook 4
■ Housekeeping book for survival believes the purpose of thehousekeeping book is survival. ■ Unlike other housekeeping books,the Survival Housekeeping Book does not have complex lists orgraphs. Yes. We only think of survival. ■ ‘Remaining money is100,000 won, 20 days left until the next allowance!’ SurvivalHousekeeping Book is a housekeeping book that helps you survive fora set time with the given money. ■ 'Know the enemy, know thyself’.ㅤSurvival Housekeeping Book lets see your financial status ㅤwithoutturning on the application. ㅤAlways check. You need to knowyourself to survive. We think of ‘before spending the money’ whenthe other housekeeping books think of ‘after spending the money’‘Prevention’ is the key to ‘saving’ ■ ‘Mr. Money Tree iswithering…” The more you spend the money, the thinner Mr. MoneyTree becomes. Save up to spend the money efficiently! Survive withMr. Money Tree! We walk our own path. Housekeeping book forsurvival, Our name is 'Survival Money Book’.
lockscreen quotes 3
LightlySee the quotes whenever turning on your smart phoneTheeffect is not lightThe quotes changes the lifeIf you want to changeyour life,Start now< Update together >Send me any quotes youknow or your quotes. The impressive quotes among ones you sent willbe reflected in the next update! A phrase by you changes a person'slife. I am extremely excited to imagine it. Now join us! e-mail :dnals0107@gmail.comorLeave your email address on the review
즉시 : 할 일 메모 36
할 일, 자주 까먹으시나요?그렇다면 ‘즉시’를 써보세요!할 일을 적어놓으면폰 화면을 켤 때마다 항상 보여줘서확실하게기억할 수 있게 도와줘요!할 일, 이제 잊지 마세요!# 필수 접근 권한- 휴대전화 상태 및 ID 읽기 : 전화 수신시잠금화면 해제를 위해 사용.- 전체 네트워크 액세스 권한 보유 : 구글 애드몹 광고를 띄우기 위해 사용.- 시작할 때실행 : 즉시의 핵심기능인 켤 때마다 앱을 실행하기 위해 사용.- 휴대전화가 절전 모드로 전환되지 않도록 설정 : 즉시가계속해서 실행되기 위해 사용.- 인터넷에서 데이터 받기 : 구글 애드몹 광고를 띄우기 위해 사용.- 진동 제어 : 버튼클릭시 진동 발생을 위해 사용.- 네트워크 연결 보기 : 구글 애드몹 광고를 띄우기 위해 사용.- 즉시는 절대로 사용자의개인정보를 수집하지 않습니다. (구글 애드몹 광고를 제외한 네트워크를 일절 이용하지 않습니다. 애초에 즉시는 서버가 없는오프라인 앱입니다.)----개발자 연락처 :+821099703419 to work, Do you often do Ieat? Then try to write an "immediate"!Write down what you want toreleaseAlways boyeojwoseo every time you turn on your phonescreenMe help you surely remember!Now, do not forget one, you!#Mandatory access- Read phone status and ID: used to disable thelock screen when the phone receives.- retain full network access:used to offset the Google AdMob advertising.- Run at startup: useevery time you turn the key feature to instantly launch your apps.-Prevent phone from sleeping: to be used immediately continue torun.- Receive data from the Internet used to offset the GoogleAdMob advertising.- Vibration Control: The button used forvibration.View network connection used to offset the Google AdMobadvertising.- immediately it will never collect your personalinformation. (Do not use the network at all except for the GoogleAdMob ad in the first place is an offline app immediately without aserver).
Memory Helper : To do list notepad 86
Do you easily forget things? ​ Try using the Memory Helper app! ​Write down your list of things to do! ​ Be reminded everytime youturn on your phone! ​ Don't forget things you have to do from nowon! ​ ​ ​ Particularly useful for: ​ - Those who frequently forgetto do things
할일 기억 도우미 - 투두 리스트, to do list, to do 5
할일 기억 도우미 ​ 할일을 잊지 않도록! ​ 폰 화면을 켤 때마다 ​ 할일을 보여줍니다! ​ 이제 할일 잊지 마세요!이러한 분들에게 추천합니다. 1) 할일을 잊고 싶지 않으신 분들 2) 할일을 확실하게 관리하고 싶으신 분들 3) 투두리스트를 확실하게 기억하고 싶으신 분들 4) 투두 리스트 자주 까먹으시는 분들 5) 나도 모르게 투두 리스트를잊어버리시는 분들 6) 투두 리스트가 있었다는 것도 까먹는 분들 7) 투두 리스트를 잊고 싶지 않으신 분들 ---- 필수권한 안내 : READ_PHONE_STATE : 전화 수신 시 방해 금지 ---- 개발자 연락처 :+821099703419 Remember Me Do not forget to do your thing! Everytime you turn on your phone screen Show me what to do! Do notforget to do it now! It is recommended for such people. 1) Thosewho do not want to forget their tasks 2) If you want to keep thingsclear 3) Those who want to remember the list 4) Those who are oftenexcluded from the list 5) Those who forget about the Tourist listwithout knowing it 6) Those who forgot that there was a chat list7) If you do not want to forget the chat list ---- Requiredpermissions: READ_PHONE_STATE: Do not disturb calls
com.humanhelper.forhuman.openquotes 10
게으름을 이겨낼 수 있도록! 동기부여와 좋은 자극을 주는 명언을 폰을 켤 때마다 보여줍니다! 이러한 분들에게 추천합니다.1) 명언을 통해 변화하고 싶으신 분들 2) 동기부여를 받고 싶으신 분들 3) 좋은 글을 받아보고 싶으신 분들 4)명언과 좋은 글을 통해 동기부여와 자극을 얻고 싶으신 분들 5) 틈틈이 명언을 보고 싶으신 분들 6) 꾸준히 동기부여를받고 싶으신 분들 7) 좋은 글을 마음속에 새기고 싶으신 분들 8) 게으름을 이기기 위해 동기부여와 좋은 글이 필요하신분들 9) 좋은 글의 효과를 알고 계신 분들 ---- 필수 권한 안내 : READ_PHONE_STATE : 전화 수신 시방해 금지 ---- 개발자 연락처 : +821099703419 So that you can overcomelaziness! Motivation and good impetus It shows every time you turnon your phone! It is recommended for such people. 1) Those who wantto change through words 2) Those who want to be motivated 3) Thosewho want to get good writing 4) Those who want to get motivationand stimulation through words and good writing 5) Those who want tosee the words 6) Those who want to be motivated constantly 7) Thosewho want to write a good article in their mind 8) Those who needmotivation and good writing to win over laziness 9) Those who knowthe effect of good writing ---- Required permissions:READ_PHONE_STATE: Do not disturb calls