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EM2: The Zodiac Quest 1.1.1
JD Soft
If you enjoyed original Emoji World, you cannot miss this new game:- More than 36 new levels, new bosses.- More than 130 icons used to build the game.- Our hero now move his legs !!!Emoji World 2: The Zodiac Quest brings thirteen new scenarioswhere you will find new challenges and game modes that will testyour banging button skill. Recover all zodiac signs and completethe game!
PapillApp 1.70
JD Soft
PapillApp is specifically designed to help users with littlelovebirds care, warning them by notifying the hours they must feedbirdies (this program does not replace any other method that may befollowing, but to serve as support breeding). In addition, this appcontains a complete Porni-pedia where you can find a lot ofinformation about Lovebirds. Take care of your pets and they willthank you. In spite of all screenshots appear in Spanish, this apphas been completely translated to English
Plick Reborn 1.0.4
JD Soft
Plick Reborn is the remake of the original game "Plick!" Now withHD graphics and good music. Collect all drops that fall from theceiling with your fantastic saucepan. Accumulate coins and unlocknew game modes. Moves up in the worldwide ranking and get all theachievements while playing.
RetroArena: Videogames Quiz 1.0.4
JD Soft
RetroArena is a quiz game where you havetosharpen your memory and guess what game sound effect beingplayedbelongs.With same mechanics than the classic TV show "Who wants to beamillionaire", try to complete all stages and unlock new gamemodesand emblems.Transport yourself to the mythical era of video games from the80sand 90s, where the best games were forged.
Plick! 1.06
JD Soft
Plick! is an absurdly entertaining game in which you'll bepickingup drops from the ceiling all day (or until the battery ofyoursmartphone says enough). The game mechanics are simple: Slideyourfinger on the screen or click on the places where you wantthesaucepan will go and ensures that no drop slip away.Accumulatepoints and treat yourself at the store, where you canexpand youroptions and game modes as you progress. Crappy graphics,simplegameplay, fun guaranteed.