Piclay - Photo Editor 4.0.0
Piclay is an amazingly simple photo app. Create unique photos byblending and mirroring your images. Add light leaks, textures,frames and photo filters to your photos. Adjust the colour andcontrast of your artworks.Piclay features:• Overlay mode- Enablesyou to lay one image over the top of another, creating atransparent/overlay effect.- Easily add photo effects to youroverlaid images.• Mirror mode - Horizontally mirror your images.-Vertically mirror your images.- 4x mirror features.• Original Photofilters• Original Photo frames• Share all works of art viaInstagram and FacebookCheckout @piclay on Instagram and hash-tag#piclay to have your artwork featured.Thanks for all of yoursupport! We love seeing all of the amazing Piclay art.
Background Eraser - bg remover and photo editor 1.14.0
Are you looking for an easy to use picture and photo editor? 📸 Doyou want to remove background from any image? ✂️ Look no more!Background eraser, bg remover and photo editor is the perfect appto remove, cut out or erase any photo background. Download the appfor free! 🤑 Background eraser, bg remover and photo editor is theultimate background remover tool. Cut out and crop any unwantedimage, easily remove background from any photo and eraseimperfections on your best images and any picture. If you want toremove background from any photo, image or picture, BackgroundEraser, bg remover and photo editor has your back! It is an easy touse photo editor for background removal, that will easily allow youto get rid of any imperfections on your image or simply remove thebackground and make it transparent. Once you have edited yourphoto, you can save the image in PNG or JPG format. <2>Howdoes Background eraser, bg remover and photo editor work? 1.Download the app for free! 2. Choose any picture you want to editand start working! 💪 Choose the eraser option in order to removeand make the background transparent from any image. You can remove& erase any object, background, color, people or watermark fromyour favorite photo with just a few taps. 3. Restore the photo forultimate perfection! 👌 4. Make any photo, picture or image in pngor jpg format and save it. 📲 Background eraser, bg remover andphoto editor is an easy to use background eraser app, remover andeditor for any photo or image. If you are looking for an easy touse app tool to edit and crop your photos, this is the one!Download for free and enjoy this bg eraser and remover that willdefinitely help any picture look better than ever! Backgrounderaser, bg remover and photo editor is the perfect app for peoplethat want their pictures to turn out flawless. Try using ouradvanced eraser tool, change width, offset and threshold formaximum perfection. This app is not only a background remover anderaser, but it is also an editor for any picture, photos or images.You can remove & erase any object, background, color, people orwatermark from your favorite photo with just a few taps. Makepicture’s background transparent, remove and erase anyimperfections in your photo, use the editor to remove watermarks,people or any other parts of an image. All of this and more in thisbackground eraser, bg remover and photo editor. What features doesBackground eraser, bg remover and photo editor offer? - Advancedbackground erasing tool like Target Area, Target Color, Brush Tool!- Undo-Redo actions! - Restore/Reverse Tool! - Save as Png or Jpgformat! Cut out photo background, erase color from any picture andimage, make png and jpg formats, or crop any people or watermarkfrom your favorite photo with just a few taps. Remember, this isnot an app that will allow you to add filters to your picture. Itis an app that allows background removal and allows the user toerase any imperfections, crop objects, remove color, people orwatermark from your favorite photo with just a few taps. We havespent hundreds of hours perfecting every part of our bg remover anderaser free app in order to bring you the best quality possible.We’re passionate users of editor apps as well! If you have anyquestions or comments, please let us know We’d love to hear from you! Thank you fordownloading Photo Background Eraser & Background Remover App.
Color Pop Effects - Color Splash & Photo Recolor 1.25
Being the most popular Instagram Photo Editor for Color SplashEffect on Android, Color splash photo editor has more than 5millions fans worldwide & keeps growing. Color Pop Effects isthe best free black and white photo editor with lots of amazingPhoto color splash Effect & Photo Filters! With Color PopEffects, you are able to tell a story with images livening up anymonochrome photo and adding a Color Splash Effect.  Changeyour colored photo to black and white or recolor your picture andapply lots of amazing photo filters and effects to make the ColorSplash Effect! With color splash effect black and white photoeditor feature, you can definitely get a great vintage effects lookwith a little bit of photo color splash. This will turn an old andvintage monochromatic look to a modern pop look which you cancherish among your friends.  You can tag your friends onInstagram, and share on Snapchat too, it will bypass all the boringfilters of Snapchat and give your profile a standout look. Thiscolor picture effect is a good choice for everyone who is lookingfor something attractive such as Instagram filters for his socialprofiles. Color Pop photo effects let your old boring photo filtersand effects aside and take your pictures to the next level with ourfree black and white photo editor. Keep the selected parts of yourcolor picture in full color and convert the rest to black and whitefor amazing color photo filters and photo effects. Recolor variousobjects and you will get dramatically different color effects. Nopreset filters can do it! Downloading Color Pop Effects - ColorSplash Effect & Photo Recolor is comparable to getting accessto a pro lab to recolor pictures. This powerful photo editingstudio stands out from other photo filters apps providing a widerange of free options to play around. Possibilities: 🔅 Gray outeveryone in an image, except for you! 🔅 Recolor the skygreen/yellow/rainbow or whatever! - Make your hair purple! 🔅Colorize your eyes blue or green! 🔅 Add a splash of brightness toanything! The Possibilities are endless, just embrace the splashesof your imagination! How to maximize the possibilities of Color popeffects feature? You can pick any photo of you, turn it into ablack and white vintage photo and then start playing with photorecolor. Colorize anything in the picture and color that you liketo add. For instance, you can change your boring black colored hairinto funky purple. You can change the color of your eyes and turnthem into blue, brown, hazel or even black. Like to highlightyourself from others, change the brightness and your picture ishighlighted. There are tons of other things you can do in colorsplash effect photo editing app, just play with your creativity andit will amaze you. Features: 🔅 Pan & Zoom: pan & zoom towork in detail 🔅 Undo & Redo: undo & redo for perfectediting 🔅 Brush Size: brush size & opacity control for preciseediting - Share: share your amazing editing on Instagram, Facebook🔅 Photo Filters: lots of amazing filters to make the photos lookinggreat Filter different recoloring options and choose the one whichtells the story of your photo the best! We spent hundreds of hoursperfecting every part of our photo editing app in order to bringyou the best quality possible because we’re passionate users of 📷camera filters and editing apps as well! If you have any questionsor comments, please let us know on We’dlove to hear from you! Thank you for downloading Color Pop Effects- Color Splash & Photo Recolor!
Piclay Pro - Photo Editor 4.0.0
PICLAY PRO - The ULTIMATE photo app!Piclay PRO is an amazinglysimple design/photo app. Create unique photos by blending andmirroring your images. Add light leaks, textures, frames and photofilters to your photos. Adjust the colour and contrast of yourartworks.- 50 Unique filters- 50 Amazing frames- Blend your images-Mirror your images- NO ADS- NO WatermarkShare the enjoyment withthe world via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Add Music To Video 🎶 Add Music, Audio & Sound 🎥 1.3.0
Get more likes and views on Instagram, Youtube & Vine by addingbackground music to your video with Add Music To Video Editor app!FEATURES ♯ Trim Video: Add Music To Video Editor app let you cutout any unwanted moments from the videos. ♯ Trim Audio: Add MusicTo Video Editor app cut out any unwanted moments from the audios. ♯Multiple Tracks: with Add Music To Video Editor app, you can addunlimited audio tracks, music & voice to your video. ♯ MusicTracks: Add Music To Video Editor app has a huge music library.Choose from trailer, corporate, ukulele, horror etc. ♯ PositioningTracks: Position your music tracks for perfect editing! ♯ ShareVideos: Share your creation on Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebookor by E-mail directly from Add Music To Video Editor app.INSTRUCTIONS 1. Import Video: import your video into Add Music ToVideo Editor app for editing 2. Trim & Volume Control: Tap onthe video slider to control the volume and trim your videoaccording to your need inside Add Music To Video Editor app 3.Import Music: Tap on “TAP HERE TO ADD MUSIC” to add music tracks,song in the Add Music To Video Editor app 4. Positioning Tracks:Long press on audio tracks and drag for perfect positioning in AddMusic To Video Editor app. 5. Save or Share: Save the video youedited with Add Music To Video Editor app to your library or Shareon Facebook, Instagram or send via Email. Keep in touch to receiveall updates right on your device. Feel free to ask any query ! We would love to hear from you &appreciate your suggestions. So, lets make your memories even moreamazing & stunning. Download Add Music To Video Editor app& have fun while its free!
Crop Video Editor 📹 - Square fit & Resize Video 1.0.5
Crop Video Editor used for cropping your selected video from listofyour SD card with selected portion only and shared via sociallinkto your friends and family. Features - Merge videos with CropVideoEditor app. - Change output orientation in Crop Video Editorapp -Crop video - Align video - Fit and fill - Save in HDresolution withCrop Video Editor app for any suggestion orcomplaint regarding CropVideo Editor app, please send an email Video Editor lets you create squarevideos for your instagram& other social medias. Crop VideoEditor also can resize yourvideos in various ratio. You can mergemultiple videos with thissimple app.