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WiFi Manager 4.2.6-213
Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection qualitywith a channel radar. Discover open networks around you. Set theapp to scan for and switch to best network. Includes home screenwidgets: - detailed connection info - connect to a network with asingle tap - toggle "best network switcher" New and improved: •Better compatibility with Android 6+. • Updated design. • Assignyour own descriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks - neverforget what that "XYZ1234" network is. • Connect to a network witha single tap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget. • "Bestnetwork switcher" scans for and switches to a better network iffound (out of those configured, off by default, please see appsettings); Some features require the premium package, availableright in the application through Google Wallet: Per-network options(description, icon, IP address), the one-tap connect widget, andtwo widget themes inspired by Android 5.*. All the other -essential - features are free: the widget with detailed connectioninfo (four sizes, two free themes), scanning and connecting tonetworks, the network list view, the network signal radar, the"best network switcher". Orders are processed by Google and can bereactivated after a phone reset / flash, or on a new phone. Thefree version contains ads. The full (premium) version is completelyad-free. Permissions: "Prevent phone from sleeping" is needed forautomatic scanning and discovery open networks around you."Storage" is for notifications about open networks, when enabled,and the sound file is picked from storage. Also used to back up /restore your per-network icons / descriptions to / from a file (inthe menu on the app's main screen). "Change system settings" usedby the "access point / tether" widget. "Market billing service" forpurchasing the "premium" version. ••• If you have an issue or aquestion, you can reach me at [email protected] •••
Guess the Restaurant Quiz - Logo Trivia Game 1.33
More than 3 Million Players for Guess the Restaurant Quiz. Thankyou all for the love and support for our 'Guess The' brand of quiz.Do check out our other popular quizzes too. Simply look at thepictures and guess the restaurants. Test your knowledge. How manywill you be able to recognise? Its extremely simple to play. Thisis an extremely casual game. Whether you are relaxing at home, ortravelling in a train or airplane or even if you want to take abreak at work, this is the perfect trivia game. Best thing aboutthis game is that you can get every one involved around you AND youcan play it offline. Also, you can challenge them to see who knowsmore and can solve the most. Start quizzing them even. Millennialswill love this! - Have a look at the restaurant brands and guessthe name of the restaurant. One step gameplay. No need to scratchthe logo off or anything of that sort. You could have even eatenfood at this restaurant at some point like tacos, burgers, friesetc. All you have to do is recognise the logo and guess the brandname. - All popular restaurants from USA, UK, China, Japan, Indiaetc. with tasty and delicious foods are included. You simply haveto know them! - We will keep updating the game with more and morelevels. The story does not end. We will provide you with freshcontent. We know you are hungry for more and there will be acontinuous challenge. - No registration required - Hundreds ofemblems included. Huge collection. More packs coming soon! -Challenging and unlimited fun - High quality graphics - Casualtrivia guessing game - Special American levels included - No wifineeded If you are a quizzer, this is for you. It's all completelyfree! If you manage to finish this game, you are truly a superhero!Hope you enjoy this. We love making quizzes for every one.
Iconic - Guess Character Quiz - Pics Trivia Game 1.6
All in a Days Play brings to you a truly entertaining charactersguessing game. The most AWESOME CHARACTERS packed into ONE game!How many of them do you know? Have a look at the images and guesswho it is! It's simple to play and a lot of FUN for the family!This game will take you on a journey to meet the most amazingcartoons, super heroes, villains, game, movie, anime characters,youtubers, Hollywood characters, icons and other famouspersonalities. This is a very simple yet challenging brain ticklingquiz. Some are easy to guess and you will know them instantly, butsome may prove to be a much bigger challenge to guess. Test yourguessing ability to recognise these amazing iconic characters andbecome the ultimate entertainment trivia guru. Can you recognisethe best fictional Characters? Get every one involved. Play it withyour family and friends. You have definitely come across all thesecharacters sometime in your lives, so this games tests your memoryand guessing ability. It's a personality quiz which any one andevery one around the world can play. If you get stuck, you canalways post the question on Facebook or Twitter for help.
Guess the Game Quiz - Picture Puzzle Trivia
Have a look at the image and guess the Game. It’s simple to playand a lot of fun! This will take you on a journey to meet the bestGames!We have grown up playing classic console games. Gaming brandshave shifted from console to PC and now mobile gaming is aphenomenon! This amazing trivia app covers every classic and recentgame!EARN BRAGGING RIGHTS!Can you recognize the best Games? Testyour knowledge and become the ultimate Game Guru. PLAY SOME, LEARNSOME! Don’t miss out on knowing about the best Games in the world.This is packed with awesome images and endless entertainment. SHARETHE FUN! This game is perfect to play with your family and friends.Get everyone involved! Challenge them to see who knows more. Creditfor the amazing images, icon and logo goes to – Jigar Bhanushali!Like us on Facebook: on Twitter:
Guess the Game Icon Quiz
All in a Days Play bring to you a trivia app that all game-loverscan connect with! It will have you guessing the most popular gamesprovided in beautiful picture puzzle format.The real question is:HOW MANY OF THEM CAN YOU GUESS? Have a look at the picture, icon,brand, character or logo and guess the Game. It’s simple to playand a lot of fun! This game will take you on a journey to see thebest Games on mobile, PC, Console etc. It will have you guessingfor hours and hours. Millennials will love this quiz challenge.EARNBRAGGING RIGHTS! Can you recognize the best Games? Test yourknowledge and become the ultimate Games Guru. Always good toknow more about games than your friends and family do :-). Use thisgame to become the official family quizzer. PLAY SOME, LEARNSOME!  Don’t miss out on knowing about the best Games in theworld. The game is packed with awesome images and endlessentertainment. Its simple, minimal and eye candy worthy. SHARETHE FUN!  This game is perfect to play with your family andfriends. Get everyone involved! Challenge them to see who knowsmore. Ultimately, it's really easy to play. Not like its thehardest game ever or anything of that sort. Also, if you get stuck,you can always post the image on Facebook or Twitter for help. Itsa trivia game like no other. If you are addicted to games, you willlove this app.Download now and enjoy this vast quiz that every onecan connect with.We love making quizzes that every one can enjoy.