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Ferdinand Fruit Match 3 Game 1.0
Latest Games 2018
Ferdinand Fruit Match 3 Game Fruit and relaxing match 3 puzzlegame:just swipe the board to create sequences of 3 or moreobjects,vertically or horizontally.You can call it in any way youlike -candies, jewels or sweet sweet bubbles. It all works in thegame -just match as many as you can to clear the levels.Gamefeatures-Free to play- Bonus for getting 3 stars- Small download -fast trackto start playing.- No need for internet or WiFiconnection - you canplay offline.- Continuous updates with moreaction packed levels.
Jungle Adventure 3 : Lugi Adventure 1.0
Latest Games 2018
Hometown of super boy was invaded and destroyed byunexpectedmonsters. Super boy was all alone! Go help him take hishometownback!🍓 Super jungle adventures - Run and jump is the bestjungleadventure game for ever. The game has many difficult levelsto playand to discover.🍅 Special Feature: 🍅⛄ 90 new levels andchallenge⛄6 super worlds with magnificent graphics⛄ 22 differentmonstersfrom the former versions⛄ Super boy can transform his sizewithsuper mushroom, marvelous experience!⛄ Great graphics andmusic.⛄Play, run, jump and attack enemies and super boss⛄ Superworldsunlock free when play to end of that super world.🍒 Super boyinJungle World as in classic platform games with a journey ofsuperboy. In this jungle adventure , Super boy must pass so muchthreatsto run to target super world. You can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere. Super boy must be findit.
Fruit Match Jumanji Jungle : Match 3 Game 1.02
Latest Games 2018
Fun and relaxing match 3 puzzle game: just swipe the board tocreatesequences of 3 or more objects, vertically orhorizontally.You cancall it in any way you like - candies, jewelsor sweet sweetbubbles. It all works in the game - just match asmany as you can toclear the levels.Game features- Free to play-Bonus for getting 3stars- Small download - fast track to startplaying.- No need forinternet or WiFi connection - you can playoffline.- Continuousupdates with more action packed levels.
Subway Surf (fan made) 1.0
Latest Games 2018
Subway surf game is the latest and most challenging game to play,inthis new subway surf game you will find some differentcharactersand very interesting.The advantages of Subway surf gameare:1. Has aunique character2. Have many items.3. HD Display4. Thegame isgetting lighter5. Fun and challengingHow to play Subwaysurf game:1.Subway Surf game is very easy, you just escape fromthe pursuit of asecurity guard who keeps the train carriage, whyare you pursued?Because you have ruined the train car with paint /drawing it.2.When you are pursued, there will be many challengesthat will hinderyou, but do not panic, because when you arepursued you will finditems that make you easier to run / avoidpursuit of the securityguard.3. In addition, you are also requiredto collect coins, subwaysurf 2018 of this runner also has a lot ofcoins, then when you run,you have to collect as much coins aspossible and the coin is usefulto buy items in the new Subway surfgame.Okay, that's some brief butclear explanation, hope you enjoythe new subway surf gameImportantnote :- please note that this isnot official Subway Surferapplication , this is just somethingmade by a fan. Thanks …… if youhave any issues please contact usat provided email. Thanks