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Boitatá: Fire Snake 1.4
Mantus Game Studio
Control a legendary fire snake in thisfunnyand challenging game inspired on the classic snake gamewithaddition of new features in gameplay and a totally uniquetheme.* Devour as many animals in the glade without eating yourselforhitting obstacles.* Play and release 6 different levels with different themesandchallenges.* Get unique powers and effects.* Choose from 3 ways to control Boitatá (Swipe, D-padorTurn-pad)
Beware the Bombs 1.6
Mantus Game Studio
Take control of the rabbit Tody,asuper-rabbit-bombs-detector and embark on this epic journeytorecover the carrots that vile Blaaaargh stole from theCoelhãovillage, be very careful on this journey because you willface manychallenges along the way.*The mechanics are inspired by the Minesweeper game butthecolors show where is the danger. Attention to them!*Careful with the bombs!! disarm all of them!!*Be fast and protect your little friends before they step onthebombs!*And do not forget the Blaaargh watchdogs!*Play and release 35 levels in 5 maps with theme anddifferentchallenges.*I've told you about the bombs? They’re too many!Beware the Bombs is a unique, simple and challenging gamereadyfor your fun.Please, suggestions or complaints contact us via e-mail developerorfan page facebook:
Pororoca's Richard 1.1
Mantus Game Studio
Richard é um aventureiro nato, já esteveemmais de 321589 aventuras por todo mundo, mas contudo porém etodavia ele está preste a enfrentar seu pior inimigo "The Pororoca"umaterrível e vilanesca onda que destrói tudo por onde passa,correRichard!!Será que Richard ira sobreviver? quem levará a melhornesseembate entre um homem e natureza, entre gelo e o fogo,sucrilhoscom leito ou sucrilhos com danone, teamCap ou teamIron,entre a luze a escuridão ???????são muitas perguntas que você só vai descobrir jogando,sainegão!"Pororoca is Coming"*Pressiona o dedo na tela que vai tambémRichard is abornadventurer, has been in more than 321,589 adventures aroundtheworld, but yet however and all through he is about to facehisworst enemy "The Pororoca" a terrible and villainous wavethatdestroys everything wherever he goes, runs Richard! !Does Richard will survive? who will take the best in thisclashbetween a man and nature, between ice and fire, cornflakeswith bedor cornflakes with danone, teamCap or teamIron, betweenlight anddarkness ???????are many questions that you will only find playing, out nigga!"Pororoca is Coming"* Press your finger on the screen that will also