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MCAT Madness:Physical Sciences 1.0
MiG Tech
Now on sale! 33% off the usual price of $2.99,only $1.99!MCAT Madness includes 250 thought-provoking questions, writtento find knowledge gaps in the Physical Sciences section of theMCAT. Written by a top New York City tutor who has taught chemistryat NYU, these questions are a time-effective method ofpreparation.You can do a few questions at a time, any time- while you're on thebus, the train, going to or coming back from school or work.Most importantly, the explanations to these questions show youeffective test-taking techniques, which can help you take the MCATmore effectively and score higher!
MCAT Madness Lite 1.3
MiG Tech
This app features 50 questions to help prepare you for theMCATPhysical sciences section. If you like it, try the full250question version- now on sale for only $1.99!No advertising, more science.Written by a hard-core science guy, the question writer hastaughtcourses in chemistry and physics at NYU, and has been aprivatetutor to the stars in New York City for over a decade.Now you can carry all of that experience around in your pocketforless than the price of a Starbucks Grande Latte.Thank you and enjoy!