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Anatomy by Muscle & Motion 2.2.8
Muscle and Motion
ANATOMY app by Muscle & Motion Learn Anatomy with clear &engaging 3D videos! THE ANATOMY CONTENT INCLUDED: • Anatomy of thehuman body muscular system • Origin & Insertion – Visualize theorigin and insertion of each muscle • Specific analysis andfunctions of all muscles & muscle groups • Animations,pictures, and diagrams teaching you how muscles move • 3D anatomyof the human skeletal system including bone and joint analysis •Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Kinesiology videos • Yoursubscription will be valid for all versions (Android Mobile/tablet,iPad/iPhone, PC, MAC) Easily accessed and navigated, the"Muscle&Motion - Anatomy" app is exceedingly efficient as areference source in applied professional settings. With more than2000 high-quality videos, using 3D models and vivid illustrations,this app is a uniquely effective educational tool for promoting: •intradisciplinary or interdisciplinary learning; • macro and microanalyses of, and within, isolated anatomical/physiological systems;• integrative comprehension of the mechanisms and functionalinteractions that create bodily motion. What’s in the App? The appfeatures four thematic learning modules. Each module providessubject relevant terminology, theory, and explanations – introducedand contextualized using 3D rotatable images and multi-angle 3Danimations. The 4 Learning Modules: 1) 3D Anatomy of the MuscularSystem • A complete and detailed animated viewing of the physicalstructure of the human muscular system, including all muscle groupsand individual muscles, their positions and parts – insertions,origins, and the joints upon which they act. • The antagonistic,synergetic and stabilizing functions of specific muscles inproducing specific movements. 2) 3D Anatomy of the Skeletal SystemFull articulation of the skeletal system and its constituent parts.Using the apps' 3D rotation capability, each bone and its joints -its different areas and its points of attachment to muscle - areanalyzed from all sides. 3) 3D Kinesiology A comprehensive surveyof the movements performed by each joint relative to the body'sanatomical planes and horizontal axis; it identifies the musclesinvolved and their actions on the joint in creating movements ofdifferent kinds (flexion and extension, abduction and adduction,circumduction, etc.) Each movement is presented from differentangles. 4) 3D energy Mechanisms A review of the physiologyimpacting the muscular system, featuring Anaerobic and Aerobicenergy mechanisms involved in producing motion. Anatomy byMuscle&Motion is exceptionally well suited for the educationaldemands that characterize academic and professional environments.The apps' easy access, hierarchical and non-linear navigationcapabilities, and multiple 3D animations: • Enable flexibility inpreparing and implementing lesson plans; • Accelerate theassimilation of details and complex mechanisms, and reinforceunderstanding; • Enhance the later retrieval, mental visualization,and manipulation of required knowledge in applied and researchsettings. You Are One Click Away from Significantly Raising YourKnowledge! Download now! The "Muscle & Motion" team--------------------------------------------- You can cancel at anytime through the iTunes store settings. Plans automatically renewunless you turn off auto-renew in your iTunes account 24 hoursbefore the end of your current subscription period. If you’re notready for unlimited access, you can still get access to selectedvideos and explanations in each chapter of the app. All details arein our terms of use and privacy policy. Privacy: Terms: Questions?Suggestions? Our trusty customer support team is just an email away--- simply write to
Posture by Muscle & Motion 2.3.7
Muscle and Motion
Groundbreaking new premium software in the field of Human Postureby Muscle and Motion Ltd & Dr. Gill Solberg. Development ofthis app took years as we transferred the written word to easilyunderstandable video clips. Ever wished you could learn how todiagnose your patient's posture patterns? Now you can! WHAT YOUWILL LEARN? • You will learn to identify and diagnose posturalproblems • Learn how to treat those posture defects/problems •Integrate some posture exercises in your regular training session •Principles of therapeutic applications for people with Posturalproblems • Techniques for comprehensive postural diagnosis •Building adapted therapeutic effective exercises • Gain the abilityto identify typical postural tendencies • You will be able to adaptany exercise to any kind of problem You will also understand howmaking a small change in a range of motion in one joint can solve aproblem in another joint. WHO IT BENEFITS? This comprehensiveprofessional software was built especially for teachers,therapists, and instructors of all movement methods who areinterested in deepening their understanding of the anatomical,kinesiological and motor components of human movement and toimprove the quality of their teaching and instruction. • PersonalFitness Trainers & Coaches • Pilates, Dance & YogaInstructors • Orthopedics • Chiropractors and Physical &Occupational Therapists • Massage Therapists • Kinesiology &Anatomy Students • University & College Professors • FitnessEnthusiasts The professional collaboration between Dr. Gill Solbergand Amit Gal Alon takes the world of human kinesiology a few stepsforward and creates a compulsory visual tool for everytrainer/teacher who is interested in deepening his/herunderstanding of the movement and posture system. MUSCLE AND MOTIONPOSTURE INCLUDES: • Postural disorder: Kyphosis, Lordosis, FlatBack, Scoliosis. • Therapeutic exercises. • eBook: Posturaldisorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Diagnosis, Prevention,and Treatment • 3D Stretching Anatomy • Postural tests /assessments • 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System • 3D Anatomy of theSkeletal System • 3D Kinesiology in Motion • 3D Core TrainingAnatomy This is an opportunity to learn from top-notchprofessionals and to raise their own instructional quality byseveral levels. This unique and professional app contains hundredsof very high quality and original visuals and deals with theconnection between theoretical and practical aspects of humanmovement and posture with the aim of expanding and enriching theuses of movement for therapy and for daily activity and improvingposture patterns in daily functioning. Wishing you a fruitful andexciting learning experience. With any question, we are here toassist you at The Muscle and Motion team
Yoga by Muscle & Motion 2.2.7
Muscle and Motion
Take your Yoga Classes to the next level! Expand your knowledge,become a better Yoga teacher! Groundbreaking new premium softwarein the field of YOGA. Who It Benefits? This comprehensiveprofessional software was built especially for Yoga teachers whoare interested in deepening their understanding of the anatomical,kinesiological and motor components of Yoga and to improve thequality of their teaching and instruction. Ever wished you couldlearn how to diagnose your students’ posture patterns? Now you can!The professional collaboration between Dr. Gill Solberg and AmitGal Alon takes the world of Yoga a few steps forward and creates acompulsory visual tool for every student/teacher who is interestedin deepening his/her understanding of the movement and posturesystem during yoga practice. This is an opportunity to learn fromtop-notch professionals and to raise their instructional quality byseveral levels. All of the content is presented visually, inspectacular 3D, to help teachers deal with questions that ariseduring instruction such as: - What does this position work on? -What might be the source of the learner’s difficulty? Knowledge inthese areas will enable teachers to work with confidence, from awell-grounded understanding of body movement, which will help avoidcausing harm as the result of an inappropriate yoga practice.- Howcan we deal with movement limitations during the yoga practice?--------------------------------------------- All of our plansinclude unlimited access to the content. 3D animation, videos,muscular anatomy explanations, kinesiology & skeletal videosand more. You can cancel at any time through the iTunes storesettings. Plans automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renewin your iTunes account 24 hours before the end of your currentsubscription period. If you’re not ready for unlimited access, youcan still get access to selected videos and explanations in eachchapter of the app. All details are in our terms of use and privacypolicy. Privacy: Terms: Questions?Suggestions? Our trusty customer support team is just an email away--- simply write to
Strength Training by Muscle and Motion 2.5.11
Muscle and Motion
Helping you become a movement professional! Strength training appby Muscle and Motion Ltd is a cross-platform app with 1 Millionusers. See why millions of fitness professionals & enthusiastslove our 4000+ high-quality videos, 1000+ exercises & 70+stretches that are beautifully analyzed in 3D animations. BECOME AMOVEMENT PROFESSIONAL– GET A GREAT SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE “StrengthTraining app by Muscle&Motion” is a professional andinteractive advanced anatomy and exercise app containing over 40003D high-quality videos, workout plans, tips, and theory in thetopics of muscle, movement, and fitness that are guaranteed to helpyou become a pro in your field. PERFECT 3D ANIMATIONS WITH MUSCLEANATOMY Each exercise is animated with a see-through human bodyanimation so you can understand each exercise easily. See why wehave millions of fitness enthusiasts & professional athletesand trainers using our app to understand muscle anatomy. STRENGTHTRAINING APP IS USED BY CLOSE TO A MILLION USERS WORLDWIDE,INCLUDING: ☑️ Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches ☑️ Strengthand Conditioning Coaches ☑️ Fitness professionals ☑️ Pilates, Dance& Yoga Instructors, Teachers ☑️ Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters& Athletes ☑️ Chiropractors ☑️ Physical, Occupational, andMassage Therapists ☑️ Kinesiology & Anatomy Students ☑️University & College Professors ☑️ Fitness Lovers &Trainees STRENGTH TRAINING ANALYSIS VIDEOS: ANATOMY, METHODS &TECHNIQUES: ☑️ Show trainees which muscles are stimulated duringexercise and illustrate perfect form and technique. ☑️ Learncrucial nuances for every exercise through our unique library ofeducational videos WORKOUT PLANS ☑️ Create customized workout planswith our science-based exercise videos ☑️ Share your workouts withyour clients! ☑️ Manage workout calendars (Edit workouts online)OVER 1000 EXERCISES ANALYZED, INCLUDING: ☑️ Bench press, leg press,shoulder press ☑️ Dead-lift, clean, snatch, power clean ☑️ Lunges,Squats ☑️ Curls: preacher curl, leg curl, bicep-curl ☑️ Squats,chair squat, full squat, front squat ☑️ Pull-ups, push-ups,pull-downs ☑️ Extensions: Leg extension, back extension, tricepsextension, ☑️ Chest-fly, shoulder fly ☑️ Lateral-raise, leg-raise☑️ Upright row, bent over row ☑️ Hip abductor ☑️ Seated calf raise,standing calf raise ☑️ And much more! STRENGTH TRAINING COMMONMISTAKES: Clearly, show clients how common mistakes in training mayaffect them. ☑️ Dos & don’ts videos in training ☑️ InjuryPrevention ☑️ Causes of common limitations 70 STRETCHES ANALYZED,INCLUDING: Stretching Exercise Analysis Videos: ☑️ Trunk Stretches☑️ Hip Stretches ☑️ Leg Stretches ☑️ Upper Body Stretches ☑️ NeckStretches MUSCULOSKELETAL ANATOMY & KINESIOLOGY VIDEOS: Masterthe minute distinctions of muscular movement, watching how theyfunction as a group over each joint. Strengthen your understandingof muscular anatomy in motion. MUSCLE STRENGTH EXERCISES & GAINSTRENGHT CONTENT INCLUDED: ☑️ Anatomy of the human body muscularsystem (including essential anatomy) ☑️ Specific analysis andfunctions of all muscles and muscle groups ☑️ Animations, pictures,and diagrams that teach you how muscles move and work ☑️ 3D anatomyof the human skeletal system including bone and joint analysisAFFORDABLE SUBSCRIPTION Our subscription is a pay-once & useanywhere model. Use across your smartphones, desktop computer,tablets. You can log in to the Free version which allows you towatch 25% of the Videos. After purchasing a subscription, you willget 100% full access to all the Videos. Feel free to send usfeedback for suggestions and improvements. With any questions, weare here for you at Wishing you a fruitfuland exciting learning experience! The Muscle and Motion team
Kyphosis & Rounded Back by Muscle and Motion 1.2.1
Muscle and Motion
You don't like your slumped overlook? Your back is rounded andslumped? You're not alone. Millions of teens around the world havethe same problem. Now it's much easier to get upright! A new appfor treating (and preventing) rounded back. Join "Muscle andMotion" & Dr. Gill Solberg for a comprehensive and veryeffective 8-week treatment program for Kyphosis and rounded backproblems. Every day you'll receive a list of outstanding exercisesfor improving ranges of movement, including full explanations! Eachexercise was carefully tested and adapted to effectively treatkyphosis and rounded back. If you follow the program and performthe exercises regularly, every day, you will see significantimprovement in your posture patterns! This app is intended forchildren, youth, and adults that can improve their posture in themost professional, effective, safe and helpful way. The app allowsa progressive continual training program which, when performedcontinuously and consistently, step by step, day after day, willlead to the establishment of postural control! Hyper-kyphosis androunded back depend on a plethora of causal factors. Our programsets down the best therapeutic exercises that are suitable for allcases. The team behind the app: Dr. Solberg is a Clinicalkinesiologist since 1985. Specialized in Clinical Kinesiology andPostural Disorders. Dr. Solberg is a diagnostician and headtherapist in his private clinic that offers Physical Therapy, forMusculoskeletal Dysfunctions and postural disorders and is aleading lecturer at various academic colleges in Israel. His book"Postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction: diagnosisprevention and Treatment" was published by "Elsevier" and is nowbeing an academic textbook, all over the world in 5 languages."Muscle and Motion" products serve a wide audience from the anatomystudent to physical and massage therapists, educators,universities, personal trainers, and anyone interested in enhancingtheir knowledge of movement. With millions of customers all overthe world, Muscle and Motion team are still as passionate aboutmaking muscle movement easy to understand for people around theworld. We continue to develop new content and adapt to newtechnology platforms, so our users get the best learning materialspossible. Download the app now and start the 8-week correctiveprogram! The first week is for FREE, so what are you waiting for?This is the time to straighten up, feel better, taller, and moreenergetic. Access available on iOS and Android devices. Get fullaccess to all 8-week with a one-time fee of 15$US