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F16 vs F18 Air Fighter Attack 2.4
Nation Games 3D
This is a very awesome and addictive action adventure air fight wargames, for the hardest & toughest people who love destructionand action games world. Becoming a pilot of super sonic F18aircraft is everyone's dream, now you can fly it from AircraftCarrier in Pacific Sea. Take off your F18 Jet from the AircraftCarrier, do different successful dangerous furious combat missionswith F18 Aircraft & then successful F18 Aircraft Landing onAircraft Carrier Simulator. You can be able to experience the airbattle just on your phone after you download this game.You can playwith awesome air fighter simulation and destroy all the enemies onyour way to save your country and your people from invasion, try tofight all the copter and air speed fighters jets on your way. Justscroll and control your fighter jets, shooting and destroying theenemy F16s attacking us. Avoid enemy Airplanes, Air Fighters,Aircrafts, Air Navy Fighters, gun strikes and obstacles and destroythem by your excellent gun strike shoots at them!F16 vs F18 AirForce Fighter is an ultimate sky war against the enemy airplanesand sky fighters. Take control of your air force fighter jet andfly high into the skies. Fight the air battle in the skies againstsome of the best airplanes. It is flight simulator mission game totest your flying skills. Your airbase - Aircraft Carrier is underthe enemy air force attack and the freedom of your airbase is indanger. Play the air strike battle simulation and defend yourcountry’s pride in this jet fighter flight simulator. Show yoursovereignty as a pro fighter jet pilot to battle the sky war. Enemyhas surrounded with their fighter jets from all sides, take themout and return to your air base safely. Get aware of the enemybases and get into jet dogfights. Destroy enemy navy and carrierships to combat against their air force strike. Become a pro jetflight driver and fly high in this air force flight simulator.Thegame consists of campaign dog fight mode. Make a career in airforce and complete the whole jet fight campaign. There are 5gameplay missions in campaign mode. Defend your base against airand navy attacks. Complete the series of air missions and save yourcountry’s pride. Do dogfight if you want to test your jet fightsurvival skills. Get into air wars against countless enemy fighterjet planes. End up as the survivor to claim yourself as the topfighter jet pilot. Get the taste of flying the most amazing fighterjet planes like F-16 & F-18. Fly high in the skies like a proair force fighter jet pilot.Improve the Air Force's combatcapability through victory. F18 is a powerful aircraft to firefight with powerful air force having supersonic F16. Disengage yourjet from enemy SAM missiles, avoid radars, select your favoriteweapons and destroy warships, shoot Gunship aircrafts. Get readyfor an ultimate air attack!F16 vs F18 Air Attack Features▶Missions: Gameplay Engine with four different fighting missions▶Jet Fighters module encounter physical engine war▶ Realisticcontrols with smooth gesture movement▶ 3rd person and cockpitcontroller view▶ Artificial weather conditions featuring thickclouds, rain and hurricanes ▶ Intensified blend on flightsimulation and air combat▶ Warcraft technology with target lock andradar visibility▶ Very cool sound and screen effects in theaircraft attack▶ Dozens Of modern weapons from the enemy, such asaircraft fighter, tank and aircraft carrier.Use Various weapons todestroy your enemies. Your Air Force is waiting for your victory atevery level! The world war has begun; get on your fighters to savethe world. Endless hours fun!
Tank Helicopter Urban Warfare 2.2
Nation Games 3D
The world is under attack, we are at state of war & We have toshoot down every single apache helicopter without missing a panzertank fire. There’s been a dangerous assault mission between thearmy and the terrorists, battle tank vs apache helicopter,terrorists who have taken over or captured the army apachehelicopter at desert basecamp. Now they are moving towards urbancity and you have to fight against them. Its high time you have totake control of elite anti-terrorist battle tanks, as you unleash adevastating attack on gunship air battle helicopter, as the killerterrorists have pillaged the suburban city and taken over the area.Without any army truck and armour backup support, you have to bethe front line worrier leading the tank vs helicopter battle. Theshooting missions and massacre continues until you win the waragainst terror.Your massive war tank in battlefield is equippedwith all the necessary weapons, steamy explosives & cannon totake down all enemy gunship helicopter machines firing on yourmodern tanks. Your specialized military skills will be tested tothe limit by the task mission given to you as they are clearly outnumbered by your panzer tank force. Let’s see how you can deal witha battle tank vs air battle helicopter combat missions!The panzertanks are the best and advanced machines around, and equipped withdevastating turrets and tracking missiles. You will have toshowcase your immense skills and impeccable accuracy to take outthis massive army as you progress further into the area, where youwill have to face even more formidable opponents. Aim & shootthe terrorist gunship helicopters to destroy the undercoverterrorist groups. Avoid cross firing, it may hurt you. You have torun tanks simulator and then Shoot the Apache Gunship Helicopters.The enemy helicopter flying army also has artillery of high-techprofessional rocket launchers along with human commando to operatethem. Enjoy the 3D battle world of army tank & helicopter wargames with battle tank, army gunship helicopter simulator and neverending tank simulator in action. Apache Helicopter, Army battletanks are a source of great inspiration for those who are fond ofaction games.Tank vs Helicopter Urban Warfare 3D Game Features-Customized aim focus with greater scope- Higher potential urbandestructive tank machine- Ground to air strike physical machinewar- Smooth toggle screen touch controls- Intense slug shooterurban battlefield arena- Jam packed 4 intense shooting missions
F16 vs F18 Dogfight Air Attack 2.2
Nation Games 3D
F16 vs F18 Dogfight Air Attack is a new 3D airplane simulator game.Prepare for the real experience of flying / air strike jet fightergames over military secret islands and beautiful ocean. No Boeings,no Airbus, no Cessna; it’s an ultimate dogfight between F16 and F18inducing navy frigates, armed vessels, submarines & gunsfactories. Become a military skilled fighter Pilot selected formission Black Ops. The most advanced simulation of fighterairplanes. The game also simulates weather conditions, with clearsky, thunderstorms, turbulence and more!Takeoff from the jetaircraft carrier, carry out the Air Strike, dogfight air battle andget back to your destination airbase for landing your airplane onaircraft carrier. Destroy the Nuclear plant, secret installations,anti-aircraft guns, submarines, ships and much more. Guide andsteer your air plane through all the obstacles, rockets, airattack, radars and SAM missiles to ensure you head to the correctdestination, go through all of the waypoints and land at yourdestination airport/ aircraft carrier within the time limit to earnpride for your country. When arriving at your destination air craftcarrier zone, slow the plane down and prepare for landing, becareful not to crash! Guide your plane towards the runway and parkwithin the marked zone on aircraft carrier to complete the level.Be very careful to avoid the enemy jets, helicopters, rockets, antiaircraft gunshots etc on the radar map. As a, F16 fighter jetaircraft pilot, enjoy the fight between F16 and F18 airplanes.
F16vs F18 Dogfight Air Attack Features
:√ Military jet exclusiveaviation missions (named Black Ops)√ Jet Fighters module encounterphysical engine war√ Realistic controls with smooth gesturemovement
√ 3rd person and cockpit controller view
 flightsimulator√ Artificial weather conditions featuring thick clouds,rain and hurricanes 
√ Intensified blend on flight simulation andair combat√ Warcraft technology with target lock and radarvisibility
√ Very cool sound and screen effects in the aircraftattack√ Dozens Of modern airfight weapons from the enemy, such asaircraft fighter, tank, submarine, rockets and aircraft carrier.√Real world simulation with weather forecast and realistic clouds√Realistic 3D cockpitsAccept the air strike challenge, carry out themost dangerous missions and reach the flight deck successfully. F16vs F18 Dogfight Air Attack is a free to play airfight flightsimulation game. Use Various weapons to destroy your enemies, theirtanks, ships & aircrafts in the best flight simulator game.Your Air Force is waiting for your victory at every level! Theworld war has begun; get on your fighters to save the world. If youlove combat flight simulator airplane games, this one is perfectfor you. Enjoy endless hours fun!
Modern American Snipers 3D 2.2
Nation Games 3D
In Modern American Sniper 3D, help America fight the global waragainst terrorism. Join US Navy SEALs, become an ultimate snipershooter. Take up the challenge. Aim, shoot and kill the terroristsand become US top sniper shooter. Save the victims from crossfireand exploding bombs. Aim the right target, go for the headshots.There is a secret Sniper Assassin operation being carried out inmountain of Baghdad, an Arab city. Unfortunately the terroristshave captured the city surrounded by mountains. US Navy SEALs havehired you to eliminate a mob of enemies as the frontline sniperassassin commander to carry out the gorilla war mission ops,infiltrate secure locations and its their duty to eliminatehigh-profile targets. Your lethal strike starts from the enemybases. Destroy the mob of enemies. Master the long-range targetsand well-placed killer shots. Protect Arab from destruction inenemy assault missions. Be prepared! The terrorists are loaded withmodern sniper rifles, rocket launchers, med kits, assault rifles,throwing knives, tesla guns, explosives, armors and heavy guns.Modern American Sniper 3D features:√ 9 exclusive sniper assassinwar missions√ First person shooting (FPS game)√ No Internetconnection required√ Simple controls√ Challenging assassin missionsEnjoy Modern American Sniper 3D while traveling on the road, inyour car, flying in an airplane, in a subway, at home or anywhere.Play your role as a top sniper sharp shooter in dangerous attacks,you are master of silent assassin and US Nave assumes that you willhonor your contract in this assault missions. Shoot lethalheadshots strikes on your targets and do not give them chance toinfiltrate your convoy security. Being a US Army sniper specialforce soldier don’t lose your focus from unseen target as your lifeis at steak. Defend & survive the enemy counter strike onlything matters is success. Fight bravely & steal the success inthis combat warfare; the glory of victory will definitely be yours.Target, Aim, Strike and Kill the bad guys in an Arab city. It’s abattle against terrorism. Modern American Sniper 3D is the bestsniper 3D game among all shooting & action games.
World War of Tanks 3D : WWII 1.8
Nation Games 3D
World War of Tanks 3D is the top adventurous action filled tanksgame. Its deserted world of tanks & Gunship Helicoptermassacre. Shoot & Kill the army of panzer tanks and gunshiphelicopter. Manage a roster of blitz all around. With tacticalprecision and execution in tanks battlefield, you can win the tanksbattle. There’s been a battle alert all across the world. World Warof Tanks has just begun. United States, USSR, Germany and GreatBritain have sent their forces to fight the super tank battleagainst the enemy war tanks and helicopters. Use your best strategyto fight the world of tanks and win the game of war. Get use of themilitary fire age tanks and helikopters. There are deadly bombs,navy soldiers, warplanes, guns weapons, blasts military vehicles,infantry, crossfire and tanks attack everywhere in this free tanksgame. Attack the enemy base with your war tank. This tanks blitz isall about a top-secret mission to win the World War of tanks 3d.Unleash a devastating attack on an army of tanks, as they havepillaged the suburban city and taken over the area. Nothing feelsbetter than shooting enemies in a battle. Navigate through stunningdesert environment. Locate enemy coming near you through yourradar. Shoot down enemy Tanks & Apache Helicopters with yourunlimited ammunition. Alert your Airforce and Army to join in thegame of war with Word War of tanks 3D. Imagine the destruction,It’s the war of nations. Deploy army tanks, train military tanksand engage in epic battles. Enjoy fun and engrossing intensecrossfire. Game Play of World War of Tanks 3DNavigate through thevast lands of the environments with advanced controls of the gunnertank, including swipe aiming of the tank turret, enemy detectionradars and a heavily optimized scope with enemy tagging zoom.Playthrough five intense and deadly levels of gameplay, gunning andshooting down enemy gunner tanks, soldiers with death defyingattack and heavy impact bombs. Your primary mission is to removeall resistance and take down the enemy tank army generals, who areordering and assisting the enemy to attack and raise havoc on thearea. The enemy generals will be strongly guarded by gunner tanksand soldiers inside the buildings. You will have to inflict adeadly attack and tear the enemy apart with extreme shooting skillswith accuracy, eliminating enemies at point blank range. Gunshiphelicopters is also guarding the tanks and they are shelling onyour war tanks. World War of Tanks 3D Features:√ Stunning graphics√Real time gunship battles simulation√ Challenging missions√ Aim andshoot the enemy tanks and choppers√ FPS shooting game This actiongame is free-to-play for all the adventure war-gaming lovers. Thiswar games that let you show off your tactical precision andexecution. Tank games are more fun to play. It’s a war of tanks andhelicopters. Attack & conquer! If you are a fan of actionpacket simulator games, you would find this very interesting andaddictive.
Sniper Heroes 3D Assassin Game 2.0
Nation Games 3D
Aim and Shoot! get yourself a to sniper gun and kill them allbecause you are hired to infiltrate the terrorists. Sniper Heroes3D Assassin Game is a first-person tactical shooter that emphasizesa less direct approach to combat, encouraging the player as asniper to do master lethal strikes in stealth mode and keepdistance from enemy soldiers for unseen because your life is atsteak. Fight the criminal war on crime and become the ultimate topsniper shooterAim and Shoot to kill with lethal strikes! SniperHeroes is #1 first person shooter game that will blow you away! Anover-the-top shooter in every sense, Sniper Heroes 3D Assassin Gametakes you on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. As perthe contract with American Army You are a modern city sniperassassin ready to play your part in dangerous killer attacks andsilent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at streetlevel or take out the single high-profile target. Go for the killerheadshot now!Step into the action as the latest installment in thebest Sniper Assassin shooter games. Jump into apocalyptic warfaretotally for free in this Sniper Heroes 3D Assassin Battle shootergame. Why wait? Yeah! No reason - download now and eliminate allenemy with your weapon and determination. The best smartphone FPSsniper shooting game with even higher intensity and apocalypticbattles.Are you ready to go on a top secret mission - Black Ops?The city's crime rate increasing day by day and the security forcesare forced to intervene in this situation. The former specialforces soldier Tom, it's going to work to ensure the safety of thecity. Intelligence agents involved offenders who decipher betweenthe civilian population with a photograph of the offender. Withoutharming civilians, you need to give consideration to criminalpenalties. Please note that this is a secret mission - Black Ops,you should not decipher for yourself camouflaged.For all fans ofaction games, FPS games (First-Person Shooters), war games, and forall players who want to dominate the battlefield! Enjoy the gloryof honor to become a top sniper assassin of US.Sniper Heroes 3DAssassin Game Features:- Over 8 crime shooter missions to complete-6 unique and stunning locations- Real world weapons- UltraRealistic 3D graphics and cool animations- Addicting gameplay- Easyand intuitive controls- It plays as good as it looks- Everything upto the next level- Sharp controls, impressive graphics- Dominatethe battlefield with a new tactical movement system- Enjoy theoriginal classy soundtrack.It will be the best-rated FPS game onGoogle Play. FUN is absolutely guaranteed!
F16 Tank Ambush Combat 3D 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Extreme Air Ambush Combat, The battlefield is all set up for theultimate combat between the mighty tanks and fast flying f16 jetfighter planes. Take command of an advanced f16 warfighter planeagainst the ambush of a tank force through highly detailedbattlefield environments. Your f16 air fighter plane is equippedwith the best in class weapons and armor system to combat againstthe tank force. Swiftly breeze through the perilous turns of thebattlefield, avoiding enemy bombardment, and lock onto the targetsto unleash powerful cannons and tracking missiles to eliminate themighty tank force. Stay alert of the enemy tanks though, as theypossess the same technology as your plane does. Keep a steady andsafe speed to stay out of the enemy attack range, or get blown inthe middle of air.Gameplay of F16 Tank Ambush CombatNavigate planethrough onscreen steering and gyroscopic movements to adjust ascentand descent of the plane. Maintain speed through the throttle barto brake and accelerate the plane, tracking down enemy movements bya radar tab on screen. The F16 fighter plane is equipped with aprimary and secondary weapon. A high caliber machine gun and amissile tracking system will allow players to lock onto enemies inhigh speed and launch tracking missiles. Play through a crash testlevel to begin training of basic piloting and assault skills.Clearing the tutorial will unlock a number of objective basedmissions across various locations, with the level of difficultyincreasing for each level.Features of F16 Tank Ambush Combat-Scenic routes and well-built battlefield environments - Tutorialsand objective based missions - Exquisite piloting controls for f16fighter planes - Various camera views, full view third person andan Fps view through the plane’s cockpit- Artificially createdweather conditions
Sky Dive Airplane Simulator 3D 2.0
Nation Games 3D
Do you dream of being an Airplane flight stunt pilot? Have you everwanted to fly a real transporter airplane? Would you try to skydive with a parachute? Experience the most realistic flyingsimulation & extreme sport paragliding stunts with stunning 3Dgraphics and awesome flight animations in Sky Dive AirplaneSimulator. Forget your fear & Unleash your inner talent toperform divers stunts. Pilot your passenger transport aircraftsimulator high in the sky and jump off to glide through the air inbright blue Sky over the city & ocean. Flying a city airporttransporter airplane is not as easy as driving a bus, as itrequires perfect pilot skills to take off and control landing. Yourduty begins with driving cars to the airport and Drop paragliderinside the big transport airplane simulator. Once you get insidethe cockpit of the transport plane, your airplane is ready to boardso fly high and ride the aircraft to the landing point. Sit insidethe cockpit and let’s play Airplane Transporter. Test your innercourage, start the engine and feel the real adventure. Feel thepower of realistic transporter planes simulator while flyingthrough the air above stunning locations. A new way to test yourroad car driving and passenger transporter plane flying skills bothwith extreme sport paragliding. Explore the virtual world ofdriving, flying and paragliding or skydiving at great heightavoiding hill and mountain. Take up the skydiving challenges, pullthe rope and start diving in the skies from the exit doors.Sky DiveAirplane Simulator is an action packed real airplane flightsimulator pilot and paragliding stunts mission for Android devices.Use an airplane to transport from the airport to the air at acertain height for a human flight sky dive. You do not need a pilottraining session to master the adventure sports of flyingparagliders. Enjoy highly detailed massive planes with ultrarealistic physics of taking off, flying and diving in the air.Conquer the sky. Be a professional diver for your survival. Buckleyour seat belt and get control of your aeroplane cockpit controls.The safety and security of divers is upon you now. Those who loveplaying real airplane flight simulators will love the challenge ofsky diving from your transport plane. Handling an airplane is noteasy but let’s take off and fly high. Some of tourists have giventhe contract of transporting them to diving cities internationallyso fulfill your job and get yourself accomplished as the realairplane pilot.The game consist of real-life airplane flyingscenarios and pilot duty to transport divers in your aircraft.Successfully complete the flight simulator challenges and be theprofessional airplane pilot. The transport tourist bus will be hereany minute bringing the divers to board the flight. Sky DiveAirplane Simulator features:- ground breaking flight physics and 3Dgraphics- Highly detailed airplane cockpit environment- Fly overmountain and hill for transportation and dive in the sky-Adventurous & challenging transport survival missions-Accelerometers for easy gameplay- Ultimate lighting and soundeffects- Dynamic onboard cameras to capture every angle of flyingand divingSky Dive Airplane Simulator brings you the most detailedtransportation flying simulation with an action packed twist thatis paragliding stunt high in the sky. Experience the most realisticflying sim with improved aeroplane cockpit controls to fly safelythrough the skies. Put your piloting skills to test. Fly throughdifficult situations to reach your destination where you have tojump in the air. Feel the thrill and experience the adventure.Avoid malfunctions, engine failure, crashes and don’t fall withouta parachute.
Army Cargo Helicopter Airport 1.6
Nation Games 3D
You are assigned to operate Army Cargo Helicopter, Its the mostadvanced heavy transport machinery and vehicles in the world, Youare a custom weapon transporter in Army. Manage and control combatsupport services including cargo, personnel, battle tank, dangerousgoods, warrior infantry missiles, fighting sniper shooter guns,fuel tanks and tactical arms to and from the battlefield and baseheadquarter. Experience the ultimate modern military cargosimulator game. Your survival is at stake. Save lives of innocentpeople, fulfill your duty. Your task is to load the world craftnation military helicopter with all the weapons, guns, bombing andarmed equipment, deliver it to the war-ridden area and rush to thearmy airport. Use your driving skills to pilot the transportaircraft to the heroes warheads in Warfield in this cargo flightgame. Do not smash your vehicle or crush people while you park iton the parking spot. Escape your crazy fears!Your country is underattack. The troops need mighty pilot drivers to help them in thischaos while they defend their kingdom and innocent lives. The crimefighter police cops squad are working with the swat commandos andlethal force legends to strike the enemies and survive the kingdomwar. The army truck, tank and duty officers need a transporterpilot to handle all the luggage delivery job. Get hold of thesteering wheel and put on the seat belt. Load & Unload highvalue military material. Maneuver your chopper carefully throughshooting bullets, counter terrorist attacks and bombings to thebattle line troops and bunkers. Steer massive military helicoptersafely to the destination. Army Cargo Helicopter Airport features:√Modern war theme & realistic physics with smooth control√ Real3D environments, with multiple camera views√ Amazing vehiclesimulation features√ Realistic military flying & ParkingSimulator Games Experience√ Show Real Driving & Parking SkillIn Challenging Levels√ Modern military helicopters To fly Throughmilitary Base Camps√ Challenging missions Its a new a excitinghelicopter flying sim game. Take Control of realistic Chinook armyhelicopter, which is totally based on realistic physics. Improveyour flying skills. Take charge of modern military cargo transporthelicopter simulator in war struck city and provide relief materialthrough rescue helicopter. Emergency has been declared and peopleare waiting for the cargo planes for survival, so put yourtransport skills to test and steer the best plane and rescuehelicopter available in chaos and mayhem. Fly your army transportcargo chopper from one army base camp to the other by avoidingevery hurdle that comes your way. Get ready for some action in thearmy base. Help brave army soldiers with the battle in the warzone.
Zoo Animal Cargo Plane Airport 1.6
Nation Games 3D
Your zoo animal transport mission includes driving a mega cargotransporter truck and flying a cargo airplane simulator. This isnot like the ordinary zookeeper games where you breed, feed andlook after the pet farm animals. This is all about taking theanimal transport games to the next level. Your transportation dutyincludes delivering the safari wild animals and farm animals totheir destination. Get ready to board the airplane to experiencethe flight simulation and monster truck driving with farm zoo andogre animals; Elephant, Lion, Wolf, Fox, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Hippo,Deer, Bear and Horse. Driving a cargo truck to deliver theferocious wild animals along with the pet farm animals from oneplace to the city airport is not an easy job. Fulfill your zooanimal transportation duty to deliver the zoo animal to the cityairport. Load Elephant, Lion, Wolf, Fox, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Hippo,Deer, Bear and Horse inside the cargo plane to transport them toanother city. Steer your zoo animal truck carefully and fly safely.Time to fly into the skies and be the transporter pilot of ZooAnimal Cargo Plane Airport.The nearby zoo needs a new attraction toattract visitors. Rescue wildlife from the danger of gettingextinct. Get the rare species of wild animals transported to thezoo where they are safe for breeding and away from the hunters inthe jungle. Every year thousands of hunters hunt down the rare wildlife species stealing them from their families and trees; theirhome. Lets rescue these poor lives and save them from gettingextinct. Drive the truck trailer to the forest; load them in thetransporter truck and drive through the mountain roads & cityhighway along with traffic cars to reach the airport. UnloadElephant, Lion, Wolf, Fox, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Hippo, Deer, Bear andHorse in a cargo airplane to be transported to the zoo. Feel thethrill of real airplane flight experience with smooth aeroplanecockpit simulator controls. Fly high. Test your piloting skills inextreme weather conditions.Zoo Animal Cargo Plane Airportfeatures:√ Drive animal transporter truck with extreme safety
√Awesome truck driving challenge missions
√ Realistic airplaneflight simulation√ Attractive 3D environment
√ Realisticanimations
√ Smooth Takeoff, Twisted Turns, Parking, Landing,Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting
√ Transporting Lion,Elephant, Deer, Bear, Wolf, Fox, Rhino, Hippo, Horse & Zebra
√Thrill of transportation driving on city roads and Steep Paths√Flying in a zoo cargo transport planeGet ready for a wild ride inzoo animal cargo plane airport. Transporting these zoo animals tothe town from various islands, forests, continents and tropicalplaces safely is going to be so much fun. This heavy truck drivingtransport simulator & flight experience involves extreme animalcontrol. Take up this zoo animal transport challenge and show yourdrivers skills. Forget your fears. This is not a faint heartedperson’s job. Handling a livestock cattle cow, goat and sheep ismuch easier than controlling the untamed king of the jungle wildcheetahs, huge elephant, clever fox, ferocious bear, quick deer,heavy hippo and hungry zebra. Drive & deliver these creaturesin a heavy trailer and a cargo plane, and unload them in the zoowhere they belong. Be careful, these beasts are untrained, they canjump off the vehicle, attack people, harm them or kill them. Feelthe thrill and adventure of the danger involved. Don’t let youraeroplane crash.
City Helicopter Air Ambulance 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Play City Helicopter Air Ambulance to save people from disasters& accidents. US Air Medical Services has launched a rescuemission for disaster relief jobs in Metropolis city. The rescueteam is equipped with a flying chopper, an ambulance doctor forinstant pain relief and all the necessary survival equipment incase of emergency. Fly rescue helicopter in this action packedsimulator game. As a skillful rescuer, flying through smoke andheavy rains must not be problem for you.The situation is gettingworse in the city. Help the victims of fire & burn, drowning,chaos and panic. Help people in need, reach for their salvage. Bethe emergency rescuer saviour by driving your rescue helicopter tothe accident or disaster struck area. Save drowning citizens orburning people. Take off from your hanger, complete your rescue opsmission, landing back and park your helicopter chopper on a parkingspot or a helipad as a master pilot or an ex army aviator. Have asave flight! √ Extremely challenging rescue missions√ Dynamicexperience to drive aircraft type helicopter√ Realistic animationsfor crisis situation in different weather√ Multiple controllers andsmooth on-screen controls√ Superb designs and 3D graphics for realhardcore gaming experience If you love to play apache Chinook andComanche helicopter flight, you would love this City Helicopter AirAmbulance in a catastrophic condition even more. Keep patrollingover the Metropolis city to locate the destroying houses and peoplein danger screaming for safety. Drop off a rope to let them climbup the flying chopper.
Air Drop Cargo Plane Airport 1.3
Nation Games 3D
Fly cargo airplane to transport and deliver through free fallairdrop paragliding transporter technique in Air Drop Cargo PlaneAirport. Operate heavy machinery forklift to load your cargo in theairplane. Get a world class experience of 3D forklift simulator andmilitary cargo airplane flight for delivering luggage boxes,freight containers, cargo and goods in a war zone area. The cargotransportation duty involves loading, unloading and transporting toits destination safely by dropping it in the air over a combat warstruck zone. Test your piloting & paragliding skills and flyhigh in the skies. You need to speed up your driving. Steerpowerful locomotive engine to carry out the transport mission inAir Drop Cargo Plane Airport game. Don’t lose the steering grip ofyour cargo airplane while you excavate through the air andexperience the thrill of ultimate speed. Carry out transportationas a professional army truck driver and military cargo airplanesimulator pilot with full precision driving. Be the forkliftoperator and load the freight containers on the truck trailer tothe military aircraft. The gigantic machinery lifts up heavy loadand loads it on the mega transportation truck to deliver it to thehuge aircraft. Get into the cabin and operate hydraulic excavatorto lift up huge goods. Avoid offroad cargo truck driving.Let’s takethe cargo transportation games to the next level this year 2015.Play real airplane flight simulator with takeoff, landing, parking,brakes, drift, and airplane cockpit controls along with hugemachinery and truck simulation. Deliver goods on a speedway to itsdestination safely. If you have played helicopter games, you wouldget to know that the basics of takeoffs and landings is quitesimilar to airplane flight sim. Test your airplane piloting skills& fly high in the skies. Steer big locomotive engine to carryout the transport mission in Air Drop Cargo Plane Airport game.Don’t lose the steering grip while you experience the thrill ofultimate speed. Carry out transportation as a professional driverand airplane simulator pilot with full precision driving. Be theforklift operator and load the freight containers on the cargotruck trailerAir Drop Cargo Plane Airport features:√ Highlydetailed realistic airplane cockpit environment√ Real life physicsto make the airplane controls better√ Challenging, unique andexclusive airplane flying & truck driving game levels√Massively detailed open world fly over and diverse airportlocations√ Ride vehicles: cargo transporter military aircraft,heavy duty forklift truck and Army truck√ Deliver goods by airdrop/ free fall paragliding over a war struck zone √ Intelligentlydesigned physics for smoother gameplay
Race Car Transporter Airplane 1.9
Nation Games 3D
Get ready to fly a real cargo airplane to transport the crazy speedracing cars to another airport in Race Car Transporter Airplane.Experience the best cargo airplane flight simulation game alongwith fearless fast racer car driving. Sky is the limit. Do youdream of being a professional cargo transporter airplane pilot?Then let the car driving games begin. Experience the most realisticcargo airplane flying simulation and witness the realworld extremecar racing game. You need to speed up your ride to the limit whileyou drive on the tracks without traffic cars. Test your real driftskills. Get behind the wheels, buckle up your seatbelt, hit thepedal, steer your vehicle and race to win. Drive your car to thecity airport, get it inside the transporter plane and you are readyto pilot your cargo airplane now. Happy transporter plane flight!Stay safe! Unleash your inner talent, fly your cargo aircraft highin the sky. Test your inner courage, start the airplane engine andfeel the real flight adventure. Feel the power of realistic planessimulator while flying through the air above stunning citylocations and deep blue sea. Explore the virtual world of planeflight and racing. Pilot your aircraft to experience the extremereallife handling with high challenges, heavy duty cargo loading,perform transportation duty and smooth landings. Reach the airport,get inside the transporter plane and fly high to test your pilotskills.Race Car Transporter Airplane is an all new, excitingtransport plane flight & driving game. Be the famous front lineracer & cargo airplane flight pilot. Transport your hottestsports vehicle to the tracks for the endless crazy races. Do thecargo transportation duty yourself. Load the vehicle in youraircraft, transport it to the destination and deliver it to anothercity for daily highspeed sessions. Hop in your speedway sports car.Drive safely through the tracks till the finish line, boost yourspeed, drift recklessly, avoid impacts and do not crash. Becareful; don’t let it get out of control. Hitting into obstaclesmight end up crashing cars and full body damage. Drift, Roll, Digand drag as the sparks fly from the rubber to win the battle. Thereare motocross fresh mad racers taking part in the race. Benotorious; Score the world’s best pilot & racer crown. In themidst of all chaos; accelerate, jump, flip and thrust fordominance. Let your adrenaline-fueled up!Get a world classexperience of 3D airplane flight experience of delivering racersports cars. The transportation duty involves loading and unloadingof heavy cargo and transporting it to its destination safely. Testyour driving piloting skills & fly high in the skies.Race CarTransporter Airplane features:√ Dynamic Camera angles for airplanecargo flight√ Intelligent traffic system√ Flying and racing game√Use brakes to drift control your sportscar√ Ground breaking cardriving physics√ Smooth Driving & flying controls√ Real carstunts and flying missionsThe racing games are about to begin. Rushthrough the traffic to deliver your cargo on the tracks before thebig race starts. Have fun dodging cars while you speed up to limitto reach your destination finish line. Let’s take thetransportation games to the next level this year 2015. Experiencethe real plane flight simulator with takeoff, landing, parking,brakes, drift, and cockpit controls. If you have ever playedhelicopter games, you would get to know that the basics of takeoffsand landings is quite similar to airplane flight sim. Deliver goodson a speedway to its destination safely.
Army Cargo Plane Airport 3D 2.3
Nation Games 3D
Time to fly into the skies and be the transporter pilot of armycargo plane airport simulator. This is not a single task game butit has multiple challenges for you to accomplish. You heavy trailertruck, military tank, army truck and the big army airplane. Be thecargo trucker, a tank driver and a pro pilot to fly cargo airplanes. Cargo transportation is for relief or some other cause youhave taken up the duty of international cargo transport. Fly highand reach destinations safely. Ensure the safety of your cargo. Anew chapter in the simulation games with multiple challenges ahead.Luggage has been packed for transport and you need to handle allheavy machinery and vehicles. Load the airport cargo truck with thehelp of your driver skills into the aircraft for a safe flight. Sitinside the cockpit and let’s play cargo plane city airport. Flyover the blue water and travel to different countries to transportcargo through your airplane.Army Cargo Plane Airport is atransporter game to load and transport cargo to destinations. Thesecurity of the military custom weapons is in your hands so becareful when you are behind the steering wheels. Show yourprofessional driving skills, fly airplanes and heavy duty cargotrucks. Driving on roads might be an easy task but airplane flightis not easy to handle, you have to extremely conscious. MilitaryFreight handling and Arms transportation is a responsible task inthis cargo transport simulator. Army Cargo transportation is yourduty so fulfill your job as the cargo trucker too. The objective ofthe game is all about transporting cargo safely without gettinganything damage while loading the truck or cargo aircraft.Completeall transportation challenges and enjoy Army Cargo Plane CityAirport.FEATURES• Real feel of flying Airplane in this FlightSimulator 3D• Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles• Explorethe City and Airport on your Aircraft Flight• Transport Cargo onForklift, Cargo Truck and Cargo Plane to different islands• SmoothHandling, Lifting and Driving Controls• Thrill of flying Plane highin the Skies• Real-time Physics Controls of Driving HeavyVehiclesYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
WW2 Pacific Fighter Attack 3D 1.6
Nation Games 3D
Become a ww2 fighter pilot. Relive the greatest battles of WWII inWW2 Pacific Fighter Attack. Command the USSR Airforce to fight theEuropean allied forces. With the best strategy, weapons &tactics, shoot down the enemy fighter jets. An ultimate actionpacked adventure air fight war games with the best flight simulator3D!World War 2 has begun. Fly your WWll airplanes and use your wwiiguns to kill the terrorist WWll war planes. The town is underattack of the European enemy forces. Don’t let them take over USSR.Air strike and crossfire is going on. Follow the WWll battle systemcampaigns, get to know the defender strategy, accompany the troops,fight your way through the missions with an exciting storyline.Lead your army to victory. Experience the battle and extremedestruction with ww2 air fighter planes. Destroy the enemies tosave your country, your beloved homeland from the enemy invasion.Try to shoot all the terrorist wwii planes, helicopters and airspeed fighters on your mission. Just scroll and control yourfighter jet, shooting and destroying the enemy attacking all theway like you do in sniper games. Avoid Air Navy Fighters, AirFighters, gun strikes, enemy Airplanes, obstacles and Aircrafts.Destroy your allies with accurate gun strike shoots.WW2 PacificFighter Attack features:√ Challenging gameplay√ Action packedcombat flight game√ Amazing war zone fighter jet flight simulator√Stunning 3D graphics√ 5 real world war missions√ Realistic dogfightsimulation between ww2 planes√ Take off and landing from aircraftcarrier√ Amazing world war scenarios and terrain√ First personshooting (fps) as well as third person shooting gameLook out forSAM missiles, crossfire, air strike, avoid radars, ww2 guns, antiaircraft weapons, warships, aircraft gunner and choppers. Take-offfrom the aircraft carrier like frontline commandos, chase theterrorist aircraft jets, shoot them till your country is free. Savethe world, get on your jet. Control classic world war 2 warplanesand engage in overwhelming dogfights through aviation history!Enjoythe most advanced mobile aircraft fighter flight simulator. The airnavy fighter, troops, sniper shooters, soldiers, machines and armytanks are on their way to the world war ii war zone to fight withyou. It’s a first person shooting (fps) as well as third personshooting game. Your duty is to get glory for your country. Becareful about the ack ack guns. Be the frontline commando, work onyour targets. Eliminate enemy sniper shooter aircrafts, rockets& tanks. Train your officers, pilots and sgt accordingly. Theduty calls for an epic battle.
City Helicopter Parking Sim 3D 1.9
Nation Games 3D
Best Helicopter Flight Simulator of 2015 it`s finally here! TheReal Helicopter game, Helicopter flight simulator Landing 3D, is anew a exciting helicopter flying sim game. Take control of a superrealistic RC Helicopter flight simulator and go on flyingadventures!City Helicopter Simulator Landing 3D has 5 exciting& addictive missions where you will be able to take control ofa Model Helicopter. Early on in the Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D,there are easy missions, like learning to fly the model helicopterand getting used to controlling the helicopter. As you progressthrough this flight simulation, missions will become harder andtest your flying skills and you'll unlock cool new toys to help youpass the missions, like a magnets and a wrecking ball!Chase thearrow directing you, Pass all rings and land/park the helisuccessfully. Its a dangerous if you go close to highrisebuildings. Take off the rc helicopter from different helipads, someon high rise building, Park, Beach and aircraft carriers. Carefullytakeoff and land in some mission weather conditions are not good.If you park the heli on wrong location then it will crash. Becareful and avoid crash. Once all of the levels are complete inCity Helicopter Landing Simulator 3D , you will truly become anamazing model helicopter pilot! Are you looking to test you flyingskills and have an amazing time playing with remote controlledhelicopters? Well then, pick up the controller and learn to fly themodel Helicopter in Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D!Be prepared tobe amazed in this real world simulation! Fly some of the mostfamous helicopters above High Rise modern City. We added roadtraffic, cruise ship and a huge aircraft carrier. Choose one of thebest helipads to departure and land, including rooftops, parkinglots, in the aircraft carrier, cruise ship. Takeoff your Apachecopter from hangar and clear the mission before timer goes off. Areyou daring enough to swing and fly chopper in the air? Ever dreamedto be airforce pilot? Mayday! Mayday!! Keep your flying airbus orBoeing RC Comanche helicopter steady in air don’t lose your flightattitude level or your will crash before landing.Real helikopter isnot some army gunships, military cobra, and commercial Boeingairplane or drone air combat action stealth game. You have tosteering & fly commercial euro copter and helicopter in thiscity simulation over Tropical Island in pacific region. Play aspiloto select an Boeing chopper from helipad hangar get in thecockpit to takeoff over the city.Fly RC commercial helikopterthrough the circles in the stealth air. Keep in touch with airportcontrol tower so they can inform you about bad weather or any otherflying problems. As aviator control your nerves and calm down forlanding this apache cargo chopper safe on helipad. There will be nocavalry dogfight crossfire from any battle carrier, chopper orgunship, Hercules C130 your task is to compete with the timerwatch. In this chopper steering game you will play extreme missionslevels each contain unique challenges and touch skyline. Noviolence or missile or crossfire yacht skyline game.City HelicopterLanding Sim 3D Features: - 5 different time based missions- Simpleand modern city- Functional instruments on RC Helicopter, includingall cockpits.. - Dynamic instruments and advanced HUD.- Detailedhelipads- Detailed world, with buildings, clouds, water and ocean.-Car trafficLearn to fly model helicopter in modern city and becomea 911 rescue pilot, military pilot, private or commercialhelicopter pilot! It`s up to you! Do not lose control of thehelicopter! Land with great caution! Be a part of emergencyresponse team. Reach on time the disaster sites and save the peoplethrough urgent intervention. Be the HERO! Buckle up!! Thrillingadventure lies ahead of you!It is a battle against time to savehuman lives!
Police Dog Airport Security 3D 1.8
Nation Games 3D
Metropolitan City Airport security is on high alert. Control PoliceDog to chase, attack & catch criminal. Make survival difficultfor gangsters, robber, thieves and illegal smuggle. Rescue cityairport from illegal crime. Navigate the police dog while theanimal sniff its way to the criminal creeps. Secure tourist,passenger, commercial airliner plane, professional pilot,travellers and private jumbo airplane from criminal invasion. Theprofessional cop dog has been trained to sniff the gangster andwipe away crime missions. The airport security is in your handsnow. Work with the police troopers and crime fighter squad againstthe survival of underworld mafia invasion at the airport. Look fortheft weapons or wanted criminals at cargo terminal, lobby andluggage clearance area. Play dog simulator as a trained Germanshepherd to chase and hunt down bad guys in this adventure packedgame. Playing a police cop dog to sniff around searching, chasingand attacking criminals at city airport for security is even moreinteresting. Make use of the navigator arrow hints to track, chase,trap and catch the criminals along with the security cops. Thisdeadly dog is a smarter detective spy. Special wildlife trainer hasbeen monitoring its thrilling speed, wild attacks and crazy divesto ensure the criminal does not escape the defense lines. PoliceDog Airport Security is an action packed survival game for actiongame lovers. Help police official to trace suspects. The bombdisposal squad is working along with the cops and police dog tosecure Airport. Don’t let the trapped terrorist escape and hide indark. Fulfill your duty and run fast. There is a train terminal anda subway inside the city airport for tourist. The gangsters, robberand terrorist can smuggle bomb easily from the subway and trainstation. They can easily reach the plane, hijack it and make thepassenger hostage. You need to be alert all the time. Keep movingyour cop animal all around the subway, train station, cargo planeterminal and lounge to stop theft and smuggle. It’s a survivalgame! Diffuse a bomb well in time if you want every body alive. Theofficials have been ordered to shoot the crazy group of gangstersdead on sight. They may have to be careful while shooting oncrowded places. Police Dog Airport Security features:√ TrainedGerman Shepherd (an active runner) animated dog simulator√Challenging & addictive missions against crime survival√ Run,chase and attack criminal√ Sniff around for clues to catch theenemy terrorist√ Assist Police officer and commander for high alertsecurity√ Ensure safety for airlines even in darkness√ Realisticairport crime scene and dog simulation√ Drag your finger on thescreen to move fast, run, jump and kill terrorist√ Search thestrangers with the help of clue on tracks The wild dog patrolaround, dash and dives at mad robbers men, let them fall on thefloor until the arrival of officers who then take them into custodyand drive them to prison. You would love the adventure and extremeentertaining experience in this rescue mission.
Extreme RC Speed Boat Stunts 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Experience the thrill of Extreme RC Speed Boat Stunts. Feel theadventure of high-speed boat races. Be the reckless driver, racearound the arena in the ruthless world of speedboat racing. Showyour style to pilot on the waves, be the hottest driver on thewater. Experience the pure arcade racing thrill. Show your stunts.Blast, jump, turn around and boost your way through high-speedshowdowns.
 Enjoy drag racing.
 With the realistic wave effects,feel the high-speed racing thrill. Gaze. Drive to be the fastestdriver around. It’s a paradise for speedboat drivers.Race yourhydroplane powerboat to test your Powerboat Racing skills now!Enjoy ultimate motorboat racing game. It combines excellent visualsand sound with stunning gameplay and head-to-head multi-playercompetition to create a new type of hydroplane racing experience.This Extreme RC Speedboat Stunts is like a powerboat racer thatoffers an exhilarating mix of wild stunts and intense challenge. Asyou race through hairpin turns and obstacles at breakneck speeds onlakes and rivers, you’ll find yourself struggle to retain controland reach the finish line in record time. Extreme RC SpeedboatStunts Features:√ Exciting water adventure game levels withdifferent stunts to perform and complete√ Cool Speed boats to ride√Get additional points for being timely√ Outstanding controls forsteering and riding the speed boat Enter the perfect zone ofspeedboat racing. Slide turbo-speed, dodge and drift through thetraps and obstacles to escape till the end. An over-the-topaction-sports game featuring a unique free-movement system thatallows you to take control of the action and perform trueskill-based special moves.How daring can you be? Beat a friend'srecord; complete the extreme missions to unlock achievements.Extreme RC Speed Boat Stunts is fully loaded with fun for everyone!Feel the thrill of high-speed boat races. Race around exoticlocations, feel the high-speed racing thrill and become the bestpilot on the waves. EXPERIENCE the pure arcade-racing thrill:blast, jump and boost your way through high-speed showdowns.There’s no better water scooter game on playstore than this. Forgetabout the boring parking games, Play Speedboat racing game. Get onthe fastest and wildest RC speedboat thrill ride experience withhuge air jumps! Rocket your way down the water, dodge the trafficlike you pilot your turbo jetski water craft to find the ramps andgo for massive air stunts! Tap for a huge air jump! You'll findthis game with the best combination of speed boat simulation &racing game! Try out this water adventure game and have fun racing!
RC Quadcopter 3D : Drone Games 1.9
Nation Games 3D
RC Quadcopter Drone Simulator game is an epic multirotor RC dronegame for the flight simulation lovers. This ultimate simulator gamegives you a chance to pilot a professional flying drone with mostrealistic behavior. With cool 3D flight sim addictive missions andstunning graphics, flying adventures await you. This is a superrealistic quadcopter drone simulator based on real physics model tomake it to the end zone without crashing. Take control of yourdrone, enjoy flying, take off from the helipad and land back inextremely challenging missions. Prepare for the real experience ofsuper flying adventure in this ultimate drone game! It hasrealistic terrain, amazing animations and wonderful surroundings toenjoy the takeoff, flying and landing. Flying around in the air ismuch more fun than a typical bus simulator that drives on the offroads only. This gives you an aerial view all around. You don’tneed to become an Airliner Pilot, a freelance chinook helicopterpilot, military skilled or an acrobatic pilot to control yourdrone. It’s much more adventurous than the aerobatics commercialaircrafts, military jets, cargo and transportation airplanes. Enjoythe exclusive missions. Before you spend your $ for real RC drones,try controlling them with this game to get in practice first.Navigate the drone using your super flying skills with the tiltingcontrols, accelerometer and navigation buttons. Drag them around tomove. Unlike any other violence filled gunship battle games, thisRC Quadcopter simulator is a cool simulation for flying gameslover. Get ready for an extreme drone flying adventure. No flyingschool certificate required for this drone game. The gameplay issimple and interesting. There is no violence or bloodshed in it.You don't need to shoot missiles over enemies or knock over theheavy obstacles with wrecking balls or steal objects. It's noteither a combat rescue mission. RC Quadcopter 3D : Drone Gamesfeatures:√ Stunning graphics√ Challenging missions√ Take off fromthe helipad√ Explore the arena and go through the pointed areas√Land back on the helipad√ Drag the navigation controls to movearound (up down left right forward and backward)√ Unlock newmissions√ fixed camera for RC pilot point of view√ follow up camerathat follows the model√ Indicators shown on screen to control theacceleration, brakes and turns√ Keep sliding your fingers tocontrol your Radio-Controlled model Do you like spending timeplaying with remote controlled helicopters? How about learning tofly the RC quadcopter and getting used to controlling the drones?Do you like the flight simulator games? If yes, you’ve got thecontroller now and this is the best flight simulation for you tolearn to fly a Quadcopter. The flight simulation missions becomeharder and harder as you progress through the simulator game andperform stunts. Test your flying skills and unlock cool newmissions! Practice your skills, Avoid crashing and take your copterfor a real spin. It’s quite similar to an RC Helicopter simulationgame control. Don't forget to try our wide range RC models, RCboats, cars, airplanes, helicopters and much more. The experiencedmodelers would love it. It's quite close to the expensive aerobaticand scale models. Do not expect an arcade style user interface withraging fires, robot controller, pesky birds, wrecking balls, peoplemoving around and violence.
City Cargo Truck Simulator 3D 2.5
Nation Games 3D
Tired of those Truck Driver & Truck Parking Games? City CargoTruck Simulator 3D is addictive, challenging and a new real trucktransport game for you. Play as hauler American truck driver anddrive freight vehicles. Pick up cargo and transport pricelessvaluable goods from one destination to another warehouse withintime limits. Sit behind steering wheel of this gigantic transportervehicle, pick up cargo in this virtual trucker 3D simulator parkinggame. Enjoy in this driving games in this American truck ontreacherous route and massive highways. Avoid traffic violationsdon’t crash your pickup lorry or police car will arrest you in thistruck driving game. 
Be a part of this realistic America trucksimulation challenging 3d game. You had driven construction, cranesand quarry vehicles where you use grabber, excavator in 3Dsimulator game. This is not some garbage or dump truck race, orsome crane lifter driving mania. Play as transporter for localgoods, army loads, car transport with lifter cargo driver whotransport and unload goods. Drive extended 18 wheeler Americanhauler without any damage and accident. Park your vehicle at thetarget spot using your professional driving skills. Your drivercareer begins with this driving simulator 3D game, drive big rigcargo truck on massive highways with real physics and controls.This is true American Cargo Truck Game. This game is focused onCalifornia. We have 4 cities with actual original locations. Wehave Santa Monica, Mojave Desert, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Youwill find Real Desert, Airstrip, Universal Studios Hollywood,Hollywood Walk, Airport, Globe, Mountains, Parking Lots, SoppingMalls, many other locations in this 3d Truck Simulation Game.
Travel across roads play as crazy driver for transporter 4x4trucker parking mania. Load valuable goods from one spot and unloadon the final location before timer goes off. Use your cargotransporter driver skills to avoid any accident to your ride. Drivebig rigs and 4x4 American hauler trucks in rush to achieve missionobjectives. 
Avoid to wreck or bump in any racer car, publictransport, or quarry grabber vehicle. Show your true transportcarrier driving skills to your family and friends. Not an ordinaryoff-road jeep, SUV parking game drive off road truck driverchallenging game-play. City cargo truck simulator 3D is besttransportation simulator environments game in 2015 that you can getfor free in your device. Amazing driving simulator physics andanimations for this new truck simulator game 2015. 
Best real truckdriving simulator games, not like some other car, racing, anddrifting games. Awesome game play for all boys, girls, youngsterand grownups. Be a road trucker king in this newest truck simulatorgame. ★★★City Cargo Truck Simulator 
Game Features★★★+4 differentMega American Cities, Santa Monica, Mojave Desert, Hollywood andBeverly Hills for this truck game challenge
+40 levels of extrememega parking truck game challenge
+Drive with precision andaccuracy like a pro
+Earn and clear the levels with ultimate andfantastic levels
+Multiple camera views to enhance your gamingexperience
+Realistic graphics and simulation environments damageand fatigue to have lifelike feeling
+Smooth steering and gearcontrol to drive vehicle ★★★ Friendly environment for youngster noviolence★★★
Goods Transport Cargo Plane 3D 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Operate heavy machinery i.e. forklift and crane to load &unload your cargo in the airplane. Get a world class experience of3D crane simulator, forklift and airplane flight experience ofdelivering luggage boxes, freight containers, cargo and goods. Thetransportation duty involves loading and unloading of heavy cargoand transporting it to its destination safely. Test your speeddriving piloting skills & fly high in the skies. You need tospeed up your driving. Steer heavy locomotive engine to carry outthe transport mission in goods transport cargo plane game.Don’tlose the steering grip while you experience the thrill of ultimatespeed. Carry out cargo transportation as a professional truckdriver and airplane simulator pilot with full precision driving. Bethe crane operator and load the freight containers on the cargotruck trailer. The gigantic crane lifts up heavy load and loads iton the mega transportation truck to deliver it to the hugeaircraft. Get into the cabin and operate hydraulic excavator craneto lift up huge goods. Goods Transport Cargo Plane features:√Highly detailed realistic airplane cockpit environment√ Real lifecontrols to make the experience better√ Challenging, unique andexclusive game levels√ Massively detailed open world fly over anddiverse locations√ Ride vehicles: aircraft, crane and truck√Intelligently designed physics for smoother gameplayLet’s take thetransportation games to the next level this year 2015. Experiencethe real plane flight simulator with takeoff, landing, parking,brakes, drift, and cockpit controls along with heavy machinery andtruck simulation. Deliver goods on a speedway to its destinationsafely. If you have played helicopter games, you would get to knowthat the basics of takeoffs and landings is quite similar toairplane flight sim.
Santa Runner :Xmas Subway Surf 1.8
Nation Games 3D
Its Christmas, This Winter the most amazing & the craziestsurfer game is here! ★★★ Santa Run 3D ★★★DASH ! Santa Run fast asyou can! HOW far you can go on train track?DRAG left & right toCOLLECT Coins!DODGE & Avoid the oncoming subwayobstacles!MAGNETS can help you collect more coins.COME play thisincredible adventure!JOIN the most daring chase!HELP Santa now!★Cool winter theme with snow!★ Colorful HD graphics! ★ Multi Coloredpaint powered jetpack! ★ Lots of obstacle-dodging fun! ★ Challengeand help your friends!Santa Run is a addictive fun game. Downloadit now and start your journey!
RC Airplane Simulator 3D 1.7
Nation Games 3D
RC Airplane Simulator is a realistic rc model airplane flightsimulator. If you like to fly radio controlled models, you wouldlove to play this professional rc plane simulator game. This is aflight simulator for airplane games takeoff and landing. Inaddition to the fixed-point camera that represents the RC pilotpoint of view, we have included follow up camera that follows themodel so that you know the exact location of your RC plane. Thisaeroplane fly games have smooth controls and stunning graphics. Anabsolutely amazing RC plane sim! Get yourself utra realistic 3Daircrafts, take up the challenge, take off from the runway, hoveraround the terrain and land back. Explore a huge map with immersivescenarios during flight mode. Guide and steer your plane throughall the waypoints to ensure you head to the correct destination andland at your destination airport earn yourself more pilot stripsthat is a new level unlocked. Avoid crash, prepare for landing nearyour destination zone. You have to park your RC Airplane within themarked zone on the runway to complete the level. Learn to controlflying rc models that reacts like real flying models. Do not crashyour model, be careful. A wide range of rc models including startermodle to expensive aerobatic and scale models are also availablefor this airport landing airport games. With realistic aeroplanecockpit controls, you can control the plane to fly safely throughthe air to the destination on time. Accelerate to fly faster, moveup, down, left and right. Test your piloting skills to the extreme.Fly through tough situations in order to get to the destination ontime in this airplane flying simulation with smooth flying withoutany turbulence. Get to know the real life parking situations andextreme precision driving simulator. RC Airplane Simulatorfeatures:√ Exclusive and challenging missions with parkingchallenge√ Stunning graphics√ Simple and easy game play√ Differentsingle engine aircrafts to fly√ High quality terrain withbuildings, runway, fields, etc√ Accelerometers to make easy to playtilt controls√ Plane crash, fire and smoke animations√ Two viewcamera Become an RC plane pilot, remote control your airplanesimulator and conquer the skies in this RC Airplane FlightSimulator game, the best flight simulator game for Android. Anultimate plane flying simulation for flight simulator lovers.Experience the thrill of controlling an aircraft. These flightsimulator rc games has been made simple with the single engineaircrafts so that the user can enjoy the flight till he landssafely on the airstrip. There are no emergency situations, rescuemissions, fire, races, supersonic jets or warship militaryaircrafts or airliners. Just pilot the airplane from takeoff tilllanding. Fly higher, higher into the sky. Two camera view serves asa flight tracker. It shows the exact location of the plane. Be thefreelance pilot, fly through the terrain of trees and buildingsusing your flying skills. If you love to play RC boat, RChelicopter, RC jet, RC quadcopter and RC jet Ski simulators, thenyou would enjoy playing this game too.
Blocky Quad Bike Maze Craft 3D 1.5
Nation Games 3D
Survive the brick style pixel block puzzle in Blocky Quad Bike MazeCraft. Fuel up! Use your urban city street driver skills to ridethe bike simulator on the right direction with faster engine andsmoother brakes avoiding obstacles and hurdles. Using your quickreflexes, identify the increasingly difficult paths. Race towardsthe finish line and avoid any offroad speed dash traffic. Become anextreme motocross legend, solve the maze & rush to reach theend checkpoint. Escape the fear. Avoid getting caught by the cops.The highway police cars roam around all the time on the streets.Let’s solve the puzzle in this endless racing game fever. Get holdof your steering wheel, buckle up your seat belt. It's even moreadventurous than driving a destructive warplane or a warrior tank.Hit the gas, accelerate more to boost your speed. Experience theultimate sports game that heroes love! Let’s see how can you becomeking of the maze tracks. Identify your road to survival. Slow downon the turns. Enjoy the blocky city craft style characters, fastvehicle and crazy surroundings. Explore your options, follow thecrazy racer paths and avoid falling don. Unlock mystery of the mazeand race to the end, the road to survival. Escape the dead ends,choose your engine runner speed. Deliver your best. Escape the fussof traffic racers, robbers n cops chase missions, offroad hillclimb driving, public transport and schoolbus transportation games.This is a brand new concept of adventure and simulators. Enjoyblocky craft characters, block roads and brick style transport justlike cartoony car games. Fulfill your racing fever madness. It’stime to get ready and rush back to the impossible adventure tracks.The path is full of danger, drive & steer the blocky transportwith safety. Do not flip or crush the wheels while racing to thefinish line. Follow the right direction. Escape the mines downbelow, drive in the middle and do not block the view. Blocky QuadBike Maze Craft has the best brick style driving simulatorexperience to fulfill your extreme driving fever. Get ready for anextreme adventure of quadbike craft driving simulation. It’s a realentertainment for all the driving simulator fans with amazingconcepts physics behind for a smoother game play.Blocky Quad BikeMaze Craft Features:√ 3D Maze track√ Fast and luxury vehicle√Smooth gameplay with realistic physics√ Challenging missions√Random maze generated each time√ Explore the maze Do not dodge,smash or crash your wheels. Play Blocky Quad Bike Maze craft withyour pals. I’ve already installed mine. Craft your skills, handlethe pressure, get to the pit stop finish line in this extreme quadbike simulator game. Try to overtake cars with dangerous twists andturns. The adventure begins. Lets solve the puzzle now!
Army Helicopter Air Ambulance 1.9
Nation Games 3D
Army Helicopter Air Ambulance is an action packed army helicoptergames. Fly army vehicle between war zone mountain hills and highexplosions. Get your seat belts strapped to rescue war zonemilitary superheroes who have been hurt with missiles, bomb blasts,gun shots, weapons, fire, smoke and pistol bullets. Get ready toencounter an extreme flight, precision driving, offroad destructionand much more. You’ve got a skilled and an under training ambulancedoctor in your helicopter simulator to treat those war legendspatients. An epic speed driving can save lives of army frontlinecommandos. Save precious lives with an ultimate rescue helicoptersimulator mission. Take them from battle arena to the baseheadquarter medical camp for treatment. There has been an attack onUS forces. There are big tanks, army buses, hummer, fighter jets,Chinook helicopters, airplanes and huge armed forces preventing thecity craft strike and fighting against the allies. There is a needof a rescue mission to collect injured soldiers; the army warlegends in this mayday situation. You are going to be the superhero pilot to fly an Army Helicopter Air Ambulance service. Aconstant shooting and explosions are taking place all around. Becareful, do not get shot by the enemies otherwise you will crash orexplode. The cops, police force and army soldiers are workingtogether to fight against the enemy. Turn on your machine’s engine,and start flying up in the sky. Carefully land on a hospital roofand park it on a helipad. Be an ultimate savior. Hurry up. Get theinjured and wounded soldiers to the hospital as fast as you can.Pilot your own copter. As professional aviator transport patientsfrom the war zone and deliver them to the hospital for an urgentmedical help. The ambulance doctor is going to treat them urgentlybefore they reach the 911 emergency ward for proper treatment. ArmyHelicopter Air Ambulance Features:√ Smooth gameplay√ Challengingmissions√ Pick the patients (injured army men) from the war zone√Drop the passengers to the hospital Get ready for the army flightsimulator games to carry out a rescue mission in a war field.Experience some new and improved helicopter simulator controls,exciting gameplay and challenging missions. Immerse in a non-stopaction and hours of entertainment. Take flight; rush towards theemergency area and save the people. As you will proceed with themissions, your helicopter flight training will get better andbetter. Be the frontline rescuer, fly the rescue chopper and letthe engines rolling. Use your flying skills to take off, movearound and land with precision. Everyone is performing their dutiesin war struck zone; the coast guards, police rescuer pilot,firefighter, medical staff and soldiers. The disaster is growing todifferent places. Pick the victims and survivors in this chaos todrop them off to the clinics for help. Lives are at stake. Feel thethrill and adventure. Rush back to the medical headquarter forpatients’ treatment, drive with safety as fast as you can. Don’tlet the assassins blow up your helicopter. Be the skilled superheropilot. Grip the steering. Buckle the seat belt. Steer your chopperto the war struck zone. Collect the wounded warriors for treatment.
Snow Mountain Sniper 2.0
Nation Games 3D
Aim, Shoot and Kill the Enemy Soldiers Camping on Snow Mountain!Drive Snow bike, rampage through the highest snow covered mountainpeaks to get back your captured Army base camp from enemy soldiers.Pull the sniper trigger to shoot and kill the opponent army menwith fury. Hold your breath for the most exhilarating shootingbattlefield experience with real-life 3D mountain valley graphics.Aim for the head-shot using your Ammo to kill the insane enemies ata distance before they get a chance to aim at you. Fire your firstsniper gunshot wisely since it will alert the enemy hiding in themountain camp. Begin the onslaught assassin mission to wipe awaythe enemy from your camp. Use your assassin instinct to rampagethrough the enemy shooters using your modern sniper gun. Survivethis dangerous war against terror. The sniper assassin mission on asnow mountain is going to be very challenging. Become aProfessional military sniper Shooter and save the snow mountainbase camp from terrorist attacks. Let the thrill begin. Play as anElite SWAT Sniper Shooter and take down the most wanted army men attheir captured hideouts before the targets escape. Snow MountainSniper is a true simulation of an action packed sniper shootermissions with fury and rampage.Your Army headquarter base camp hasbeen captured by the terrorists to carry out insanely dangerousterrorist shooter acts. Keep yourself focused to determine theright time to start firing your first shot. Play the part of aspecial shooter army force commando in this visually stunning snowcovered mountain environment. Start shooting using your precisionskills before the enemy opens fire. Snow Mountain Sniper is a firstperson shooter (FPS) to challenge your assassin skills and deadlydrifts. Get ready for a thrilling FPS gaming experience. Targetterrorists capturing your base camp helicopters, drones, fighterF16 jets, army trucks and ammunition. Sniper shooting simulatormissions involve fury fighting and precision shooting targeting theterrorists. In Modern Snow Mountain Sniper help America fight theglobal war against terrorism. Join US Navy SEALs, become anultimate sniper shooter. Take up the challenge. Aim, shoot and killthe terrorists and become US top sniper shooter. Save the victimsfrom crossfire and exploding bombs. Aim the right target, go forthe headshots. There is a secret Sniper Assassin operation beingcarried out in snow mountain peaks. Unfortunately the terroristshave captured the city surrounded by snow mountains. US Navy SEALshave hired you to eliminate a mob of enemies as the frontlinesniper assassin commander to carry out the gorilla war mission ops,infiltrate secure locations and it’s their duty to eliminatehigh-profile targets.Snow Mountain Sniper Features√ Exclusivesniper assassin war missions√ First person shooting (FPS game)√ NoInternet connection required√ Challenging assassin missions√ Simplecontrols
War Zone Airplane Cargo Flight 1.7
Nation Games 3D
Take up the challenge to be a transporter pilot of War ZoneAirplane Cargo Flight simulator. Transport army cargo by flying amilitary airplane from city airport to the war zone avoiding airstrike at battlefield. Fly high into the skies in a big armyairplane to deliver military luggage in the war struck zone. Theheavy war goods might include trailer truck, military tank, armytruck and ammunitions. Load the packed luggage, relief cargo andexplosives with a cargo trucker in the cargo air planes totransport and fly to the destination as a pro pilot. Take up theinternational cargo transportation pilot duty and fly high to reachthe destination safely avoiding any dogfight and air strikes.Ensure the safety of your cargo. A new chapter in the simulationgames with multiple challenges ahead. Speed up! Have a safe flightadventure. The safety of your aircraft flight is in your hands.Test your flying stunts and driver skills. Reach the cargo plane atcity airport and sit inside the cockpit. Travel across differentcountries and fly over the deep blue water to transport cargothrough your airplane. Flying an airplane over a war struck zone isnot an easy job. War Zone Airplane Cargo Flight is an absoluteadventurous combination of action simulation & flying game.Experience an extreme truck driving with a crazy airplane cargotransport flight simulator to the battle field. A skilled airplanepilot knows proper handling of airplane and how to excavate throughthe air high above the sky to reach the destination. Fulfill yourduty as a cargo airplane pilot and transport your military luggageto the other city. Play the role of a responsible military pilotworking along with relief rescue teams, police cop officials andcommando squad to save the base headquarters from terrorist attack.Test your skills as a professional stunts pilot and a driver. Beatyour fears, take the controls in your hand and fulfill your duty.The security of the military custom weapons is in your hands so becareful when you are behind the steering wheels. Show yourprofessional driving skills, fly airplanes and heavy duty cargotrucks. Driving on roads might be an easy task but airplane flightis not easy to handle, you have to extremely conscious. MilitaryFreight handling and Arms transportation is a responsible task inthis cargo transport simulator. Ensure full safety and avoid anydamage while loading the truck or cargo aircraft.War Zone AirplaneCargo Flight features:√ Real life 3D flight simulator scenarios& multiple vehicle driver mission√ Experience realistic physicsfor smooth cockpit controls√ Explore the City and Airport on yourAircraft Flight√ Transport Cargo on Forklift, Cargo Truck and CargoPlane to different islands√ Smooth Handling, Lifting and DrivingControls√ Thrill of flying Plane high in the Skies√ Real-timePhysics Controls of Driving Heavy VehiclesYour Feedback, Ratings& Comments are valuable for us.
Police Dog : City Subway Crime 2.1
Nation Games 3D
Metropolitan City Subway security is on high alert. Control PoliceDog to chase, attack & catch criminal. Make survival difficultfor gangsters, robber, thieves and illegal smuggle. Rescue citysubway train station from illegal crime. Navigate the police dogwhile the animal sniff its way to the criminal creeps. Securetourist, passenger & travelers from criminal invasion. Theprofessional cop dog has been trained to sniff the gangster andwipe away crime missions. The subway security is in your hands now.Work with the police troopers and crime fighter squad against thesurvival of underworld mafia invasion at the train station. Lookfor theft weapons, bomb explosives or wanted criminals at cargoterminal, lobby and luggage clearance area. Play dog simulator as atrained German shepherd to chase and hunt down bad guys in thisadventure packed game.You would love to play City Subway CrimePolice Dog. Playing a police cop dog to sniff aroundsearching, chasing and attacking criminals at city subway forsecurity is even more interesting. Make use of the navigator arrowhints to track, chase, trap and catch the criminals along with thesecurity cops. This deadly dog is a smarter detective spy. Specialwildlife trainer has been monitoring its thrilling speed, wildattacks and crazy dives to ensure the criminal does not escape thedefense lines. City Subway Crime Police Dog is an action packedsurvival game for action game lovers. Help police official tracesuspects. The bomb disposal squad is working along with the copsand police dog to secure subway. Don’t let the trapped terroristescape and hide in dark. Fulfill your duty and run fast. There is atrain terminal and a subway inside the city airport for touristtoo. The gangsters, robber and terrorist can smuggle bomb easilyfrom the subway train station. They can easily reach the airplane,hijack it and make the passenger hostage. You need to be alert allthe time. Keep moving your cop animal all around the subway, trainstation, cargo plane terminal and lounge to stop theft and smuggle.It’s a survival game! Diffuse a bomb well in time if you want everybody alive. The officials have been ordered to shoot the crazygroup of gangsters dead on sight. They may have to be careful whileshooting on crowded places. Don't let the clever gang break the law& outrun your security in City Subway Crime PoliceDog. City Subway Crime Police Dog features:√ Trained GermanShepherd (an active runner) animated dog simulator√ Challenging& addictive missions against crime survival√ Run, chase andattack criminal√ Sniff around for clues to catch the enemyterrorist√ Assist Police officer and commander for high alertsecurity√ Ensure safety for subway & train station even indarkness√ Realistic crime scene and dog simulation√ Drag yourfinger on the screen to move fast, run, jump and kill terrorist√Search the strangers with the help of clue on tracks√ Look for bombor explosive√ Drive train to another city station The wild dogpatrol around, dash and dives at mad robbers men, let them fall onthe floor until the arrival of officers who then take them intocustody and drive them to prison. You would love the adventure andextreme entertaining experience in this rescue mission.
Doom of the Galaxy - FPS Game 1.8
Nation Games 3D
Planet Earth is under attack. Invaders army storm our world intodarkness. Earth has plunged into chaos as invaders from galaxy aredrawing all the energy to their planet from the city’s tallestbuilding. Aliens & their facilitators has installed an advancedtechnology system to transfer the energy through their Space Shipto another planet reserves. The energy chambers are getting shortof power. To save doom of the galaxy, there is a need of real braveheroes from special elite force with professional shooter skills.The deadly wars with the star aliens is going to be real hard. Thebattle field includes monster characters, deadly wars chamber and abrave super hero. Don’t let the star aliens escape withdestruction. Aim for the head shot and kill them with yourprofessional shooter skills. Let the doom of galaxy turn into apeaceful day. Lead an elite force to shoot your enemy before thewhole world storm into darkness. Attack, kill & fight for thesurvival. Enjoy this amazing first person shooting action game withrealistic animations. Kill to prevent Doom of the Galaxy. Save yourplanet & the whole galaxy from getting doomed. It’s even worsethan death.Doom of the Galaxy is an exciting sci-fi adventure witha world full of fascinating characters for fps action games lover.Get ready for an immersive first-person shooting experience. Gethold of the deadly weapons, load the guns and be prepared to attackthe invader army monster. To win the wars from the star aliens, aimfor the head shots. The battle is not gonna end until thisdestruction is over. Enter the building that has been captured bythe real enemy invaders; the star aliens. Shoot all the monstersresponsible for a power outage. Pull the trigger & attack witha perfect head shot. Keep moving from one chamber to the otheruntil the battle is over. Win the deadly wars for your own survivalbefore the galaxy storm into darkness of doom. Don’t let the alienmonsters decide a terrible fate for your galaxy. Doom of the GalaxyFeatures:√ Smooth & Best FPS Experience√ Fight against endlesswaves of Star Galaxy - enemies√ Breathtaking graphics√ fast pacedshooting experience√ experience epic story in world occupied byAliens√ Fantastic guns at your disposal in battle√ Urbansurroundings as a battlefield√ Defend every corner of the city
Moto Bike Race Extreme Stunt 1.3
Nation Games 3D
Experience an ultimate Moto Bike Race Extreme Stunts showdown inthe world of extreme stunt biking. With a stadium full of audience,ride your stunt bike to perform craziest tricks. Avoid obstacles& dash around a stadium, a dangerous hilly landscape, off-roadtracks or a road with twisted tunnels and ramps. It’s a bike stuntsgame extreme adventure for a spine-tingling experience. Discoverthe thrilling bike race extreme stunts kills on uneven terrains andhurdles. Become a new stunt bike hero to fulfill demandingchallenges in order to complete the exciting missions. Show yourcourage; dodge the risky obstacles on stunning landscapes anddangerous hills. Wear your favorite bike gear to get ready for anextreme bike race. Free racing game with extreme stunts! Bike RaceExtreme Stunts has an insanely addicting stunt action game formotor bike race lovers. Drive through the treacherous tracks withstunning landscapes, realistic bike stunt physics and dangeroushurdles. Step up and take the challenge to win the competition ofextreme stunts. Race, dodge, jump and avoid crashing your waythrough the tracks to master the physics of motocross racingadventure with high speed. Prove yourself to be the most intenseand competitive biker stunt master in town. The biker is supposedto cross all the hurdles successfully to reach the next level. Makesure the biker on the motorcycle balance himself while doing thedangerous stunts. Learn when to accelerate and apply brakes withsimple controls. Start practicing your master motocross pilotskills now to become a pro bike racer. Survive the most extremestunts! Moto Bike Race Extreme Stunt Features:√ Addictive racinggameplay√ Amazing bikes√ Extreme precision driving simulator√Awesome 3D graphics√ Dangerous obstacles with cools stunts√ Mostauthentic stunt locations!√ Thrilling levels√ Captivating Stuntbike riding experience!√ Realistic bike racer physics
Gangster Gangwar Car Simulator 1.4
Nation Games 3D
San Andreas gang turf war is taking its full swing. The gangs of LAhave slowly reached San Andreas bringing out a war once again withsteeped violence, abuse and exploitation on streets from urbanjungle. Get to know how to rule the streets with your crew members.Don’t let them pushed back by the gangsters, the urban rivals.Become the leader of one of the toughest gangs to protect yourpeople. Make a decision now to step up or die. Get back to action!The gangster turf war is back on the streets, bringing back turmoil& ruling out peace. Crime Dogs, your rival gang has taken overthe entire city making sure nobody gets fair ruling. You, once themost powerful gangs of the streets have lost your former glory. Thecrime life has spread all around, ending the peace and preventingfair deals. Going for the fight alone is useless. Be smart enoughto fight back the close rage war along with your gang members. Takeback your supremacy in this gang war game. San Andreas GangwarSimulator is a super exciting crime simulation game with an actonpacked gameplay, bringing you challenging missions and strategyelements. Start playing the role as a leader of your glorious gang.Earn back your gang’s reputation by earning money to fight backyour enemies. Work your way through the mixing action free roamcrime based shooter game and explore the streets. Battle with fullstrength, to achieve back everything that was once yours. Work onyour shooting skills. San Andreas Gangwar Simulator has a moderntimes neighborhood. San Andreas Gangwar features:√ Super easy tocontrol gameplay√ By guns, buy ammo and fight against your rivals√Try to control the streets from back to front, make it yourneighborhood√ Multiple cars to drive and smash through the streets√Earn money and buy yourselves the best guns available√ Epic gangwar fights in the streets of San Andreas Work your way to fight foryour streets glory in this modern day urban gang warfare game.Enjoy the fighting street action!
Glory of the Galaxy Wars 3D 1.6
Nation Games 3D
Glory of the Galaxy Wars is an ultimate sci-fi action spacesimulator war game. This sci-fi gaming simulation is all aboutplanets, asteroids, galaxy warfare, adventure, glory, rebels andrevenge space shooter legends. Prepare for the battle, protect yourhuman race bloodline from space pirates and rebels, attack &shoot enemy spaceships and win the wars to get glory. It’s a warbetween galactic invaders and planet earth warriors. Defend, shoot,survive & win the glory!Story LineThe Planetron was one of thebiggest and the oldest planet in neighboring galaxy. The spacepirates attacked the Planetron and forced the inhabitant rebellionsto leave their empire, which created chaos in the universe. Theinhabitants of Planetron are temporarily living on the spacestations and want to capture new planet to save their bloodline andtake revenge from the space pirates. NASA has reported aboutnumerous spaceships approaching our galaxy to capture the Earth anddestroy the entire human race.The world has united and created anarmy of space shooter star born heroes to defend our homeland Earthfrom the invaders. We have created a defender base space station todefend the human race, fight the war and get glory. The leadingGeneral will be the frontline commander in this galactic warfareadventure. Shoot the starship, fire space hunters and survive thewar to achieve victory in the combat missions.As pilot of aspacecraft, you have to defend your space station and attack asmany warrior enemies as you can in the battlefield. The legendswill save the world from invaders. Be careful about the shootingasteroids while flying your spacecraft. Do not hit them, or you’llexplode.Glory of the Galaxy Wars Features:√ Action packed sci-figaming√ Stunning space simulator graphics√ Aim, shoot and destroythe spaceships√ Realistic galaxy environment with stars, planetsand asteroidsThe galaxy planets are in extreme chaos. There’s abattlefield all around. There is blood, shooting, rebels, revengeand a war everywhere trying to destroy the entire human race. Let’ssee who wins the battle. This world needs brave fighters, strongwarriors and accurate shooters to shoot the enemy spaceships, maketheir attack unsuccessful and bring peace to the universe.Get readyfor extreme action packed sci-fi gaming missions in Glory of theGalaxy Wars. The world has been under attack. Be the commandergeneral to lead those missions against aliens. Win the battle, bethe legend. Enjoy shooting and destroying the enemy spaceships. Beprepared for an extreme adventure! Join the force, win the gunshipbattle and be the mighty heroes. Enjoy the modern air combatbetween heroes and invaders.Note:Its a Real 3D Environment and itsvery hard to control your spacecraft in this. Its not like normalAircraft's, Jets & commercial Airliner. Normally Fighter JetGames has basic turning but this game has real 3D 360 degreeturning capability. Have Fun!
Crazy Dog Surfer - Endless Run 1.3
Nation Games 3D
Its Christmas, This Winter the most amazing & the craziestsurfer game is here! ★★★ Crazy Dog Surfer is the best endlessrunner game★★★DASH ! Run fast as you can! HOW far dog can go onRace Track?DRAG left & right to COLLECT bone!DODGE & Avoidthe oncoming obstacles!MAGNETS & JET PACK can help you COLLECTmore coins.COME play this incredible adventure!JOIN the most daringchase!HELP Your Race Dog now!★ Realistic Dog Race Track!★ ColorfulHD graphics! ★ Multi Colored paint powered jetpack! ★ Lots ofobstacle-dodging fun! ★ Challenge and help your friends!Crazy DogSurfer is a endless runner & addictive fun game. Download itnow and start your journey!
Urban Crime City Police Van 3D 1.3
Nation Games 3D
Get ready for an extreme crime fighter urban police car roadsimulator in Urban Crime City Police Van 3D. Become a policelegend, catch the running thief, bypass taxi & cars, and takethe perfect criminal to the police station to save the urban cityfrom crime. Enjoy chase missions, crossy drive and fabulousgameplay in the most amazing driving games ever. There’s been anemergency. Drive ahead of all the vehicle, be the super driver tocatch the criminals from roads, streets, off-road places and takethem to prisons. Roam around like a car racer but be careful aboutthe offroad drivers. Drive around the most luxury police van thatthe world has ever seen. Enjoy the most exciting and challengingmissions with endless hours of fun in one of the best casual gamesso far. Get the jail break prisoners back to the prison cell,locked up behind the bars. This urban city driving game will keepyou entertained and engaged for endless hours. The racing fever andcartoon car games are very rare to have such kind of interestinggameplay like you have in San Andreas City Police Van 3D. Chase andrun to catch the stolen car thief or a powerful gangster. Don’t lethim escape. You don't have a police dog to hunt down the robber.Urban Crime City Police Van 3D features:√ Interesting robber vs copmissions√ A fabulous urban city environment with 3D-graphics√Realistic traffic racer in this free city driving game√ Fast luxuryvehicle√ Interesting tracks Deliver the ultimate city racing feverto enjoy the cops vs robber craft. Make sure you don’t block theroads during your mission. Be the brave commando cop to carry outan offroad crossy chase mission. Be the superhero driver and drivearound in a cop van to catch and transport criminals. Don’t let himescape. Being a city police driver is going to be so much fun foradventure game fans but be safe, avoid any hill climb.We aim todeliver high quality apps that include driving simulator, doctorsimulation, fancy makeup and salon makeover, maker games and muchmore. After the construction truck, excavator, extreme car driving,bike racing, schoolbus driver and jet ski simulators; It's a brandnew idea for those who love to play. Keep yourself entertained forhours!
Navy Air Ambulance Rescue 3D 1.5
Nation Games 3D
Navy Air Ambulance Rescue is all about saving a persons life with arelief marine helicopter. Be a helicopter ambulance driver on dutyto rush to the major accident sites for help. Work for deadlysurvival missions. Take off your military copter, fly to theemergency location as fast as you can, load the victims, race backto the base and park your chopper to deliver the injured people tohospital. Escape your fears, get hold of the steering wheel now,maneuver around and pilot your flight simulator missions. Flymilitary vehicle between oil rig explosions, fire burn naval ships,drowning men and boats to the basecamp. Navy Air Ambulance Rescueis an action packed navy marine helicopter games. Get your seatbelts strapped to rescue military superheroes who have been hurtwith fire, smoke and water. Get ready to encounter an extremeflight, precision driving, offroad destruction and much more.You’ve got a skilled and an under training ambulance doctor in yourhelicopter simulator to treat those war legends patients. An epicspeed driving can save lives of navy frontline commandos. Saveprecious lives with an ultimate rescue helicopter simulatormission. Take them from accident site to the base headquartermedical camp for treatment. There has been an emergency going onNavy US forces. There are big tanks, army buses, hummer, fighterjets, Chinook helicopters, airplanes and huge armed forcespreventing the city craft relief forces fighting against thesituation. There is a need of a rescue mission to collect injuredsoldiers; the marine war legends in this mayday situation. You aregoing to be the super hero pilot to fly a relief Helicopter AirAmbulance service. Constant explosions are taking place on the oilrig. Be careful, do not crash & burn by the explosions whilerescuing the people. The cops, police force and army soldiers areworking together to save innocent lives. Turn on your machine’sengine, and start flying up in the sky. Carefully land on ahospital roof and park it on a helipad parking spot. Be an ultimatesavior. Hurry up. Get the injured and wounded soldiers to thehospital as fast as you can. Pilot your own copter. As professionalaviator transport patients from the accident zone and deliver themto the hospital for an urgent medical help. The ambulance doctor isgoing to treat them urgently before they reach the 911 emergencyward for proper treatment. Navy Air Ambulance Rescue Features:
√Smooth gameplay
√ Challenging missions
√ Load the patients (injuredwarrior men) from the accident location
√ Drop the passengers tothe hospital Get ready for the flight simulator games to carry outa rescue mission. Experience some new and improved helicoptersimulator controls, exciting gameplay and challenging missions.Immerse in a non-stop action and hours of entertainment. Takeflight; rush towards the emergency area and save the people. As youwill proceed with the missions, your helicopter flight trainingwill get better and better. Be the frontline rescuer, fly therescue chopper and let the engines rolling. Use your flying skillsto take off, move around and land with precision. Everyone isperforming their duties in emergency struck zone; the coast guards,police rescuer pilot, firefighter, medical staff and soldiers. Thedisaster is growing to different places. Pick the victims andsurvivors in this chaos to drop them off to the clinics for help.Lives are at stake. Feel the thrill and adventure. Rush back to themedical headquarter for patients’ treatment, drive with safety asfast as you can. Be the skilled superhero pilot. Grip the steering.Buckle the seat belt. Steer your chopper to the location. Collectthe wounded men for treatment.
Blocky Robbers VS Cop Craft 3D 1.6
Nation Games 3D
Get ready for an extreme cop vs robber road simulator in BlockyRobbers Vs Cop Craft 3D. Become a police officer, put on the seatbelt, grip your steering wheel, kick the accelerator, start yourengine, rush through the traffic, catch the running thief, bypassheavy duty vehicles, excavators, ambulances, schoolbus, taxi &cars, and take the criminal to the police station jail to save theCompton urban city from crime. Enjoy blocky characters, crossymissions, commando action and fabulous gameplay in the most amazingcity driving games ever. Solve the criminal cases of money theft,stolen machines, bank robbery, gangwar, attacks, jail break andescaped robbers with guns, murder weapons and knife.Rescue yourcity. Campton has the most luxury fastest brick style block cars onthe streets. Drive ahead of all the vehicles, be the super driverto catch the criminal and move them to the prison. Roam around likea blocky traffic racer but be careful about the offroad drivers.Drive around the most luxury fast block cars that the world hasever seen. Enjoy the most exciting and challenging missions withendless hours of fun in one of the best cartoony car games so far.This nation needs a super hero cop to chase all the bad guys,arrest them and send them to jail. Be careful about the speed limitor you will damage your vehicle.This urban city driving game willkeep you entertained and engaged for endless hours. The city racingfever and cartoon car games are very rare to have such kind ofinteresting gameplay like you have in Blocky Robber vs Cop Craft3D. Become a wild crime hunter. Get behind the wheels. Catch therunning thief in this chaos.Blocky Robber vs Cop Craft 3DFeatures:√ Action packed adventure cop and robbers chase√Interesting blocky car craft robber vs cop city racing missions√ Afabulous urban city Campton with pixel 3D-graphics√ Realisticblocky traffic racer in this free city driving game√ Fast luxuryblocky cars over the blocky road in Campton Deliver the ultimatecity racing fever to enjoy the cops vs robber craft city racinggames and cartoon car games. Make sure you don’t block the roadsduring your car chase mission. Be the brave commando cop to carryout a offroad crossy chase mission. Be the best car driver anddrive around in a police car to chase the criminal.Note: This gamedoes NOT contain any violence or blood. There are no bulletshooting, gun shots or killing scenes.
Extreme RC Jetski Simulator 3D 1.5
Nation Games 3D
What is Extreme Bike Stunts 3D all about?Want a taste ofspine-tingling adventure? Get a bulk of thrill and excitement withthis new jet ski stunts game! Uneven terrains with the most extremecurdling hurdles are waiting for you! Get past them and show yourexcellent stunts skills. Are you ready for the challenge? Completethe missions and become the new stunt jetski hero!The awesomefantasy stunt arena is waiting for its new hero! Are you braveenough to take this challenge? Then step up and display yourcourage!Dodge risky obstacles amid dangerous hills! Make yourjetski fly through the obstacles with nitro boost. Enjoy the thrillof driving through an amazing landscape. You will get addicted tothis new stunt game!The realistic environment and cool stunts willmake the ride awfully wicked. Get ready to drive cool bikes throughdangerous tracks! Survive this challenge and become the next stuntmaster!Are you fond of driving games and jetski racing & jetskiparking games? Would you like to experience a crazy jetski ridefull of extreme stunts? Does speed and adventure fascinate you? Getready for an extremely amazing RC Jetski Simulator 3D jet skidriving game. The fun-filled extreme jetski racing games freeadventure awaits you. This driving simulator has crazy powerboatturbo action to drift around the ride. You are going to be therider of this jet ski racing game. RC Jetski Simulator 3D is ablend of intense challenges and wild stunts. Be the jet ski driverto twist and turn with a breakneck speed through the hairpin turns.Struggle to retain control throughout the arena. Experience anultimate jet ski simulator racing experience. The joyride of alifetime. Feel the cool water driving through the arena. Riding ajetski is so much fun. Do not hit the obstacles. Just push thethrottle and enjoy the ride. Be careful on the hurdles, jumps, andloops. Be a water stuntman or stuntwoman and show off your skillsas you hightail up into the air and land on the water with style…if you can handle it, that is. The game is simple, Carefullycontrolling the game protagonist sail to the specified location andcan cross the border, Test your patience, technical excitinglevels. Tread clearance system Provide a unique operating four 3Dcamera angles. So you can more accurately grasp clearly thedirection and control of the jetski boat! Be careful while drivingdo not hit the obstacles, otherwise the boat would explode ! Get onthe fastest RC and wildest RC jet ski thrill ride experience withhuge air jumps! Rocket your way down the water ways, dodge trafficand blow them up with rockets! Pilot your turbo jetski water craftto find the ramps and go for massive air stunts! Hit the jumps forhuge air! You'll find this game has the best combination of jet skisimulation & racing game! Try out this water adventure game andhave fun Jet skiing! RC Jetki Simulator 3D Features:√ 15challenging levels√ Twist, turn and jump your jetski ride√ Avoidthe obstacles√ Stunning 3D graphics√ Smooth & realistic jetskihandling√ Multiple bikes to choose√ Realistic fantasy stunt city√Extreme precision driving simulator√ Nitrous boost option to speedover obstacles√ Awesome 3D graphics There’s no better water scootergame on playstore than this. Forget about the boring parking games,Play RC JetSki Simulator 3D driving game.
911 Emergency Fire Truck 3D 1.4
Nation Games 3D
911 Emergency Fire Truck needs a good driver for fire emergencies.Here comes a mayday call. There’s a fire emergency alert in thecity. 911 Emergency has received a mayday call to send a fire truckto fire emergency situation. Play as firefighter emergency driver.Be the brave truck driver and put off the fire. Enjoy ultimatedriving race simulation game and truck driving games! There hasbeen a crash accident in town near the airport. The police andambulance have already reached the location. Call the 911 rescuefiretruck immediately to extinguish fire. You are going to be thetruck driver to carry out the 911 rescue mission. Drive rushtowards the accident spot to extinguish fire. This truck simulatorincludes truck driving to the fire location and fire extinguishing.Play as a fire brigade truck driver, rush to the fire location andcomplete the mission. Park your fire truck correctly otherwise itcan also catch fire and burn down. Be the frontline rescuer, sitbehind steering wheel, fasten your lorry seat belt and reach theaccident location. 911 crisis rescue service needs a fire emergencydriver. Save precious lives of civilians to be a real lifefirefighter hero. Use your fire hose and firefighter rescue crewteam to extinguish cars and building on fire. The challengingmissions are based on truck driving, fire extinguishing and 3Dtruck parking simulation game where you have to reach on locationwithin given time. Play as probationary rookie driver and help firedepartment battalion chief.911 Emergency Fire Truck features:√Heroic firefighting missions and accident scenarios√ Amazingrealistic driving game animations√ Drive around the city in a firetruck√ Realistic parking situations√ Show off your driving skills√Choose out of many roads to drive to 911 locations√ Smooth touchand drag controls for seamless driving simulator experience√Animated smoke an fire hose for water√ A huge terrain of city withbuildings√ Superb background music to enhance your gamingexperience Enjoy this amazing real simulator driving game, saveinnocent lives. Alert the fire brigade for an extreme firefighter911 rescue mission. Be the hero fireman. You have the modern fireextinguishing equipment at your hand! Your job is to reach the fireemergency destination at the minimum possible time! Prevent thecity from fire. Grab your firefighter helmet and get ready to drivefast! Bring your team to the fire zone as fast as you can! Makeyour way through the crowded city traffic jam, smash through thebusy streets, bypass ambulance backup on their way, drive withspeed police cars & race to rescue the school buses. Drive rashtowards the fire emergency and act fast to extinguish the burningvehicles. You are the first responder, take your big firetruckemergency car with fire fighter crew to the burning building or ahighway accident reported and park your fire engine near the firezone. Use a firehose to put off the blaze. Drive fast! An excitingfire department game! Stay tuned for mountain terrains, ice roadswith sharp turns and frozen highway.
Blocky Police Prison Transport 1.6
Nation Games 3D
Transport prisoners in a police bus in Blocky Police TransportCraft. Avoid Smashy roads, destruction and offroad driving. It’s areal entertainment for police cop and driving simulator fans. Chasecrime in a luxury fast Police van. Enjoy brick style blockycharacters and suburban city environment.There’s been a clash goingon in the city. There are assassins, thieves, murderers, robbers,smugglers, killers and criminal roaming around everywhere. Be thebus driver, chase the criminals roaming around the crime citycraft. They smash glass, kill people, steal cars, jump off thebuildings for prison break, use arrow guns, beat public, secretlykill people with a knife and escape. Get behind the wheels, steeraround, locate those blocky criminals, put them in the police busand transport them to the prison. These wanted criminals have gotweapons, illegal items and stolen stuff. Only you can be the blockycop driver to hunt down the escaped running thief, put them in thejail and make this urban city free of crime rampage, blood andviolence. Get your engine rolling to make this outlaw city, apeaceful one. Enjoy this action packed adventure fun kid racing anddriving simulator. Take your seat, put on the seat belt and getyour engines rolling. Get onboard, it’s a road to survival! It’sgoing to be an extreme city drive. Do not crash and burn, driveahead, bypass ambulance, other police van, schoolbus, publictransport, trucks and cars to reach the destination. Enjoy thisextreme bus simulator blocky city racer for kids! Enjoy blockycraft characters and brick style transport just like cartoon cargames. Fulfill your racing fever madness. It’s time to get readyand rush back to the impossible traffic roads. The roads are fullof traffic, drive & collect robbers, steer the blocky transportwith safety. Do not crush the people while racing to the policestation. Follow the traffic regulation. Escape the public crowdedareas, drive near the subway and do not block the roads. BlockyPolice Transport Craft has the best brick style driving simulatorexperience to fulfill your extreme driving fever with a beautifulsuburban city environment. Get ready for an extreme adventure ofbus craft driving simulation. It’s a real entertainment for all thedriving simulator fans with amazing concepts physics behind for asmoother game play. It’s impossible to avoid traffic all the time.Blocky Police Transport Craft features:√ Brick style blockcharacters (Cops & Robbers)√ Drive & Collect criminals√Drive with extreme safety√ Awesome bus driving challenge missions√Attractive 3D environment√ Realistic traffic animations Roam aroundthe town, collect bad guys and drop them to their destination, thepolice station. Watch out for the traffic lights or extreme hillclimb and do not crush the pedestrians while you drive through theroutes. Rush to your destination on scheduled time. Become a realblocky city bus driver and roam around. Apply brakes gently as soonas you reach offroad parking spots to collect your passengers toassure smooth ride.
Sports Bike Race Police Chase 1.3
Nation Games 3D
Get behind your sports motorbike wheels for an extreme racer gamingexperience. Over take other rider and traffic to get away frompolice chase. Take up the challenge of endless racing as amotorbike rider. Dodge the cops and get away from the police chase.Overtake the traffic vehicles & ride your sports bike on theendless highway roads to complete the missions. Moto bike racinghas never been this much fun. Drift your racer sports bike withfast speed and drive away from the police or they will arrest you.Drive your sports car to race high speed on the roads to avoidgetting caught. Otherwise you will end up in prison. Sports BikeRace Police Chase is an open world extreme motobike game. Drivesuper fast motocross motorbikes and escape with the stolen items.Sports Bike Race Police Chase is an action packed 3D racingsimulator game for big boys and girls. Get a taste of realisticcriminal life; avoid emergency arrest as a most wanted criminalthug in the city. Join racer group and show your racer driverskills and get away from cops, sergeant or detective. Drive sportsbike with fast speed engine and drift. Thief & criminals are onthe loose from jail, outlaw gang wars and street crimes are on itspeak. It’s time to be a super criminal to become a part of copschase and escape gangster, crooks and crazy criminals from thecrime scene. This 3D game will take you on next level high speedracing simulation game play. Enjoy this hot pursuit action packgame to give you adrenaline rush with thrill and speed. Security ison high alert. There are Police Dog everywhere to chase, attack& catch criminal. The survival is becoming difficult forgangsters, robber, thieves and illegal smuggle making it difficultto carry out illegal crime. Ride your Super Sport Bike around thecity Streets without stopping anywhere so you don’t get arrested bythe cops. You have a criminal record of prison break, robbery andmuch more. The police officers are chasing to arrest you and takeyou to prison. Accelerate your moto bike dodging around the trafficto escape. Hey rider! Don’t crash and be careful don’t get shot bythe police men. For hours of fun and excitement, practice more tobecome the best rider. Experience the high-speed adrenaline fueledsports car driving with ground breaking physics and stunninggraphics. Drive rush from crime location to a safe place as crooks,thieves and gangsters. Superb racer simulation game with fast speedcop’s cars and driving madness. If you have played ultimate parkinggames then this is the best driver simulation game you can get inGoogle play. Show some racing driver skills in this racing &parking simulation 3D game. Drive faster don’t let the policeofficer track, chase, trap and catch the criminals along with thesecurity cops. Sports bike race police chase features:√ DriveSports bike on endless city road tracks from 1st personperspective√ As a sports bike driver, enjoy faster and betterhandling motorcycles√ HD Graphics and realistic sounds &physics√ Realistic sport bike, police car chase & trafficsimulation√ Face extreme level challenging crime scenarios√ Dynamicgameplay with smooth touch and tap controls The bomb disposal squadis working along with the cops and police dog to secure the city.Fulfill your duty and run fast. There is a train terminal and asubway inside the city airport for tourist. The gangsters, robberand terrorist can get away easily from the subway and trainstation. You need to be alert all the time. Drive your sports bikeas fast as you can to escape the police chase.
Police Dog Modern Pirate Chase 1.8
Nation Games 3D
The police dog chase simulator adventures have taken a new twist.It’s going to be a hard time for the criminals to continue theircrime mission when the canine’s instincts are so strong. Modernpirates have taken over the shipyard for their illegal missions. Asa police cop trained dog, sniff around the area; the shipyard,cargo ship, freight containers & passenger ship for illegaldrugs & bombs. Alert the bomb diffusal squad if you fear a bombis there. Your security is at risk. Don’t let the gangsters getawayfrom the crime scene. As a brave police dog, chase down the modernpirate criminals sneaking drugs and trying to escape the defenseline. The endless rivalry between criminals and police is taking anew turn. Save the city from criminal suspects and gangster withthe help of police cop officers. Track illegal crime, sniff outbombs, smell drugs, chase missing suspects and send them to prison.The jail break prisoners have joined the modern pirate criminalsand they are trying to escape the city defense line with illegalitems, weapons and bombs. Chase them down and send them to prison.In order to reach the open sea cargo and passenger ship, you needto drive a speed boat too. Enjoy a police dog chase, crane liftersimulator and driving simulator mission. Take control of yourfavorite breed, a professionally trained German Shepherd and feelthe thrill of not letting the bad guys escape this chase mission.Play dog simulator in Police Dog Modern Pirate Chase.You areresponsible to take care of the security here as a trainedprofessional police cop dog. Play police dog chasing criminals onthe shipyard, freight containers, open sea cargo ship and passengership. Sniff, chase and find wanted criminals and illegal items.Some people might be carrying some suspicious item in theirluggage. The police cop officials have the orders to shoot at sightif the cunning robbers try to run away. Run even faster to catchthem at the crime place. Hunt down criminals, as you are a trainedpolice dog German shepherd. Those who are looking to play dogsimulator in a whole new way can play Police Dog Modern PirateChase. Play ultimate criminal pursuit dog simulator and don’t letthe city turn into a crime place. Police Dog Modern Pirate Chasefeatures:√ Dog simulator chase missions√ Speed boat drivingsimulator to reach open sea√ Crane simulator: unload freightcontainers with crane to search them√ Sniff around the shipyard,cargo ship, freight containers and passenger ship√ Look for illegalitems, criminals, weapons and bombs√ Chase modern criminals andpirates as a police dog
WW2 Helicopter Attack Gunner 1.5
Nation Games 3D
The best 3d action game of 2015! Real World War II Theme. If youlike shooting survival games and like to simulate Helicopter &Aircraft shooting in wwii war zone for glory and duty, then WWiiHelicopter Attack Gunner is the one you should be playing. Getready for extreme air battle in an assault showdown. Kill the Pilotof an advanced war helicopter to face off against formidable WorldWar inspired Anti ww2 planes gunners. As a US Marines aircraftshooter, you have given a special mission named Black Ops againstthe helicopter air strike of the enemy air force, Its dangerous& deadly may be you might lose your life. Command an eliteAmerican Army of legendary Sniper heroes, contract elite soldiers,and devastating American army truck in this combat games. Use yourmodern weapons to Shoot air force Apache helicopters aircraftfighters and wwii helicopters to dominate your enemies on target.Combat missions include clear and direct target to destroy enemywwii war planes and terrorist helicopters with limited shootweapons.You, Army Gunner survivor commando from US army among glorycommandos appeared to be the frontline in war zone to be the targetkilling. Shoot the terrorists as they shoot you with an airstrikeand your commando US soldier. Win the war, fulfill your duty toyour country and get glory.Navigate through many exciting levelsunder tough conditions to track and destroy enemy planes andhelicopters, depicted from the gunships of World War 1 and 2. Theenemies in these levels will pose a variety of similar attributesof that era, forcing you to bring out your battle instincts andshowcase immense temperament and shooting skills.You will like thisgame if you have played Army Games, Navy Gunship Games, GunnerGames, Combat commando adventure shooting games and contract gamesfrom google play. If you love (fps) first person shooters, actiongames and shooting games, this game is made especially for you!Play action games 2015 - FREE!WW2 Helicopter Attack Gunner 3DFeatures- 3d FPS (First Person Shooter game)!- Real World War IIAir Battlefield environment for shooting!- Real sniper shootingsound effects!- Player has russian sniper to shoot and kill enemy.-Basic controls and gameplay (tap screen to shoot)!- Commandoshooting action war!- Strategic game!- Survival and shooting!
Snow Plow Truck Simulator 3D 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Snow Plow Truck Simulator is one of the best truck driving games toremove the snow, clean the frozen roads and complete the missions.It is a unique plowing simulator game for those who are fed up ofthat usual truck driving simulators and parking games.Here comesthe winter, the snowfall season with all the snow piling everywhereblocking the way. There’s a traffic jam everywhere. Vehicles can’tmove around. You’ve got a monster truck snow blower to ride around.Be the skilful trucker for excavator simulator. Solve the iceproblem. Make yourself helpful this winter season for others indriving games. Become a snow plow truck driver. Take control of amonstrous snow blower to clean the path for other vehicles. But thechallenges don't stop there. Ice is also a problem causing trafficjams. It’s impossible to tow truck around without cleaning thesnow.Snow rescue operation has the utmost vital job to do in thisextreme snow fall weather. Metropolis has hired you for drivingsnowplow heavy vehicle and clean the countryside ice frozen paths.Your core duty as a snow rescue team is to remove the ice and getrid of traffic jam due to excessive snowfall and land sliding bycontrolling heavy excavator simulator. Identify the affected areasand drive your excavator crane for digging, drifting, plowing,crushing and dumping snow. Snowy climate and icy asphalt roads arevery risky and dangerous for driving. Consequently you need tooperate heavy equipment like construction excavators, diggers andcranes. So get ready for a wonderful exciting driving game whereyou can show off your plowing, driving, relief work and excavatingskills.The slippery asphalt is extremely dangerous for driving,especially on steep climbs it’s hard to keep in lane in snowfall.Drive your snow plowing truck on a wide map in mountain range.Accept challenge to be a snow mover for very challenging game play.Kids love ski racing, and making snowman in snowfall. Enjoy thenewest tractor driver simulator adventure game. Drive big rig snowplow automobile to clear city highway road so people can celebratewinter holidays to their best. As construction crane operator fordigger and excavator clean roads & land sliding from snowstorm.Snow Plow Truck Simulator game features:√ Multiple 3D SnowBlower Truck engines√ Realistic city environment with frozen ice√Cool snow graphics√ Easy game play & real truck simulator√Realistic driving simulationChristmas is just around the corner.People are gathering with their friends and relatives for Xmascelebrations but due to blockage by the snowstorm causing hugepiles of ice all the way, they are worried that they won’t be ableto make it to their destination these Christmas holidays. Clear theice frozen roads in this amazing Snow Plow Truck Driver simulationgame. Drive big rig plowing simulator automobile to clear cityhighway road so people can celebrate holidays in extreme climatetoo.Do you like to operate heavy equipments like cranes,construction trucks, diggers, excavators and transporter trucks? Ifyes, then you would love to play this amazing truck games. Drivethe vehicle around the city on extremely snowy terrain. Yourmission is to break and clear blockage of extreme frozen ice sotraffic can mobilize smoothly and safely in such a snowy weatherand slipper asphalt. Accept the plowing simulator truck drivinggames challenge; enjoy extremely dangerous driving with Snow PlowTruck driving simulator game. This is somewhat similar to a tractordriver simulator adventure game for this winter season 2015. Youdon’t need a driving test for this one. The truck speed driving canbe dangerous, so be careful.
Sandstorm Sniper : Kill Strike 1.5
Nation Games 3D
The world is under terrorist attack specially middle east region,secure this world in Sandstorm Sniper. The world join hands to killterrorists in far deserted areas, Help Middle East fight the brutalreal-time battles against terrorism in SandStorm Sniper Shooter.Play the role of sandstorm sniper assassin who is metal strong& trained enough to fight during sand storms in deserted citieswhere terrorists strategically planted their base camps. Become anultimate sandstorm sniper shooter with lethal weapons, mad missionsand ruthless shooting skills required. Will you be able to survivethe global war against terrorism? Take up the challenge to proveyour sharp shooter skills and strategy in the crazy battlefield asa top sniper shooter. Aim, shoot and kill the terrorists to savethe victims from crossfire fury and exploding bombs. Spot & Aimthe right target, go for the killer headshots. Become a part of thesandstorm secret sniper assassin operation being carried out in thedeserts of Middle East. The terrorists have captured the Arab citysurrounded by dark mountains and taken the arab citizens ascaptives. As a frontline hero sniper assassin commander, carry outthe secret war mission and fulfill your duty to eliminatehigh-profile targets. Aim, shoot & kill the enemy mob anddestroy the bases of enemies. Master the long-range targets in thisfirst person shooter game. An ultimate 3D FPS game with well placedkiller shots. Protect Arab from destruction in enemy assaultmissions. Be prepared for lethal destructive war! The terroristsare loaded with modern american sniper rifles, rocket launchers,med kits, assault rifles, throwing knives, tesla guns, explosives,sub-machine guns, stun grenades, armors and heavy guns. The specialarmed force has taken the job of eradicating the evil from middleeast that has been captured by terrorists. Navigate the secretmissions and let the bullets fly for a lethal strike. Target, Aim,Strike and Kill the bad guys in an Arab city. It’s a battle againstterrorism. Sandstorm Sniper is the best sniper 3D game among allshooting & action games. Launch the gunship attack on the mostdangerous terrorists now! Aim and shoot to kill the bad guys tobecome a master sniper shooter. Kill them all before the do harm tothe people. It’s not one of those boring shooting games thatinvolve just fighting. Sandstorm Sniper has the best action packedadventure with amazing sniper shooting and gun shot animations thatkeeps you engaged for hours. √ Exclusive sniper assassin warmissions√ First person shooting (FPS game)√ No Internet connectionrequired√ Simple controls√ Challenging assassin missions√ Arab cityenvironment√ Stunning 3D graphics
Blocky High School Bus Driver 1.6
Nation Games 3D
Blocky High School Bus Driver is ready for a fun ride in an epicblocky world. Lets get back to school. Summer holidays are overnow. Pick up high school kids safely to and from the stops on crazypaths in real suburban city environment. Rush through the trafficof police cars, heavy duty vehicles, ambulance, schoolbus, publictransport, forklift, excavator trucks, motorbikes, obstacles andstreet racers. Craft your own ways to escape major deathly trafficjam. Enjoy endless racing through the streets to the highschool.Get hold of your steering wheel, buckle seat belt, hit theaccelerator, boost your speed and let the engines roll faster!Withthe beginning of high school, city life is getting busy with coolcraft cars, trucks and schoolbus blocking the traffic on thehighway roads. The cute boys and crowned prom queen girls are superexcited about their incredible four years of high school. Thismodern fast luxury high school bus is the best ride to drive in thebig city and reach your destination. Be the super driver, avoidhitting the obstacles, maintain your speed limit, and followtraffic regulations in this brick city traffic. Don’t let yourvehicle get damaged by other racer cars. Steer safe. Transport thepassengers to their destination in this city bus simulation game.Safety should be your priority in extreme rides while crossing theheavy traffic mega city road. Do not crash & burn. Get onboard. Blocky High School Bus Driver features:√ Realistic drivingexperience with cool physics behind√ Awesome blocks brick stylecity craft environment√ Drive & Collect kids from home, schooland stops√ Drive with extreme safety√ Awesome bus driving challengemissions√ Attractive 3D Suburban city environment√ Realistictraffic animationsGet ready for an ultimate adventure. Be the crazybus driver but do not have fun smashing around your vehicle. Roamaround the pixel block style environment, collect students, andcover the distance to drop them to the highschool. Escape thepublic crowded areas, drive near the subway and do not block theroads. Do not keep your engine running, stop at the red light orthe city cops will fine you. You might see ambulances, cargotrucks, construction machinery, hill climber vehicles and publictransportation buses on the roads. Keep driving whether there is achaos, rain, snow or sunny. Watch out for the traffic lights orextreme hill climb and do not crush the pedestrians while you drivethrough the urban city routes. Rush to your destination onscheduled time. Become a real blocky city bus driver and roamaround the city to collect passengers. Apply brakes gently as soonas you reach offroad parking spots to collect your passengers toassure smooth ride.Be careful on dangerous twists and turns whenyou overtake cars and reach safely. Rugged terrains are not easy todrive on so bring out the real bus driver inside you. Go throughthe steep climb with high speed. Wild accidents could block yourpath anytime. Extreme weather conditions with rainfalls andlighting could make your drive even more difficult. Forget yourfears of driving now. With non-stop endless hours of fun you willlove this immersive bus simulator game.
Blocky Urban City Schoolbus 3D 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Blockey Urban City SchoolBus is an extreme city roads drivingsimulator with in a bricks craft style. Drive around the urban cityMiami in a fast luxury schoolbus to transport the urban city kidsto their school. Avoid offroad smashy pathways, do not crash andburn, drive ahead, bypass ambulance, public transport, trucks andcars to reach the school in time. Enjoy this extreme bus simulatorgame for kids!Enjoy blocky craft characters and brick styletransport just like cartoon car games. Summer Holidays are overnow. It’s time to get ready and rush back to school. The urban cityroads are full of traffic, drive & collect kids, steer theschool bus with safety before the bell rings. Do not crush thepeople while racing to school. Follow the traffic regulation.Escape the public crowded areas, drive near the subway and do notblock the roads. Blockey Urban City SchoolBus has the best schoolbus driving simulator experience to fulfill your extreme drivingfever with a beautiful suburban city environment. Get ready for anextreme adventure of bus craft driving simulation. Be a super busdriver to drop the kids safely to school. It’s a real entertainmentfor all the driving simulator fans with amazing concepts physicsbehind for a smoother game play. It’s impossible to avoid trafficall the time.Blocky Urban City SchoolBus features:√ Blockcharacters√ Drive & Collect kids from home, school and stops√Drive with extreme safety√ Awesome bus driving challenge missions√Attractive 3D Suburban city environment√ Realistic trafficanimations Roam around the city, collect passengers and drop themto their destination. Watch out for the traffic lights or extremehill climb and do not crush the pedestrians while you drive throughthe urban city routes. Rush to your destination on scheduled time.Become a real schoolbus driver and roam around the city to collectpassengers. Apply brakes gently as soon as you reach offroadparking spots to collect your passengers to assure smooth ride.Weaim to deliver high quality games that include driving simulator,doctor games, fancy makeup and salon games, maker games and muchmore. After the construction truck, excavator, extreme car driving,bike racing and jet ski simulators; Urban City Schoolbus Driver 3Dis a brand new idea for those who love to play such games.
Blocky Transport Bus Simulator 1.3
Nation Games 3D
Blocky Transport Bus Simulator is an extreme city bus drivingsimulator in a bricks craft style world. Drive around the blockpixel urban city Compton in a fast high speed luxury publictransport. Avoid impossible offroad smashy traffic, do not crashand burn, drive ahead of street drivers, bypass ambulance, policevan, schoolbus, public transport, trucks and cars to reach thedestination. Enjoy this extreme bus simulator for kids! Park yourvehicle on the off-road highway to load the passengers. Have a safejourney! Enjoy craft characters and pixel transport vehicle justlike cartoony car games. Fulfill your racing fever. Street drivers,It’s time to get ready and rush back to your duty. Drive &collect passengers, steering the public transportation bus withsafety. Do not crush the people while racing to the off-roadparking stop. Follow the traffic regulation. Increase your speedand drive faster. Blocky Transport Bus Simulator has the best brickstyle bus driving simulator experience to fulfill your extremedriving fever with a beautiful suburban city environment. Get readyfor an action packed adventure of bus craft driving simulation.It’s a real entertainment for all the real driving simulator fanswith amazing concepts physics behind for a smoother game play. Makesure you do not take any prison break criminal onboard. Policecops, army commandos, heroes, soldiers, construction workers,motorcycle drivers, racers and salon owners also travel on yourelite public transport. Blocky Transport Bus Simulator features:√Brick style block characters√ Drive & load people√ Awesomeexciting bus driving challenge missions√ Attractive 3D Suburbancity environment√ Realistic traffic animations Roam around, watchout for the traffic lights or extreme hill climb and do not crushthe pedestrians while you move through the routes. Get hold of yoursteering, rush to your destination on scheduled time. Apply brakesgently as soon as you reach offroad parking spots to collect peopleon board to assure a smooth ride.
Prison Escape Crazy Jail Break 1.7
Nation Games 3D
It’s hard time staying in prison for a crime somebody elsecommitted, just because you were suspicious. Some inmates jailbreaker criminal has told an epic story about their escape fromprison police. Plan a plot to run away without getting caught bythe fierce guards, sniff dog & armed cops. Get ready to dodgethe jail warden, kill the police cops, escape sniper counterattacks, sniff dog and hide from police crew to run away from thistorturing hell in Prison Escape Crazy Jail Break. You can make useof a baseball bat or grab a rod or any other attacking tool againstthe security dog or police man to defend yourself by hitting thechasing police men and jail crew hard on their head and body sothey don’t catch you. Get an insight of the positioning of thewardens and cops while planning a plot of the crazy jail break.Your chance of survival depends upon your wisdom and carefulplanning of a prison breakout. Put on your extreme stealth mode tosneak out of the prison with the help of your criminal cell inmatesand gang members in this amazing prison break game. Murder thecops, kill the jail officer, dodge the trained sniper, sneak awayfrom the trained German shepherd dog before they sniff you andsoldiers who try to stop you. You have been sentenced for lifetimeimprisonment for the crime you have not committed but only becauseyou were suspicious. You can never prove yourself right until thispunishment is over. Manage escaping from the prison even if youhave to bribe the police security guards and dodge the dog. Onlythe lockdown prisoners and your cellmates robbers can help you inthis notorious prison break act. Walk in dark shadows to avoidgetting caught by sniper gun or laser camera. Dodge police dogs,the trained German Shepherd dog that can sniff out anyone andsniper cops while breaking out. A transporter truck is readyoutside the jail to transport you to a safe passage. You just haveto get the cell keys with the help of thugs to escape. Sneaking inthe corridors for escaping is very tough as the guards, sniff dogand wardens are continuously patrolling in jail. The security is onhigh alert. A safer escape has become even tougher due to thismodern technology. You have to fight really hard for your freedomthat you deserve. Get rid of this torturing imprisonment. Find outthe tools hidden in the jail that might help you in fighting theaggressive cops, angry dog and chase guards. Execute the prisonescape & police chase mission rigorously. A special chasingsecurity squad along with a dog has been appointed on duty to keepa track of prisoners jail break missions, bomb alert and chasecriminals running out. Take up the challenge to play the role of ajail break prisoner in Prison Escape Crazy Jail Break game.Don’tlet the officer chase and catch you. This is going to be an epicprison escape adventure. Escape now and run away! Prison EscapeCrazy Jail Break features: √ Amazing 3D Prison Environment√Multiple gameplay escape missions including hidden objects to useas tools√ Real Thrill of Escaping the Prison, security & dog√Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal √ A Complete Prison EscapeStory to Accomplish√ Action packed challenging prison breakmissions√ Realistic jail environment with snipers, machine guns,cops, Shepherd dog√ Challenging prisoner escape and police chasemissions√ Super fast game with smooth controls
Police Prison Escape Sniper 1.5
Nation Games 3D
Police Prison Escape Sniper is an action packed crime games withthe best first person sniper shooting, chasing jail break prisonersand catch the criminal. As a trained security police officer, yourduty is to keep an eye on any suspicious activity involvingfighting prisoners, jail break criminal escape and bomb alertmissions. The Prison security is on high alert. Catch theapproaching criminal with weapons to attack you by shooting withyour sniper shooter gun. Aim the target to shoot down the prisoner,catch him and send him back to jail. You have been armed with thebest sniper shooter gun and trained German Shepherd sniff dog totrack down any prison break criminal escaped from the jail securityofficers. The police security squad of the prison has to deal witha lot of prisoner chasing. Police Prison Escape Sniper involvesangry prisoner, brave police officer on duty, sniper riffles, gunshots, prison break escape missions and criminal chasing. Yourchance of survival depends upon your wisdom and careful planning ofa prison break out chase. Put on your extreme stealth mode to chasesneak out prisoner and his criminal cell inmates and gang membersin this amazing jail break & police chase game.Your duty is tokeep a check on the lockdown prisoners and their cellmates robbersfor any notorious prison break act. They walk in dark shadows toavoid getting caught. Shoot them with a sniper gun. They aresneaking in the corridors to escape. Make the escaping tougher forthem as the guards, sniff dog and wardens continuously patrol injail all around. The security is on high alert. A safer escape hasbecome even tougher due to this modern technology sniper guns. Youhave to fight really hard. Get rid of this torturing prisoners’fights. Execute the prison security & police chase missionrigorously. A special chasing security squad along with a dog hasbeen appointed on duty to keep a track of prisoners jail breakmissions, bomb alert and chase criminals running out. Take up thechallenge to play the role of a police officer on duty to catchjail break prisoner in Police Prison Escape Sniper game. Chase thecriminal, shoot him and catch him to send him to prison. This isgoing to be an epic prison escape chase and catch adventure game.Police Prison Escape Sniper features:√ Amazing 3D PrisonEnvironment√ Multiple gameplay escape and first person sniper shootmissions √ Real Thrill of chasing the Escaped jail break Prisoner√Thrill of Playing the Role of a crime control police officer√ AComplete Prison Escape Story√ Action packed challenging prisonerchase missions√ Realistic jail environment with snipers, machineguns, cops, Shepherd dog, criminal, crime story√ Challengingprisoner escape and police chase missions√ Super fast game withsmooth controls
Police Dog Prison Escape 3D 1.4
Nation Games 3D
Police Dog & Prisoners rivalry is getting serious. The policegame takes a new twist by making you in-charge of the prisonsecurity job. Become a real police suit dog to keep a watch ongangsters, robbers and criminals. As an in charge police dog ofjail security job, prevent prison escape and catch jail breakprisoners. The city crime rate is almost zero at the moment. Butthe thugs escaping jail can lead to an increased crime rate in thecity. As a trained frontline police dog, take up the challenge tochase down the jail break prisoner and stop prison escape. Aprisoner escape game gets more adventurous with an angry Germanshepherd sniff dog. An ultimate action packed game that tests yourskills to stay alert all the time. Breaking laws is no more anoption when a real brave police dog is there to catch the jailescaping prisoner to save the city from crime. Police Dog PrisonEscape is an amazing Police Dog Simulator game that involves a truechallenge of making the crime prison escape missions unsuccessful.You have been chosen as an expert police dog to stop and hunt therobber involved in the prison break crime. Use your sniffing skillsfor chasing down and lockup dangerous criminals in Police DogPrison Escape. Assist the police officer as a skilled K-9 cops dogto end up the criminal activities. An unlimited Police Dog chaseadventure game! Police Dog Prison Escape is an action packed crimegames with the best chasing jail break prisoners and catch thecriminal. As a trained security police dog officer, your duty is tokeep an eye on any suspicious activity involving fightingprisoners, jail break criminal escape and bomb alert missions. ThePrison security is on high alert. Catch the approaching criminalwith weapons to attack you by attacking him with your razor sharpcanine teeth and nails. Aim the target to attack the prisoner,catch him and send him back to jail. You are a super trained GermanShepherd sniff dog to track down any prison break criminal escapedfrom the jail security officers. The police security squad of theprison has to deal with a lot of prisoner chasing. Police DogPrison Escape involves angry prisoner, brave police dog on duty,sniper riffles, gun shots, prison break escape missions andcriminal chasing. Your chance of survival depends upon your wisdomand careful planning of a prison break out chase. Put on yourextreme stealth mode to chase sneak out prisoner and his criminalcell inmates and gang members in this amazing jail break &police chase game. Police Dog Prison Escape features:√ Cleverhunting & sniffing police dog simulator game play√ Chasecriminals in amazing prison environment√ K-9 Dog catching criminalsaction pack simulation game√ Thrilling & challenging police dogprisoner chase missions√ Smooth & intuitive controls√ Stunning& High quality 3D graphics