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Glimpse Notifications 4.2.1.X
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Tired of having to press the power button to see new notifications?Ex-iPhone user and cannot believe your Android doesn't offer such abasic function? Your new phone doesn't have LED notificationanymore? Want to pull your phone out of your bag or pocket andimmediately have it enabled? Like to get repeated reminders forpending notifications? Then this app is for you! FEATURES • Keepsusing the secure system lock screen • Control how long the lockscreen is shown • Choose which apps whose notifications should turnon the screen • Quiet Times to prevent the screen from turning onat a bad time • Supports System Do Not Disturb (DnD) modes •Extensive pocket mode to prevent the screen from turning on in yourpocket • Double-tap to lock on the lock screen (only < Oreo) •Recurring notifications • Motion detection notices when you picketup the phone to check a new notification • App is as energyefficient as possible • This is a private pet project - so it'sfree! No data is being collected! MEDIA REVIEWS XDA: Blog (German): Website: XDA DevelopmentThread: SENSORS AND SMARTLOCKS Depending on your configuration,this app may need the Device Administrator permission. To implementseveral (optional) features, Glimpse Notifications may need to turnoff the screen. By default no special permissions are needed forthis. To improve security or for a better user experience you maygive the app device administrator or accessibility servicepermissions. PROBLEMS ON SOME DEVICES Android devices are quitediverse and not all functions work equally well everywhere. The FAQ(English) contains a lot of hints how to configure this app fordevices by Sasmung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, ... HUAWEI, Xiaomi(MIUI) Glimpse Notifications only shows the lock screen, it doesn'trender the notifications. To see notifications from, for instance,your texting app, your need to open system settings and allow thetexting app to show show notifications on the lock screen. SAMSUNGEDGE LIGHTING To avoid conflicts, it is recommended to disable Edgelighting or at least remove Glimpse Notifications from Edgelighting. REQUIRED PERMISSIONS •BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: Core permission to have the appbeing informed about new notifications. • WAKE_LOCK: needed to turnon the screen OPTIONAL PERMISSIONS • BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: to closeand lock the screen • BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: can be given toclose the screen with perfect user experience (only Android 9+) •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to determine the duration of customnotification sounds. • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: implement double-tap tolock (only until Android 7) • VIBRATE: recurring notifications canbe indicated using a vibration pattern EXCLUSION OF LIABILITYNullgrad Apps cannot be held responsible for damages happening byusing this app. This includes, but is not limited to, notificationsbeing missed or misinterpreted due some function of GlimpseNotifications.