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Brightest LED Flashlight 1.3.6
ONE App Team
Brightest flashlight instantly turns your phone into a bright ledtorch by accessing your camera flash. It is the best androidflashlight and is Totally Free! Download the Power Flashlight andenjoy it now! Brightest LED Flashlight Highlights: + 10 DifferentStrobe/Blinking Mode Supported. + Turn on/off the LED Flashlighteasily like a real Torch. + Make Distress Calls with Built-in SOSFlash Light. + Brighten up your darkness with the BrightestFlashlight. + Beautiful UI Design and clean layout. + Smootheradjustment & Highly sensitive switch button. + Powerful andFast LED Light Brightest Flashlight – Multi LED. BrightestFlashlight turns your phone into a Multi LED flashlight in thefastest way and easiest tap. Flashlight Lights up your night andhelps you out in the emergency. Flashlight free is the best andmost powerful flashlight in the world, which provides you not onlythe Brightest LED light but also the best user experience. LEDFlashlight – Ultra Bright. LED Flashlight is very helpful wheneveryou need extra light by turning your phone into the brightest LEDflashlight. This power flashlight is FREE, fast, convenient andprovides you the super-bright led flashlight. Also, flash lightlooks very cool and bright when you use it in the dark just like areal torch. Strobe Flashlight - sweet rave party & emergency.Strobe flashlight is adjustable with sensitive flash lightfrequency strobe controller, blinking from 0 to 9, low/highblinking light frequency. Use strobe led flashlight at parties, athome, at the club, at school, or anywhere you think a strobe lightcould set the mood, like using led laser torch flashing light; usedlike SOS LED light or location for the emergency. Flashlight Widget- turn on light on home screen. Flashlight widget can be placed onyour home screen. It’s convenient to turn on this flashlight freeapp on the home screen by pressing the button. You can get thebrightest led flashlight shine out of darkness continuouslywhenever you need some extra light. SOS Flashlight – send adistress signal in emergency. Flashlight Free is capable to send anSOS signal for assistance when in emergency or in danger. The SOSLED light can last for a long time on your phone. Super convenient!You only need to open the app, slide to SOS mode and turn it on.Your call for help will be visible up to 4.5 miles in clearweather. Power Flashlight - light up the dark with 1 click. Powerflashlight app accesses camera LED flash on Android device as areal torch/bright flashlight source. It’s a very small size butuseful multi LED flashlight for android. Besides, the brightness ofthe brightest LED flashlight can be adjusted easily. You can useflash light as LED light while walking in darkness or lighting upstrobe light for help. With Brightest LED Flashlight, you can do: +Light up your night when power outage. + Find Your Keys / Open YourDoor in the Dark. + Walk Your Dog in the park after Sunset. + Lightup the Way When Camping and Hiking Outside. + Make Distress CallsWith SOS Flashlight. + Read a book before bedtime withoutdisturbing others. + Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night. +Celebrate on Parties with Blinking Flashlight. + Repair Your Car orChange a Puppets at night. + Check on the Little Ones. Super brightflashlight is compatible with most Android phones and systems.It is definitely the Best Flashlight & the Brightest Flashlightin the world. It is very helpful in any situation thatrequires extra light. Download this Flashlight Free now! Downloadfor FREE!
FaceFun - Face Filters, Selfie Editor, Sweet Cam 1.8.0
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🍭FaceFun - Face Filters, Selfie Photo Editor, Sweet Camera is thenewly designed beauty camera and selfie camera app with facefilters, motion stickers camara, photo editor, movie filters, whichanimate your face in real-time with motion stickers and make beautyselfies for you! Constantly update! Amazing live stickers andanimal filters every week. 🍭Beside selfie photo editor & motionstickers & makeup filter & photo effects & face camera& selfie beauty camera, photo stickers, makeup filter, you canalso enjoy a beauty selfie photo filters, live filters, beautycamera, selfie photo editor, makeup filter, photo stickers, livestickers for sweet camera - beauty selfie camera. 🍭Take selfie withthe sweet camera with live selfie filters, makeup filter, makeupstickers, selfie beauty effects, live filters, selfie camara motionstickers photo edit camera, and selfie editor/ beauty selfie editorto wow your friends! 🌸FaceFun - Face Filters, Selfie Photo Editor,Sweet Camera makes your beauty selfie photo with live face camera,makeup filter, beauty selfie, beauty camera motion stickers, beautyeditor, selfie camara app, selfie photo editor, popular selfiecamera! Enjoy beauty selfies with selfie camara, face camera, livecamera stickers, selfie editor, face filters camera, artisticfilters for selfie camera, face filters camera! FaceFun - FaceFilters, Selfie Photo Editor, Sweet Camera Features ❤ AR facecamera live filters & motion stickers & makeup stickers forbeauty camera selfie ❤ Real-time selfie camera live filters ❤Various photo stickers & selfie filter & photo stickers& motion stickers ❤ Funny motion stickers to get beauty selfies❤ Face swap with live stickers, motion sticker and photo stickers ❤Body shape selfie editor ❤ Photo grid & selfie photo editor app❤ Selfie camera app for beauty selfie photo ❤ Beauty selfie cameraapp with beauty editor ❤ Beauty camera private gallery ❤ Hairstyleeditor & makeover tools for beauty selfie ❤ Beauty cameramuscle editor ❤ Front & rear-facing beauty selfie ——✿——FaceFun- Face Filters, Selfie Photo Editor, Sweet Camera features——✿——Motion Stickers & Live Filters ✦ Photo stickers maker offersreal-time face filters & live filters & motion stickers& photo stickers. ✦ Dozens of live filters, photo stickers,live stickers, motion stickers are ready! Real-time Selfie Filters– Photo editor app ✦ Selfie stickers, motion stickers with supercute animals & selfie camera. ✦ A diverse range of photo filterdesigned for beauty camera selfies with beauty makeup, such asNatural, Youth, Film and Old-time live filters with funny camera. ✦Selfie filter and makeup tools for selfie camera make your skinsmooth and light. ✦ Added face filters & motion stickers tovideos! Photo Filters and effects ✦ Varieties of filters are readyfor different photo effects in selfie camera photo editor free!Enhance pictures by adding photo filters and effects. Beauty CameraStickers ✦ Free 100+ emoji camera stickers & motion stickers& photo stickers & makeup stickers for beauty selfies. ✦Kinds of live stickers! Abs, Tattoos, Beards, Dog and Cat motionstickers. ✦ Beauty makeup photo sticker editor, includeshairstyles, necklaces, earrings camera stickers. Makeup BeautyCamera ✦ Real-time skin beautifying with beauty camera with beautyeditor. Beauty makeup adjusts your skin tone, erase wrinkles,pimples, dark-circles and reshapes your face! Photo Grid &Photo Collage Maker ✦ Photo collage editor designs the photo grid!✦ Change the size of the photo grid and match properly onInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Other Features ✦ Silent selfiemode of beauty camera & funny camera. ✦ Easily share to socialsites from FaceFun. ✦ 10+ languages are supported. 📪
Color Call - Caller Screen, LED Flash 1.2.8
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✨ 2019 NEW color phone themes are coming! Caller screen changerwith love call screen themes & LED flash alerts: make yourcalls flash! Use the love call screen theme to create a love callscreen with pretty themes. Get caller screen changer - Color Call -Call Screen, LED Flash and customize call screen with my lovecaller screen themes and LED flash notification! Color Call - CallScreen, LED Flash, new call screen changer with new 2019 callthemes. Customize caller screen display with call screen themes,LED flash alert. Get the call theme changer, since caller screenthemes & LED flashlight alert for call screen is free! The calltheme app will decorate your call screen with call screen theme andcolor phone theme, including love call screen themes, funny themesand so on. Download the caller screen display with color phonethemes and enjoy the free caller screen themes app - Color Call -Call Screen, LED Flash with my love caller screen style now! ColorCall Features👑👑 ❤️Caller screen changer - Call theme app makescaller screen style unique, with different call themes. My lovecall theme changer & call screen changer with caller screenstyle effects, call screen slide, call themes for android is prettycool. 💋LED light - the call screen changer has Led flashlightalert, that provides unique caller screen style (color phonetheme). The special led alert & call themes for android makescall screen beautiful with color phone (call screen) theme. 🔥Callscreen themes - Caller screen display decorates the caller screenwith call screen themes, using call screen changer. My love callscreen themes make my phone colorful and lovely. 🎆Caller screendisplay - Call screen changer with call flash through changingcaller screen themes and caller screen display. Call screen changermakes the caller screen amazing with caller screen (color phone)theme. 🎈 Battery friendly - Battery saving call theme app &call screen changer with my love call themes, call screen themesand color phone theme. The call theme app & call screen changerhas a unique caller screen display, which changes caller screentheme with call flash. More in Color Call 😊😊 - Fun caller screendisplay with call themes, LED for call. - Visible caller screenwith led notification and call flash on Call Screen - Call screenchanger reminds calls with LED flashlight alert & caller screendisplay - Unique caller screen themes with color phone themes &caller screen style in caller screen changer - Do not miss callswith led alert & color call screen theme in my love callerscreen changer Color call, amazing call theme changer (call screenchanger), changes the caller screen style with LED flash alert,love call screen theme. The call theme changer can change callerscreen themes to make caller screen display dynamic. Download andenjoy Color Call - Call Screen, LED Flash! Each caller screendisplay & call flash will be fun with call screen themes, LEDflash! My love call screen themes make my call screen shining.
IN Launcher - Love Emojis & GIFs, Themes 1.3.7
ONE App Team
Beautiful home screen app - IN Launcher - Themes, Emojis, GIFs andStickers for Android is coming now! Special love emojis andstickers for the special one. All these funny emojis, GIFs andstickers have been here waiting for you! Surprises in IN Launcher –Hot topic themes including Emoji Theme, Love Emojis for Android,GIFs and Stickers. 🎨 Personalize your home screen🎨 Cute Emojis,GIFs and Stickers - More than 1000 funny emojis, GIFs and stickers.Beautiful love emojis and stickers in this emoji launcher. Come andget this free emoji launcher apps. Beautiful love emojis arewaiting for you! Hot topic themes & Live Wallpapers - Decoratehome screen with stylish emoji theme & Livewallpapers &.Except for wonderful love emojis and stickers, the beautifullauncher emoji theme is also a good choice. Everything you need isin this emoji launcher. Cool Call Screen Themes - Personalize yourincoming call screen. Transition Effect - Make the effects ofswitching screens cooler. 📱 Make home screen organized📱 UnreadMessage - Never miss any message of your apps. Screen Manager -Manage the status of screen ( to add or reduce, or change place ofscreen so on). Smart Folder - Organize apps on screen smartly infolders. Desktop Settings - Define your own personalized phone homescreen. Menu - Quick access to common feature. Make your homescreen more beautiful! 🌪 Junk Cleaner - Clean the junk on yourphone. Notification Cleaner - Remove garbage notifications in yourphone. 🔐 Protect your privacy🔐 App Lock - Lock all your privacyapps on screen. Hide Apps - Hide the privacy apps from screen. 🔧Useful tools for life🔧 Widgets - Menu for launcher widgets &system widgets. Weather - Precise prediction for weather of yourcity. Notification Toolbar - Quick access to Wi-Fi, data,flashlight. Searchbar - Google search engine. 🎮 Entertainment forleisure time🎮 Online games - 20+ online H5 games for fun. Beautifullive and 3D wallpapers, dynamic call screen themes, cute launcheremoji theme and love emojis for android. All you need is in this INLauncher! 😘Get IN Launcher – Emoji Theme, Love Emojis, GIFs andStickers, find your own stylish home screen style! Contact Please be noticed that thislauncher app will change your default home screen, and it can becleared in system settings. The search bar is also new with Googleas the search engine in the app.