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Drift Horizon Online 5.9.2
THE MOST WANTED 3D DRIFTING SIMULATOR GAMEDrift Horizon - the MOSTWANTED 3D DRIFTING SIMULATOR GAME is here with a single player andalso an online multiplayer mode!Rev up your engine and get readyfor a never wrackingly fast turbo drifting game burnout. Saygoodbye to slow and boring drifting games - download Drift Horizonright now to experience the thrill of a real car racingburnout.Become the king of drift, press your foot on theaccelerator and drift around in different cities to become a turbodrifter and earn money, respect and fame as you rise up the ranksto become a professional drifting champion.Think you're the bestturbo car drifter? Can you beat all drifting games with ease? Wechallenge you to come and play Drift Horizon to prove your mettleagainst the best sport cars drifters from across the globe!SINGLEPLAYER CAR SIMULATOR MODE- Collect drifting points and earn cash-Find hidden bonuses in the Tokyo city- Get drift achievements,leave a mark on the asphalt and burn your sports cars tires- Trydifferent physics, hotlaps and road textures (Tarmac &Snow)MODIFY SPORTS CARS IN YOUR GARAGE- Buy new sports cars- Modifyand upgrade your new and already modified sports cars to improvetheir handling- Buy new parts from the store- Collect all parts inyour inventory (up to 100 slots!)- Install or sell any part!TURBOONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE- Play with friends or other top driftersfrom across the world!- Explore the Tokyo city map with yourfriends- Try to drift better than other drifter racersHD GAMEPLAY& SOUNDS- Full HD graphics!- Optimized performance and carhandling- Realistic car engine and tires sounds (Blow off, Exhaust,Backfires, Skids, etc)!- Realistic physics and car movements-Dynamic camera movement- Intuitive controlsSo, what are you waitingfor? Become the king of drift, learn professional car handling,pump up your engine and leave a mark on the asphalt in DriftHorizon right now!
Muscle Drift Simulator 2018 1.3.1
Welcome to the most fascinating and exciting new drift car drivingsimulator 2018 thrilling game. Muscle Drift Simulator 2018 is amarvelous arcade level modes drift racing game with very unique andstunning graphics. This real drift simulator 3D is an HD game andone of the best car drift game specially designed for all the carracing games lovers. Drive your luxury car in country side roads,streets and deserts and get a real experience of drift driving. Youcan drift anywhere you want but the drifting on dusty deserts willgive you another level of excitement. Drive your car as fast as youcan to win a race in this excellent drift simulator pro. Fastdriving and the addictive game play with very intense trafficcompetition will really blow your mind.Different challenging levelsand game modes will make this superb game more addictive. You willhave to complete all the levels of this game in order to become areal drift racing champion. You can select a difficulty levelaccording to your driving skills. Star an exceptional car speedydriving simulator 2018 ultimate drift on the super-fast highwaytracks and get tremendous driving experiences and become realaction driving hero in this high speed car racer game. There arehuge collection of luxury sports cars and many challenging gamemodes in this outstanding game. This drift simulator new 2018 gameis a new generation game in which you have a facility to customizeyour own sports car. Different obstacles and huge traffic will comein your way but don’t be panic and stay focused and dodge the hugetraffic and obstacles with clever twisting and turning but keep onething in mind that don’t hit your luxury car anywhere. Avoidhitting people and hurdles otherwise the mission will be failed.Select your extremely fast car, use nitro and start a crazy speedracing against your opponents and give them a cracking defeat byshowing cool driving skills. It is difficult to defeat youropponent so drive fast as you can and smash them with sensibledriving. By winning races your rank will increase and you will getgold as reward of your accomplishment. Unlock different tracks,upgrade your classic turbo engine and many levels by winning theraces. This real drift speedy car racing simulator 3D is extremelyaddictive, interesting and challenging game which will give you areal dose of entertainment and fun. Rush on the fast track to win,cross all the speed limits in this stunning arcade game and killyour boring time with full thrilling crazy driving. Earn lot ofcoins by winning speedy car racing on fascinating and zig zagtracks and unlock different high speed luxury cars, Each car isdifferent from other so feel the real game experience in thisfabulous game.Features:- Stunning 3D graphics.- Realisticenvironment and easy controls.- Huge collection of luxury sportscars.- Car customization and modification.- Amazing fast tracks.-Superb camera angles.
Muscle Drift Simulator 2018 Pro 1.2.5
Muscle Drift Simulator 2018- Perfect game to just chill with thisawesome drift phyiscs & graphics!- Improve your driftingskills!- Full HD Graphics!- Realistic Sounds!- Simulator mode!-Great city map!- Illegal driving experience!