Pinmyspot برنامه ها

Pinmyspot - Capture Awards and Discounts 3.1.4
With Pinmyspot you can win prizes an discounts while having fun. 😁🤑 😎Walking around town you find prizes and discounts of yourfavorite brands and can capture them in Augmented Reality. 😮 😮😮 Ever imagined going shopping and bumping into a 50% discountfor your next vacation? ✈️Or else...Try your luck in capturing aPlaystation 4? 🎮In addition, you can participate in the 🏁 Missions 🏁 , which are a real race for the first place. 🏆Andmuch more...Accumulate gold and diamond to buy items. 👑 💎 👑Additems to your backpack to make it easier to hunt. 👝Follow yourfriends and follow their catches. 👀  🖖It's a completeimmersion that uses Augmented Reality in a super fun game.Did youlike the app? 😉Help us improve. You can get in touch through theemail below [email protected]