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Magic Tiles Hop Forever EDM Rush! 3D Music Game 1.0
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Hot Updates! Are you thinking that Being Home as Full TimeisBoring??? Then be ready because here is updated game@ to killyourboring time. It’s time for all to Let's Hop and start playingthegame with the music on the go button. Bring friends to playwithyou and Get the highest scores & challenge your friends&Fellows with the BEST EDM game ever! Not now but soon you canableto upload and enjoy your own favorite songs to play. Bounce offonthe magic music tiles forever, listen to the beat music notes,andmake hops as many as you can in this awesome and mind-blowingmusicgame now for Free! I am sure you have played other games butThisgame will create a whole new experience for music gamefan/lover.Magic tiles 3D hop EDM Rush! Music Game Forever is one ofthemusical ball games where you can find yourself in a dual-modelikeas a game player and as a singer. Get Ready for one of thenewestsong collection which is specially Customized for tiles gameloverlike you. Magic Tiles Hop is one of the most loved pianogamesamong hundreds of free games in 2019 which has more than15thousands around the world.as a starter package, here iswonderfuloption to get coins and diamonds and remove ads with verylessmoney. Pink Piano Tiles hope game in a single sentenceiscompletely free song games with forever lasting musicgameseffects. To make this game more attractive and addictive tothelovers, its splashy tiles, icon, screenshots, environment withneoneffects, etc. specially designed to make a more visualandrealistic game. Have you ever played over the EDM tiles withhearttouching music. If no then here is a good chance to enjoy.Whileplaying dancing ballz, lovers can tap tiles with a little balltolisten to various types of music competition from beautifulguitar,piano songs to KPOP and EDM Masterpieces. When the speed oftilesis high enough, you can collect coins and gifts in faster waywithhidden items. Carefully and peacefully listen to Marshmallow’snewJoytime album! EDM, Rap, Hip Hops, Rock, Pop, etc. - you canplayall the hit songs in one game, and we'll release new songsandcharacters soon with equal interval of time! *** Main Features–Oneof the Top Free music games*** • New Albums: Upload yourfavoritesongs games to bounce with music tiles. • New Theme withEasy andSmooth 1 Touch Control. • Awesome 3D visual graphics withchangingenvironments. • Each Level starts with the song and a newgamestheme • 10+ categorically attractive and entertaining amazingsongsto relax backgrounds which brings truly a new experience oneveryplays! • Collect beautiful color collections for your dancingballsover the dancing roads. • Beat your own highest score untillyouchallenge your best friends for a dare ***How to Play-How tomakepossible through impossible*** Top Hit Songs + Pink Ball Game+Magic Tiles beat jumper = Superb and Awesome! Hold and dragthemusic ball on tricky tiles. The swap Hop Ball will jump ontheBeats Drop. Listen to the magic beat, follow the pace and useyourmusical tiles reflexes to guide the piano ball hop from pinktilesto black tiles. If you fail to hit the bouncing ball on theneontiles, the game will be over and you have to restart to tryonceagain. Play the game with your own choice of soundtrackslikeTheFatRat, KPOP, VPOP, BTS music, ROCK, EDM music. Its time togetready and try out the fantastic piano games for free!Theattractive piano online with mindful music moments which ismorechallenging than you could imagine. Here you can become arealpianist now! And grap the trend with this new piano game 2019rightnow!It will also be popolau soon as a piano magic tiles 2020as afree game. You can unlock all levels and all hop ball: Also,youcan remove ads by paying a minimal amount through game! • Trytonot fall off the tilted color Tiles. • Avoid tapping becauseit’snot a Tap Tap game. • Don't forget to make ridiculous combosandbeat your friends' totals!