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Illuminati: MLG Clicker 2.5.4
Quantum Games
U WOT M8? Are you ready to play the most insane game, not sometrash mlg soundboard, but the king of mlg games, the emperor ofclicker games, sponsored by Illuminati - THE ILLUMINATI™️: MLGCLICKER! Are you sick of that fact that every mlg sound board thinkyou’re stupid and only able to press the buttons? You want somereally crazy games? Evolve in this transcendental top ranked mlggame that have no buttons! How’s that? You can press whatever youwant! That’s the entertainment for superintelligent posthuman! Thisis a crazy meme generator with tons of mlg sounds and dank memes!What. Are. You. Waiting. For? It’s only 99.99$! No, God damn, it’sfree now! That’s insane! Grab your mlg airhorn and blow it, causeyour trip starts now! Or not? I don’t know, I don't even exist! Doyou have any idea what you're reading? Where are you? Who are you?Maybe you’re a mlg meme too? It doesn’t matter anymore! It’s yournew thug life with mlg memes: sanik, John Cena, Snoop Dogg, doge,uganda knuckles, Ricardo Milos, assault flappy bird and more! Damnson, are you looking for crazy memes game? Do you love insane gamesmore than mother? Then yolo swag ma boi, this is the best clickergame in the world, the most meme game in the universe, the dankestof 420 games and also it treats cancer! Play this crazy game atleast 69 hourz per minute and you will get absolutely nothing! Thisis wut u always wanted isn’t it???
Легенда НАУ 1.0.2
Quantum Games
По легенде, если из НАУ выпустится девственница, самолет,простоявший памятником несколько десятилетий, взлетит. Посленападения КПИ, не имея другого выбора, руководство НАУ принялорешение выдать диплом только что поступившей минусихе. Они простоне нашли непорочных девушек на старших курсах.According to legend,if the NAU released from virgin aircraft monument stood for severaldecades, will soar. After the attack, the CPI, having no otherchoice, the management of NAU took a decision to issue acertificate just received minusihe. They just have not foundblameless at the undergraduate girls.
Aesthetic Battle Simulator: A Psychedelic Trip 1.0.50
Quantum Games
Psychedelic trip with weird characters, bizarre weapons, and adelirious plot. Aesthetic Battle Simulator is a true historicrenovation of the ancient Greeks battles with the Illuminati order!Fight against the retarded Illuminati army, reveal the conspiracyby the reptilians from Nibiru, jump under fire for popcorn! Jetpots, plasma-firing bananas, homing corn, giant battle pigeons andmore in Anesthetic Bottle Stimulator! This is a real roller coasterof emotions and fun that would blow your head from the firstseconds! The visual style of Antiseptic Button Calculator is anattempt to take the best of the vaporwave, webpunk, MLG and 90'snostalgia. Autistic Brazzers See you later contains flashing lightswhich may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy.