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This app offers an easy to read solunar fishing calendar, tidetimes and sun/moon information to plan your fishing trips. The freeversion is ad supported and is limited to a 3 day forecast. How toread and use the App: - Green Bars indicate major and minor fishingtimes (major longer, minor shorter bar) - Blue Bars indicate lowand high tide times. - Center indicates current moon phase - Greyline represents the current time - top right of screen has a dayrating indicator ( 1-4 fishes, fair to excellent ) - icons forsun/moon rise and set - swipe left or right to change dates Pleasecontact me if you have any suggestions for further improvements!This application is powered by
Fishing Times
Fishing Times provides you with an easy to read interface forcurrent, past and future fishing conditions. Major and Minor Times,Day Rating, Tide Times, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset andMoonphase are displayed in a Solunar Clock view and can also beviewed in a calendar. You can easily switch the selected date toplan your fishing trips ahead. The Solunar Clock interface willgive you instant information on best times. You can now also managemultiple locations. How to read and use the App: - Green Barsindicate good major and minor fishing times (major longer, minorshorter bar) - Blue Bars indicate low and high tide times. - Centerindicates moonphase - Gray current time indicator - top right ofscreen has a day rating indicator ( 1-4 fishes, fair to excellent )- sun and moon icons for sun/moon rise and set - swipe left orright to change the date The displayed fishing information ispowered
Tide Clock Free 2.0.3
This app provides you with an overview of the current local tidetimes.We also provide a monthly colour coded tide table for easyreference.You can add multiple Tide Stations and quickly switchbetween them.Data is cached locally. After an initial download, theapp can be used offline for extended periods.Features:- managemultiple tide locations- easy to read tide clock- quick referencetide charts for daily high and low tides- table for monthly tidetimes- choose imperial or metric display unitsDisclaimer:This appis not intended for navigational purposes since tide predictionsmight be incorrect for certain locations. It will only be usefulfor recreational activities where no person or property is at risk.By downloading this app you agree to use it at your own risk.