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Color Effects Photo Splash 8.82
The Othernet, LLC
Create dramatic images by removing colors orchanging them entirely.Gray out everyone in an image, except for you.Make the sky green/yellow/rainbow or whatever.Make your hair purple.Change the color of anything!FEATURES:+ Fully zoomable on supported devices (use two fingers)+ Recolor image with any color of your choice+ Post to your Facebook wall+ Select brush size and transparency+ Email paintings to friends+ Save paintings to Photo Gallery+ Use Photo Gallery or camera images+ Undo/Redo
Texas Holdem Poker Card Game 3.32
Play one of the best Poker apps available on any device.* Advanced AI - play offline against advancedcomputeropponents* Beginner friendly - Advice given on the earlier levelsofplay* Gorgeous HD graphics and slick, fast gameplay* Mulitple levels of play (higher difficulty tables havehigherstakes)* Realistic sounds, and smooth animations
Coloring+ Kids Coloring Book 8.11
The Othernet, LLC
Color drawings of princesses, robots,horses,cats, dogs, and more!FEATURES:+ 139 included drawings+ A variety of princesses, horses, robots, cats, dogs,dolphins,ABCs and more!+ Simple interface for all ages+ Multiple multi-color tools including pencils, pens, brushesspraypaint and erases
Kaleidescope multi draw paint 8.11
The Othernet, LLC
Paint with up to 128 brushes at one timeusingjust one finger!Create beautiful artwork or just have fun.
Offline Texas Holdem Poker 5.02
The Othernet, LLC
Offline Poker at its best!* Offline Play - play anytime, anywhere* Fast Fold - fold your cards and jump right to the next hand* 114 Unique Offline Opponents* Advanced AI - advanced computer opponents at higher levels* Gorgeous HD graphics and slick, fast gameplay* 5 Different Arenas of Play (higher difficulty tables have higherstakes and more difficult opponents)* Realistic sounds, and smooth animations+++ Note about the AIs (Artificial Intelligences) +++Please note that the cards are drawn completely randomly andnothing is done to give the AIs any unfair advantage.That said, the AIs are pretty good. To test the AIs I had them playonline on real money multiplayer tables and they could hold theirown.
Offline Tournament Poker - Texas Holdem MTT 8.80
The Othernet, LLC
Offline Tournament Poker at its best! * Offline Play - playanytime,anywhere, no waiting for slow opponents or rushing tothekitchen/bathroom before your turn * Tournaments - MultiTableTournaments (MTT) with from 50 to 1000 players * 142 UniqueOfflineOpponents (some seemingly drunk and aggressive, some tight)* FastFold - tap the table once to jump to the next hand - nowaiting forthe current hand to finish * Optional Open-Handedreplays - replayany hand and learn by trying different strategies *AdjustableBlind Times - adjust the speed of the tournament with 5,10 and 15minute blinds * Realistic sounds, and smooth animations