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Clean Phone Boost Optimizer 1.0.2
Clean Phone Boost Optimizer is very fastandfree Android cleaner application in the market.It's easy to useandresponding well.It could speed up your Android device andprotectyour device from malicious apps files and additionallyoptimizeyour battery and boost your RAM.> FEATURES <- > Clear up Junk FilesClean Phone Boost Optimizer can enhance the speed and performanceofyour Android device and SD card by enabling you to delete junkfilessuch as cache files,residual files and unwantedinstallationpackages.-> Memory RAM BoostClean Phone Boost Optimizer can free up memory (RAM) and boostyourphone’s speed by letting you kill redundant backgroundtasks.Just Press Boost Button.-> Smart App ManagerClean Phone Boost Optimizer makes it easy to uninstall,backupanddivert apps. Just give it a few seconds to tidy up your phoneandmake your device more efficient.-> Battery SaverCleaner Phone Booster Optimizer can make your battery life longerbysome tips and acceleration options.You Can also check your phone how your CPU working and whatisusage of your battery and processor,check your hardware.Want to optimize your device? Download this free app !
Word Search Puzzles 1.6
WORD SEARCH PUZZLES - is free game with17available languages ! You can improve your skills and yourbrainlevel.Increase your vocabulary and have fun play it with thisaddictiveword search game.
* Stretch your vocabulary with a available 17 languages* Different themes for your different moods, with very fastreactionof app!
* You can personalize your puzzle by change color , grid sizeofyour pencil and pen.* Infinite, unlimited play with random puzzles! 
* Challenge with huge number of words!* Search horizontally, vertically* Tablet support* You can play online and offline!