Unholy Squid برنامه ها

Burning Rush 1.0.8
Unholy Squid
Play as a phoenix who has to battlethedangerous, yet cute, dragons that await you. As yourjourneyprogresses, you'll rise from your ashes as a strongerphoenix! Howfar will you be able to make it?This game was inspired by helicopter and bullet helltypegames.FEATURES- Battle the different dragons that anticipate your arrival- Upgrade your attacks for a longer and more profitable run- Navigate through bullet hell esque nightmares- Get immersed in the art style, backgrounds, and leveldesign- Brag to your friends on how far you were able to getDid we forget to mention, as you collect eggs, you might findafew unexpected easter eggs hidden for those who can make itfarenough? Good luck!This game is still under development, playtesting feedbackwouldbe very appreciated! Thank you!