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With over 3 million users around the world, VoiceTube is one of themost popular English learning platforms. With trending videos fromYoutube, we offer various features including Chinese and Englishsubtitles, a one-tap dictionary, sentence looping, voice recording,and many more. Download VoiceTube today and learn English!【Features】 • Specially-curated content Daily updates of videos withpractical Englsih usage. Carefully-chosen vocabulary and phrases,learn to speak authentic English. • Memorize vocabulary Watchvideos while taking fun quizzes to help you understand yourweaknesses and advantages. Repeat again and again, learn thecontent by heart. • Speaking practice Practice your pronunciationthrough continuous imitation and correction. Replay the keysentences and learn the content by heart, rid your fears ofspeaking. • Watch and review Gain full comprehension of thecontents through the various genres of videos and subtitlesprovided on the platform. With our specially designed dictionary onthe app, every vocabulary is just one tap away! • PronunciationChallenge Daily updates of themed videos explained by ourprofessinal pronunciation challenge hosts. Make a recording andinteract with other users, learn together and support each otheralong the way. 【Categories】 Exciting contents on VoiceTubeincluding TED talks, CNN Student News, talk shows, music videos,movie clips, gaming videos, and much more. For student who arepreparing for TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS, VoiceTube is your bestchoice. • Celebrities • Comedy • Education • Entertainment •Science and Technology • Travel and Sports • News and CurrentEvents • Other 【Upgrade to VoiceTube Pro】 Users can choose toupgrade to VoiceTube Pro to gain 100% access to all our videos andpowerful learning tools. In the Pro tab, you can see all relevantdetails, as well as the option to purchase. VoiceTube Pro usesin-app purchases, and you purchase will be processed through GooglePlay and will be linked to your credit card. Your credit card willautomatically be charged at the beginning of each cycle. We do notoffer refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any timethrough Google Play. • Website https://www.voicetube.com • Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/voicetube • Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/voicetube_international • Contactservice@voicetube.com Download VoiceTube App now! We treasure allthe suggestions and comments from our users. Feel free to give usany feedback and if you like our service, make sure to give us acompliment!
An offline video dictionary with a variety of video examples!“VoiceTube Video Dictionary” is an offline dictionary app! Apartfrom English word pronunciation and tenses, you can learnvocabulary through VoiceTube's one and only "video example"function in the VoiceTube dictionary app. In the VoiceTube videoDictionary App, you can use different functions to learn English,including offline word search, pronunciation, word usages and videoexamples. Moreover, you can go online to learn more informationabout the videos! Includes an instant search function and is auseful tool for English learners to learn English with fun!Features: 1. Daily word (A word a day, keeps forgetfulness at bay)2. Video example searching 3. American and British pronunciationand examples 4. Word book (A book for you to save all your favoritewords) 5. Word search history 6. A perfect match with the VoiceTubeApp • Website: http://www.voicetube.com • FACEBOOK:http://www.facebook.com/voicetubetw • Email: bonjour@voicetube.com# Dictionary
考多益、背單字、練聽力 - HERO 學英文課程
「HERO」是由「VoiceTube 看影片學英語」團隊研發的線上英語學習課程,貫徹「看影片學英文」的學習方式,HERO的每堂課都由一段影片搭配涵括英文聽力、口說、閱讀、寫作等各種題型,全方位增加你的英文實力! 【5 分鐘免費體驗,推薦專屬課程等級】 ▪不需付費,下載本 APP 後即可免費使用 5 分鐘濃縮版課程 ▪ 除了可體驗 HERO的課程形式與各式題型,課程結束後,系統還會依照作答情況評估你的英文程度 ▪ 測驗結果將對照至你適合的 HERO課程難度,讓你選擇課程更方便。 【貼心區分四種等級,循序漸進學英文】 課程難度可對照多益 TOEIC分數,分為初、中、中高、高級等四種等級: ▪ 初級:多益 TOEIC 約 200-450 分 ▪ 中級:多益 TOEIC 約450-700 分 ▪ 中高級:多益 TOEIC 約 700-850 分 ▪ 高級:多益 TOEIC 約 850-990 分【聽說讀寫各式題型,全面提升英語力】 HERO精心設計包含聽力、口說、閱讀、寫作的題型,全方位增進你的英文能力,讓你不只「學」英文,還能實際「用」英文! ▪聽:「文意理解」與「字彙聽打」題型,有效增進聽力敏銳度 ▪說:「單句口說」與「口說對話」題型,有真人英語老師預錄好的句子可參考,超擬真對話情境 ▪讀:「字彙配對」題型與「字彙表」功能,持續幫你累積英文單字量 ▪ 寫:「文法/慣用語」與「延伸寫作」題型,讓你對英文語句的架構更有概念【六大主題影片,邊學英文邊長知識】 HERO每堂課都由一段影片作為教材,影片共包含下列六種主題,豐富的影片內容、涵括各專業領域的單字,讓你邊學英文邊長知識! ▪商業經濟:理財、貨幣經濟、經營管理、職場英文、商用英語等主題,這裡通通有! ▪ 社會人文:有節錄自 TED的演講,各領域的傑出人士分享自己的生命故事,練英文之餘也能感受到滿滿的正能量。 ▪歷史文化:想要出國當背包客?喜歡旅遊卻不敢跟當地人講英文?熱愛旅行的你,靠著 HERO 就能先在電腦前認識這個世界! ▪健康環境:與自然、生態相關的主題是托福 TOFEL、雅思 IELTS 的熱門考試主題,先靠 HERO 幫你打好基礎吧! ▪自然科技:科技產品與技術日新月異,這些主題不只讓你跟上時代潮流,也能學到許多新單字。 ▪音樂藝術:涵括藝術、音樂與哲學等主題,學英文之餘也能陶冶性情。 【 關於 HERO 】 ▪ 官方網站 ▪https://tw.voicetube.com/hero/ ▪ 聯絡信箱 ▪ hero@voicetube.com *歡迎免費下載「HERO 最有效率的影片學習法」APP,我們重視每位使用者的心得與建議,歡迎提出任何回饋,也請不吝給我們留下讚美 :)