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ServeStream 0.7.3
William Seemann
Open source HTTP streaming media player and media server browser.Supports custom, online radio and SHOUTcast streams.Please ratethis application to support continued development!Features:-Supports the following media formats: Protocols: http, https, mms,mmsh, file Audio: mp3, 3gp, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, mid, xmf, mxmf,rtttl, rtx, ota, imy, and more... Playlists: m3u, pls, asx, m3u8,xspf- Supports multitasking/playing audio in the background- Repeatand shuffle modes- Alarm clock support- Home screen widget-Shortcut support- Utilizes HTML parsing to allow navigation of HTTPmedia servers that serve HTML pagesIf you are unable to opensupported file extension please post/email the target URL I will domy best to fix the problem.If you have a feature request, usabilityissue, or encounter a bug please report them here:https://github.com/wseemann/ServeStreamkeywords: gnump3d, music,http, stream, pls, m3u, shoutcast, mpd, streamfurious, XiiaLive,FFmpeg, mms, online radio, open source
Roku Remote 1.0.14
William Seemann
The free Android application allows you to: · Control your Rokuplayer or Roku TV from your mobile device. · Browse, add, and rateChannels from more than 2,000 streaming channels offered in theRoku Channel Store. · Quickly launch your favorite Roku Channels onyour Roku player or Roku TV from your mobile device. · Enter textin your Roku player on-screen interface using your device'skeyboard instead of the included remote. · Name and switch betweenmultiple Roku players and Roku TVs. . Additional features includeshake to pause, voice search, homescreen widget and notificationcontrols. THIS APP REQUIRES A ROKU PLAYER OR ROKU TV To use thisapp, you must connect your Android device to the same network asyour Roku player or Roku TV. HAVING TROUBLE FINDING YOUR ROKUPLAYER OR ROKU TV? Note: If the app does not recognize your Rokuplayer or Roku TV (you see a “No Roku Devices Found” message afteryou sign in), try going to network setup again on your Roku playeror Roku TV. This will wake your Roku player or Roku TV on your homenetwork. Then, select “Try Again” in the Roku app. Go tohttps://github.com/wseemann/RoMote for FAQs or to get help.