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Wodify Core 2.2.2
Wodify Technologies
This app is for gym owners and admins. Featuring: - WOD Builder:Program your daily workout components. - Class Scheduling: Setrecurring class schedule once and never set it again. - MembershipManagement: Oversee athlete's membership plans and their paymentinfo. - Lead Management: Turn contacts into paying members. -Contracts & Waivers: Go paperless with digital documents,contracts and waivers. - Automated Emails & SMS Marketing:Attract leads with emails triggered by milestones and interactions.- Wordpress & Website Integration: Athletes can access yourschedule and WODs on your own pages. - Retail: Create and manage aproduct inventory. - Reporting & Analytics Dashboard: Take adeep-dive or top-level look at your metrics.
Wodify POS 1.2.0
Wodify Technologies
Wodify POS (Point-of-Sale) is a mobile point of sale system you canuse to sell gear, track customer invoices and accept credit cardpayments at your gym. This app is for box owners that use Wodify tomanage their gym. Featuring: - Sell products from your mobile phoneor tablet - Accept credit cards payments from anonymous cards orcards stored in Wodify using a mobile swiper or our new scanner (nohardware necessary!) - Refund and return items purchased in thePoint-of-Sale - Track inventory between Wodify and Shopify
Wodify Rise 86.2
Wodify Technologies
Wodify Rise is the newest app for participating inlifestylechallenges and tracking progress along the way. Fromnutrition andfitness to wellness and weight loss, Wodify Rise hasall the toolsyou need to reach your goals. · Easily track mealswith our foodjournal; · Update metrics like body weight, fatpercentage andmeasurements; · Highlight changes in your bodycomposition withweekly progress photos; · Access daily challengetasks andguidelines; · Score completed tasks and track points ontheleaderboard; · View, like and comment on otherparticipants’activity in the community feed; · And view yourparticipantprofile. Download Wodify Rise now to get started withyour nextchallenge digital challenge.
Wodify Athlete App 92.3
Wodify Technologies
Track your workouts with the Wodify Athlete app! For members atgymsusing Wodify. You can also sign-in to classes, view dailyworkouts,and check out your gym’s schedule, anytime, anywhere. TheWodifyAthlete app is designed to work in conjunction with WodifyPerformworkout tracking software at your gym. Features: ·PERFORMANCETRACKING Log your workout results and view yourhistory, even ifyou’re offline. · CLASS SCHEDULE View your gym’sclass lineup fromone streamlined application. · WORKOUTS OF THEDAY Take a look atthe WOD before hitting the gym. · CLASSRESERVATIONS AND SIGN-INSReserve your spot easily with one click.· WHITEBOARD Review the WODand Athlete Performance · SOCIALINTERACTIONS Like & Commentperformance recorded on theWhiteboard
Wodify Arena - Judge’s App 17.0.3
Wodify Technologies
· Push real-time results Publish scores instantly to keepsuspensehigh. · Live leaderboard Update scores and follow thecompetitionfrom anywhere. · Review workouts ahead of time Know whatto lookfor on competition day. · Profile page View and edit yourprofileas soon as you register as a judge.