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Worldpackers for Hosts 3.4.0
Worldpackers for Hosts is the easiest way to message and confirmthe stay of your worldpackers. We know you are busy running yourlocation, so why make you go to your desktop every time to respondvolunteers? Get notified when new travelers apply to your place,check their profile and send them pre-approvals. All through yourmobile device. What makes it awesome? - Receive notifications whentravelers apply, reply to you or confirm their stay. - Check outthe travelers top skills, languages, and recommendations. - Improveyour response rate and response time. - Send pre-approvals toconfirm their stay. If you are a traveler please download thetravelers app at
Worldpackers - Travel the World 2.99.0
Travel changes people, people change the world. Worldpackersconnects more than 1.5 million travelers with hosts in more than130 countries! Make friends for life, live unforgettable localexperiences, learn other languages and develop personally andprofessionally while helping hostels, social projects, ecovillagesand NGOs on their travels, whether on vacation, exchange orsabbatical. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A LOCAL CULTURE Be the change youwant in the world! As a Worldpacker volunteer you will have trulylocal, constructive and socially impacting experiences in diverselocations. Volunteer with an NGO, help with sustainable projects,teach a language to children or get your hands dirty in hostels andguest houses. You’ll change the world while living with localpeople, learning their culture, playing with new experiences andgetting to know incredible places! FIND HOSTS AROUND THE WORLD Lookfor the perfect host for your volunteering and live a unique andauthentic experience while they offer free accommodation and manyother benefits. Search for cities, countries or the skills you canoffer on your travels. Talk to the hosts and other travelers in thecommunity about these experiences and live the best time of yourlife. LEARN, TRAVEL AND EARN MONEY At The Academy you learn, gaintips from our community of travelers and receive your exceptionalvolunteer certificate. You can also earn money during and afteryour volunteering, with freelance opportunities available in theGigs section. Try new skills or explore a change of career,Worldpackers offers you the complete experience. AND MORE! • Counton the help of our support team on your trips and receiveWorldpackers insurance. • Receive volunteer opportunities that havemore to do with you and what you are looking for. • Talk to otherWorldpackers in our community who’ve had experiences with ourhosts. Ask questions, make friends and share stories. • Save asmany volunteer vacancies as you like on your favorites list. Bydoing this you can even receive invitations. • Get access tovarious community content with tips on planning your trips,exclusive itineraries and inspiring stories! Join more than 1.5million travelers and hosts who believe that traveling is auniversal right.