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Warrior Iron Battlefiled 1.0
Warrior Iron Battlefiled is a 3D tank shootinggame to challenge your strategy thinking, tank aiming, and dodgingskills.Play and pass missions. Within each mission you can face differentschemes of battle strategies and different enemy tanks.Join the battle and lead your troops to glory!
Deadly Shooter Battle Strike 1.0
You're a Modern Army Shooter on a Combatmission! .Incarnation of the game you will be brave soldier, toexperience the true absolute hot stimulating shootout.The military has sent to you to strike the enemies that have beenpushing back our forces, and now you must counter strike to takethe fight to the enemy! You're in for the best first person shooterexperience!
SWAT Force:Sniper Wanted 1.0
SWAT Force:Sniper Wanted is the first personshooting assignment GAME. You are a covert special ops soldierready to fight the global WAR on CRIME and become the ultimatesniper for FREE.The game is built on the latest 3D technology which allow player toexperience the most real feeling in a shooting game.Let's PLAY
City Defender: Sniper Strike 1.0
The quintessesntial killing machine is now inthe city,armed with high tech guns and shoots to kill, protect andserve justice. You are a covert special ops soldier ready to playyour part in dangerous military FPS attacks and silent assassinmissions.