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Asteroids 1.8
minimal games
Asteroids is a minimalistic and modern approach to the classicretro masterpiece. You will control your rocket in a deep spacesurrounded by asteroids and sneaky aliens. Destroy and avoidhitting any of them. Collect power-ups and buy improvements. Choosebetween levels or arcade mode. ========= "Brings back the old days""Outstanding" "Yes, you did it! I absolutely love this version ofAsteroids" "Congratulations it's a winner" ========= MINIMAL Sharpvector FULL HD graphics. PRECISE Excellent physics with precise andsmooth controls. CHALLENGING 50 levels with rapidly increasingdifficulty. Quickly learn to master your ship in deep space. TABLETSUPPORT Optimised for both tablets and phones. ========= Inspiredby Asteroids from Atari Made possible thanks to libGDX and box2d.Music: * The Freeharmonic Orchestra - Mission to the Centre, * Moon Garden,
Bricks 2.0 0.9.3
minimal games
Bricks 2.0 is a minimalistics yet modern approach to theclassicretro game. The great classic in this new edition. Clear thestagedestroying all bricks. Grab the ball, rotate it to gain speedandlaunch into the bricks. Fast pace, well done physics andpleasantlook and feel. - precise and smooth controls - excellentphysics(same engine as in the famous Angry Birds) - 100+handcraftedlevels - you can grab both balls and other bricksfalling on you