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Alphabet Memory Game Letters and Numbers for kids 1.4
Alphabet Memory Game for better memorizing letters andnumber.Alphabet Memory Game is a game for kids which helpsmemorizingshapes of letters and numbers playing traditional cardmatchinggame. It has over twenty levels of difficulty, free playmode, twochallenge play modes and multiplayer mode. It has bonusstages withfinding three, four and more matching letters. Easyscoring systemhelps to observe progress of playing kid.
😍 Beautiful memory game - fun card matching game. 4.2
Beautiful Memo Game is an educational game that developsmemory,observation skills and intelligence. More than 500 wonderfulphotosand graphics! More than 20 amazing categories, 22 differentcardsets and levels including unique, special bonuschallenges.Multiplayer mode on one device to play with family andfriends!Simple and friendly interface. Check your brain and shareyourresults with friends. Great and improving fun for everyone!😍Beautiful memory game for children has a lot of very nice andcutecategories like kittens, flowers, birds, alphabet, faces,puppies,butterflies, Africa, numbers, cars, fruits, veggies,dinos,creatures, fantasy, babies, fishes, sports, flags, sea,forest,air, Asia, frogs, horses, bunnies. 👍 Contact withbeautifulpictures has a developing and educational influence o kidsandbabies. It is optimized also for tablets, let you play inmanymodes from simply stages to challenging multilevel game play.Withover 500 cute graphics and photos you will never bebored.Beautiful memory game is probably the biggest memory game onGooglePlay.
Guess the place photo quiz - Best Travelers Quiz 3 2.5
The Best Travelers' Quiz 3 is one of the most popular quizzesever.Hundreds of amazing and breathtaking photos from all over theworldto explore! Great fun for everyone who love travelingandphotography. Cities, tourist attractions, landscapes,cityscapes,wonders of nature, landmarks, castles, palaces,monuments, templesand much more. Easy rules, beautiful, friendlyinterface, customachievements, global leaderboard of travelers,travel log withratings. Easy facebook sharing of achievements andphotos fromtraveler's log. Try today what kind of traveler you are!