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Subway Maze Surfer 1.0
playground studio
Are you ready for the latest mega-hit surfinggame on android? Download Subway Maze Surfer to challenge and beatyour angry friends' high score today! Help Mary to surf her waythrough endless maze while avoiding dangerous fireballs. SubwayMaze Surfer offers the surfing experience which keeps you busy andentertained! Wait no further and download Subway Maze Surfer now!★★★Features★★★★Smooth 3D graphics and easy to play★★Addictive yet fun surfing game★★Endless surfing walkthrough experience★★Explore via bird's eye on Temple and Tunnel★★Collect the ultimate gold coin to unlock secret level★★Challenge your friend's highscore and compete inleaderboard★★Suitable for all age group★★★★Gameplay★★★★Swipe left or right direction to collect coins★★Boost speed by releasing gas★★Dodge fireballs and enemies★Download for free today and get hooked!
Candy Farm Dragon 1.0
playground studio
Are you ready for the latest mega-hitarcadegame on android in 2015? Download Candy Farm Dragon and bethe bestdragon trainer hero today! Hatch your twin legendarydragons Dragoand Droga and explore all thefarms, cities and castles in Candy Land. Journey on quests withthemas they crunch and crush candies andsee them evolve and grow into powerful monsters. Train them todash,run, rush and battle their way through Knights from KingArthur’spalace and dragon slayers all while avoiding dangerousfireballs andother mythical creatures.Be the stuff of legends where your saga will be toldthroughstory books!Wait no further and download Candy Farm Dragon now!Game Features:- Complete in game challenges- Optimized Interface for a touch-based device withstunninggraphics- Easy, addictive and fun dragon run game- Endless map exploring experience with different levels todiscoverand unlock- Explore via bird's eye on farms, towns and castles- A heart-thumping mix of amazing music for yourgameexperience- Challenge your angry friend's high score and compete in theonlineleaderboard- Suitable for all age groupsDownload and get hooked with Candy Farm Dragon today!