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با سپاس از شما بدلیل استفاده از apk-dl.com جهت دانلود (Password security free_Latest Version.apk),

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- This software allows you to protect quite your passwords in asecure way in your pocket.- Everything is protected by way codedwith, Your own password besides the basic encryption.- It ispossible to you to acceder in your passwords only by seizing themain password. Impossible to find them without him.- You are notobliged to register, but to make it will allow you, if you loseyour main password and in your request thanks to the button plannedfor that purpose and only in this way, to find your password that Iwould return the favor to you by e-mail. It will be possible onlyif you beforehand registered, the same information shall be askedyou. No answer will be given without the wanted information or ifthey are different.- Registering is free.- If you enter 5 times abad password, the program cannot launch any more before 10minutes.- If a password does not serve you any more, you can deleteit of the list with a long press on the corresponding line.- Theapplication has no access to internet, even for therequest ofpassword, it uses your messaging and you send him you even.- Youcan export and import your passwords on SDcard.- The free versionis limited to 5 recordings, no ADS