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Pull Ups! Train with your Device! Your personal trainer for free!The best Pull Ups app is coming with its unique design and powerfulfunction. This is a real personal fitness trainer. This is a coolbody builder. Pullups not only helps counting the number of Pullupsyou do, but also calculates the calorie you lose during everyexcise and makes the training plan based on your daily training andbody status. In training mode, the pullups app will make areasonable training plan based on your age and body status. Theplan will be divided in to six levels with each level containingseveral groups of Pullups. Training plan for next group or levelwill be based on your current training result. In each new levelthe app will re-evaluate your body status to make sure the plan iscustomized. You can not only count the Pull Ups using proximitysensor but also enter the training data manually. Check out howthis app helps you build up your body through doing Pull Ups. Itwill not disappoint you. How to use: Put your phone in pocket orhang on the neck Features: * Gravity Induced Counting * Entertraining data manually * Graphs and Statistics * Training mode *Freestyle Mode * Training data back up and restore * TrainingNotification Tag: Pull Ups, Body fitness, exercises, fitness,coach, strength, pullups