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Kids Traffic Racer Game

Hello friends,We bring a New and awesome game for you kidstraffic racer,choose your favourite car from the bunch of thecars,chase the Highway and cross the traffic.drive your own car andchase traffic and make more and more score.this game is speciallymade for kids but all types of generation can definitely going tolike this game.choose your scene and take a long ride on the jellyand a chocolate highway,share your score with your friends andfamily.download this kids traffic racer game and make your kidshappy.also choose your style to play like tilt or a button.Choose afay mode or a night mode,also allows to choose a weather,in whichyou would like to play like rainy,cloudy and any other.

Key Features of this game

-> Dynamic game

-> Choose how would you like to play Tilt Or UsingButtons

-> Choose Your favourite scene

-> choose the weather

-> make a score and share with your friends

-> No time limits

-> User Friendly game

Download this game and Having a lot's of fun