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Swimming Relay calculates the best relay combination. Theapplication is meant for swimmers, their coaches and swimmingenthusiasts. The application calculates the combinations ofpossible relay teams from all the swimmers who are chosen to TEAM.The relay times are sorted from the fastest to the slowest – theresults are shown on the tab RELAY – here you can find out whichrelay combination is the best. The application has 6 tabs: 1.SWIMMERS The tab SWIMMERS is used for managing all swimmers who canbe nominated to the relay and who can be used for the calculationin the future. Adding a new swimmer requires to enter hisidentification – name, surname, nickname, date of birth and gender(required fields) and times for 50, 100 and 200 distance for eachswimming style and for both pool lengths (25, 50). Swimmer can beadded to favourites by clicking on ♥ (“little heart”) symbol – forfuture quick adding to team. Short click on swimmer in the listdisplays his detailed overview. Long click on swimmer in the listruns swimmer editing, where it is possible to change or deleteswimmer details. Swimmers are saved in database, which can bebacked up. 2. TEAM Here you can select the swimmers who are savedon the tab “SWIMMERS” and who will be used for the best relay teamcalculation. You can select all favourite swimmers by one click on♥ or select others from the list. Long click removes selectedswimmer from the team and the calculation will run without him. The“Trash” button removes all swimmers from the team. If there areenough swimmers selected for the calculation and all of selectedswimmers have filled in times corresponding to the parameters onthe tab “SETTINGS”, the calculation will start. 3. SETTINGS It isused to set the calculation parameters, it contains the basicsettings of relay characteristics, i.e. distance, style, gender,age, etc. It is possible to set the number of teams (A or A+B). Bychoosing “A+B team” there is an option to choose the calculatingstrategy. The strategy “Time A best” results in the fastestcombination for the team A, the team B is calculated as the fastestteam from the remaining members of the TEAM. The strategy “Place(A+B) best” marks the fastest combination of 2 teams withcomparable times. 4. RELAY The best relay calculation results areshown on the tab “RELAY”. If there is no result on this tab, it isnecessary to check the swimmer’s data on the tab “TEAM”. Enoughswimmers with relevant time records according to the parameters onthe tab “SETTINGS” are needed. Otherwise it is not possible tocalculate the relay combination. The button “Share” enables to sendthe best relay combination list via e-mail. The buttons with theteam names (A, B) are used for quick search of this team in longresult list. 5. ROSTER 6. SUMMARY The swimmer’s database can bebacked up or restored from the previous backup in the application“PREFERENCES”. Notes for better orientation in SETTINGS: Styles forrelays: - Freestyle - Medley relay (all four styles in order:backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle) Disciplines forrelays: - 4 x 50 (freestyle or medley relay) - 4 x 100 (freestyleor medley relay) - 4 x 200 (freestyle) Sorting by gender: - Menrelay - Women relay - Mixed relay (2 men and 2 women in any order)Age categories: - Open (no age restrictions) - Masters (above 25years old, aggregate relay age 100-119, 120-159, 160-199, …, etc.)- Seniors (19 + years old) - Juniors (15-18 years old) - Kids(according to age 14, 13, 12, 11…) Pool length: - Short pool (25meters, or 25 yards) - Long pool (50 meters, or 50 yards) Swimmersusually achieve different times in the same discipline according tothe pool length. The requirement of a writing permission to anexternal storage is necessary for saving the swimmers database toSwimming Relay directory. Android 7.0+