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Hanuman Ji Clock Live Wallpaper Decorate your mobile Screen withbeautiful Analog Clock and Beautiful backgrounds. Its totally freein play store. Hanuman Ji Clock Live Wallpaper is specially Createdwith amazing Hanuman Ji themes HD and High quality Analog Clocks,with Beautiful HD backgrounds and many more awesome features areavailable in this app. Turn your mobile into Beautiful AnalogClock. To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Set LiveWallpaper App Features- 1. Choose favorite HD background Image fromClock Background Image. 2. Choose your favorite analog clock fromClock face. 3. Many analog clock available in this live wallpaper.4. You Can also Set Your Name or favorite text whatever you want tosee in Home Screen. 5. Easy To share it with your friends throughWhatsapp , facebook . So Download Now This Amazing and UltimateFree Hanuman Ji Clock Live Wallpaper. And give us your preciousreview to app.

اطلاعات برنامه اندروید Hanuman Ji Clock LiveWallpaper

  • نام برنامه
    Hanuman Ji Clock LiveWallpaper
  • نام بسته
  • تاریخ بروزرسانی
    May 10, 2020
  • حجم فایل
  • حداقل نسخه اندروید
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • نسخه
  • توسعه دهنده
    Bhakti Sagar
  • تعداد نصب
  • قیمت
  • دسته بندی
  • توسعه دهنده
    Ward No 13, Rajiv Gandhi Ward Shastri Colony Katni, 483501
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Tabla is our traditional music instruments with real tabla soundeffects. If you have passion or hobby for playing Tabla then hereis an application for you in which you can enjoy our traditionalinstrument tabla with real sound. you can play tabla with goodquality sound and multi-touch effect. you can enjoy playing tablawherever you with your device. You can Record, Save & Share youcan Record through Every play. Tabla is an innovative androidapplication with specific drumming features and simulation of areal Tabla. This application is made to motivate the musician andsingers and those who love to play on the Tabla. You have no needto purchase an expensive Tabla to play music and dance. Justinstall this application and learn how to play on the TablaFeatures : 1.Multi touch and quick responsive. 2.A real indianTabla set 3.Many realistic sound samples 4.Works for all screenresolutions - Phones and Tablets (HD) 5.Easy to Record tabla music6.Easy to Rename recordings Share this application over socialmedia .The best tabla app on the Google Play! Especially for tablalover , musician, performers and artists! So hurry up and enjoytabla rhythm .
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Maha Shivaratri Special app contain all about lord Shiva. Thefestival of Mahashivratri is an Indian festival widely celebratedby Hindus in India. On Mahashivratri festival we need to know aboutLord Shiva. All in one ,yes in this maha shivratri app , you canread everything about lord shiva . All introduction about lordshiva ,And What lord shiva like Most in his real life , All thingsare available in this maha shivratri special app. These arefollowing- * Shiv Puran * Bhagwan Shiv Mantra * Samudra manthanprasang * Shiv ji Aarti * Lord Shiv Chaleesa * Jjyotirling kathayelike maha kaleshavar , somnath katha , shiv puran * Maha ShivratriKatha, * Shiv vivah * Shiv Avataar * Types of Shiv Moorti Now havea look on this application functionality : --> You can share topshivaratri text with the social media like whatsapp ,facebook.--> There is rate us option if you like our work please rate theapplication.
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Chalisa Sangrah 1.4 APK
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Get All God Chalisa with HD Audio in thisChalisa Sangrah AppChalisa Sangrah is a beautiful collection of famous and popularChalisa of popular Hindu Gods / Goddessess. Chalisa Sangrah is theonly application which have audio and easy to set ringtone andalarm tone in all arti.Chalisa Sangrah is a collection of Most useful Chalisa of Hindu Godand Goddess in Hindi with hd Audio.These are followings-→ Shree Ganesha Chalisa→ Shree Durga Chalisa→ Shree Hanuman Chalisa→ Shree Santoshi Chalisa→ Shree Krishna Chalisa→ Shree Sai Chalisa→ Shree Shiv Chalisa→ Shree Sarasvati mata Chalisa→ Shree Sanidev Chalisa→ Shree Gayatri ji ki Chalisa→ Shree MahaLaxmi Ma ChalisaFeatures:1.You can set audio as an Alarmtone2.You can Set audio as a Ringtone3.Clean Simple UI with temple ,flawers and god Cursed ring.4.All Chalisa's has its audio file.You can play anytime.5.Easy to share app via facebook , whats app .6.You can choose any flowers from settings.7.Completely offline apps, audio works without internet8.You can repeat arti from setting.
Gayatri Mantra HD Sound 3.1 APK
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Gayatri Mantra HD Sound , Chalisa , with HD Audio in this GayatriMantra HD Sound App Gayatri Mantra HD Sound is a beautifulcollection of famous and popular Gayatri Mantra Aarti, Chalisa ofpopular Hindu Goddessess.  Gayatri Mantra HD Sound is the onlyapplication which has audio and easy to set ringtone and alarm tonein all Gayatri Mantra.  Gayatri Mantra HD Sound is acollection of Most useful Gayatri Mantra ,Chalisa,Jaap, Aarti &Kavach of Hindu God and Goddess in Hindi with hd Audio. These arefollowings- → Gayatri Mantra jaap → Gayatri Mantra Aarti, → GayatriMantra Chalisha Features: 1.You can set audio as an Alarmtone 2.Youcan Set audio as a Ringtone 3.Clean Simple UI with temple ,flawersand god Cursed ring. 4.All Chalisa's has its audio file.You canplay anytime. 5.Easy to share app via facebook , whats app . 6.Youcan choose any flowers from settings. 7.Completely offline apps,audio works without internet 8.You can repeat Gayatri Mantra fromsetting.
Aarti Sangrah 3.1 APK
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Get All God Aarti with HD Audio in this Aarti Sangrah App AartiSangrah is a beautiful collection of famous and popular AARTI ofpopular Hindu Gods / Goddessess. Aarti Sangrah is the onlyapplication which have audio and easy to set ringtone and alarmtone in all arti. Aarti Sangrah is a collection of Most usefulAarti of Hindu God and Goddess in Hindi with hd Audio. These arefollowings- → Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva (Shree Ganesha Aarti) →Jai Ambe Gauri(Shree Durga Aarti) → OM Jai Laxmi Mata (Shree LaxmiAarti) → Jai Santoshi mata (Shree Santoshi Aarti) → Aarti shree Saiguruvar ki(Shree Sai Aarti) → Jai Shiv Omkara (Shree Shiv Aarti) →Om jai gange mata (Shree Ganga Mata Aarti) → Shree Sarasvati mataAarti → Jai Laxmi Ramna (Shree Satyanarayana Aarti) → Shree KrishnaAarti → Shree RamChandraji Ki Aarti → Shree Sanidev Aarti → Shreebhairav Aarti → Shree Gayatri ji ki Aarti → Shree MahaLaxmi MaAarti Features: 1.You can set audio as an Alarmtone 2.You can Setaudio as a Ringtone 3.Clean Simple UI with temple ,flawers and godCursed ring. 4.All Aarti's has its audio file.You can play anytime.5.Easy to share app via facebook , whats app . 6.You can choose anyflowers from settings. 7.Completely offline apps, audio workswithout internet 8.You can repeat arti from setting.